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Faculty Services

Going Digital and Streaming Services

Acquiring digital film streaming access for viewing in class is complicated.  It takes TIME to set up some of the options below.  Please contact your liaison librarian.  Librarians: use this form.

  • Option 1: The Good Library highly recommends that instructors go to JustWatch BEFORE assigning class texts. JustWatch is a database that will list where certain films can be rented or purchased.  It may be more simple to ask students to "rent" a film for class then to try to acquire the streaming rights for the whole class. Rental fees vary, but they range from FREE to ~$5.00. If done early enough, we can prepare students for this rental fee as part of their course materials cost.
  •  Option 2: Acquire a DVD and Stream the DVD during class.  
  • Option 3: You can browse our Streaming services ... KANOPY and SWANK and DOCUSEEK
  • Option 4: In some cases, we may be able to purchase streaming rights directly from a publisher.  Please contact us if you think this situation might apply to you. Note: sometimes acquiring streaming rights can be prohibitively expensive. 
  • Option 5: In vary rare cases, it might not be possible to show the DVD to the class and Streaming options are unavailable for purchase / rent. In these cases we may be able to make a temporary digital copy for you.