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Faculty Services


Whatever method you choose, please remember that we need the following information about each item in order to process your order: 

  1. Name of faculty member submitting the order
  2. Department allocation or other fund for the order
  3. Author or editor name
  4. Title
  5. ISBN (International Standard Book Number, 13 digit number, if available)*

*If there is no ISBN, please include other information to assist us in finding the material, e.g. publisher and year or vendor name and catalog number. Attach promotional flyers if information about the title is not listed at or in other standard bibliographic sources. 

If a title is out of print, unavailable for purchase, or already in the library collection your liaison librarian will be in contact with you so you may spend your allocation on another resource.

If you have questions about ordering or selection, please contact your liaison librarian or Tillie Yoder, Instruction, Research, and Acquisitions Librarian ( or x7637).