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Roleplaying Games at the Library

A place for resources related to the library's roleplaying game collection.

Tales from the Loop

This RPG feels like a mixture of Stranger Things and the artwork of Simon Stalenhag. It features players taking on the roles of children living in an alternate-history version of the 1980s. To find inspiration for running or playing in a Tales from the Loop game, check out Simon Stalenhag's art books at the library.


This RPG was inspired by Simon Stalenhag's art books telling the story of growing up in an alternate-history 1980s Sweden. The library has both of Stalenhag's book, which can be found in the New Books and Graphic Novels sections.

  • Tales from the Loop: Good Library New Books Stal,S Tales v.1 2015
  • Things from the Flood: Good Library 1st Floor -- Graphic Novels Stal,S Tales v.2 2016

You can find PDF versions of this game's character sheets below.