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Swank Digital Films: Swank Digital

What is Swank Digital Campus?

Swank Digital Campus Logo

Swank Digital Campus, Inc.® allows Goshen College faculty, students, and staff the ability to legally stream major motion pictures and documentaries via a url link.

Faculty may link the movie in Moodle and have students view the film at their convenience or show during class. 

How does it work?


  1. Browse the Swank Digital catalog.
  2. Once you find a film to use, contact library technical services ( or call the Library at 574-535-7427 (most films are activated within 24-48 hours. Because of the strict nature of the license agreements, we may ask you what class you are using it for.) 

How long do I have access to the film?.

  • These titles are on "loan" to us for 5 months (1 semester)

Does my department have to pay anything for this service / does it come out of our library allocation?

  • No (right now). We are renting these titles out of general library funds

What is the intended purpose of this service?

  • Because of the expense (each rental costs $75), we are asking that you use these films if they meet the curricular needs for a class. 
  • It is NOT intended for research or personal purposes.
  • Films can be shown in a classroom setting. They can NOT be screened in venues that are open to the public. 
  • Students can be given a link that will allow them to watch the films on their own devices on their own time.  

Using Swank Digital on different devices

Swank Digital works on all browsers, mobile devices, and iPads, however some Firefox users have reported issues. Mobile devices and iPads need the Swank Media Player app.

If you are having problems getting Swank Digital to work, contact library technical services ( or call the Library at 574-535-7427.

Captioning and Swank

Each film has the option to turn on captions.

Adding a Swank Title in Moodle

Follow these steps to add your title in Moodle.

In your Moodle course, turn editing on and click on "Add an activity or resource." 

Turn Editing on in Moodle


Select URL as the activity type. 

Add link in Moodle: List of Resources


Add in the name of the film, the external URL, and a description. If you want the description to display for your students to see, be sure to check the box to display the description. Hit Save and return to course. 

Add link in Moodle: Adding link and description


The information and link to the film should display like this: 

Add link in Moodle: Final view students see