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Faculty Publications & Promotions

Jessica Baldanzi

female with chin length blonde hair, wearing black glasses, blue sweater and pendant necklace smiling at the camera.Jessica Baldanzi is a Professor of English. She has had multiple presentations in the last two years including:







Robert Brenneman

male with short brown hair and short beard wearing clear glasses and black jacket looking at the camera.Robert Brenneman is Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Goshen College. His research focuses on the impact of violence on human flourishing. His book, Homies and Hermanos: God and Gangs in Central America (Oxford, 2011), takes a close look at the lives of 63 former gang members, many of whom joined an evangelical congregation as part of their attempt to extricate themselves from gang violence. His latest book, Building Faith: A Sociology of Religious Structures (Oxford 2020), coauthored with Brian Miller, examines the relationship between architecture and community.






  •  C. Henry Smith Peace Lecture, “The New Peacemakers: Anabaptism and the New Global Violence,” which was presented in March 2024 at Goshen College and Bluffton University

Carla Gull

smiling woman lying in a pile of brown leavesCarla Gull is the coordinator of the master of arts of environmental education program and associate professor at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College in northern Indiana. She has over 20 years of experience in the education field at the preschool, elementary, and college levels. Dr. Gull enjoys helping educators incorporate more nature in the everyday early childhood setting and in nature preschools. She hosts a podcast, Loose Parts Nature Play; facilitates an international group, Loose Parts Play; and presents workshops, presentations, and academic research around loose parts, tree climbing, STEM, outdoor classrooms, and nature education. She is coauthor of the books, Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms, and Loose Parts Alive: Child-led Nature Explorations. She is the state coordinator for Indiana Children and Nature Network. She has had multiple presentations over the last two years including:



  • Applying Loose Parts in Learning Environments: A Playful, Standards-based STREAM Approach at the  Indiana Non-Public Educator's Conference, October 2023
  • Definitions of Loose Parts: Developing a Loose Parts Mindset at the  Leadership Institute National Conference, August 2023
  • Implementing Loose Parts: Taking the Next Steps at the  2023 Early Childhood Conference at St. Mary's College, October 2023
  • Living Loose Parts: Creatures of Curiosity at the  Natural Start Alliance Conference, July 2023
  • Embracing Fire as a Loose Part (workshop) at the  Leadership Institute National Conference, August 2023
  • Developing a Loose Parts Mindset, Keynote speaker at the  Growing Kids Annual Conference, October 2023
  • Math, Loose Parts, and Nature, Keynote speaker at the  2023 Early Childhood Conference at St. Mary's College, October 2023

David Housman

male with short brown hair and short mustache looking at the camera. David Housman is Professor of Mathematics.








Roy Jackson

male with short brown hair, clear glasses, and wearing a blue button down shirt smiling at the camera. Roy Jackson is Assistant Professor of Education at Goshen College.







  • “Who is You? An Examination of Second Person POV in Young Adult Literature" from the YAL Summit, March 2024

Jewel Lehman

female with short brown hair, smiling at the camera Jewel Lehman is Professor of Kinesiology.







Brooke Lemmon

female with shoulder length brown hair, wearing black glasses, a black top, and a pink sweater smiling at the camera. Brooke Lemmon is Professor of Education and the Director of Special Education.








  • "The extent to which high impact ableism training is offered to faculty at institutions of higher education" from the Council for Exceptional Children, February 2023

Sara Method

female with short gray/brown hair, smiling at the camera. Sara Method is Assistant Professor of Art.








Kathy Meyer Reimer

female with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a dark green floral top, smiling at the camera. Kathy Meyer Reimer is Professor of Education and Director of Elementary Education.








  • Co-Facilitator of First Year Teacher Mentor-Mentee Program, 2022-23
  • Co-Facilitator of the Passion, Practice and Pathways Three-Part Intro Teaching Workshop for High School Students, 2022-23

Greg Sommers

male with wire-rimmed glasses, holding a silly smiley mask in front of his mouth. Greg Sommers is the Student Accounts Manager.

In real life, though, Greg is a writer, performer, and maker.  Published works include numerous skits for the Elkhart Civic Theatre's Annual(ish) Comedy Festival ("Menard's: The Musical" was last year's highlight), and Downtown Goshen's 24/7 Play Festival. Greg has been performing improv comedy off and on since 1992, and is currently with local group GoProv. Current maker project is the Gavel of DOOM!

Duane Stoltzfus

male with short gray hair, wearing dark blue button down shirt and smiling at the camera. Duane Stoltzfus is Professor of Communication and the Director of Adult and Graduate Programs.








  • “Love of Country Distilled to a Question: When Pacifism Became a Litmus Test for Citizenship,” C. Henry Smith Peace Lecture, Bluffton University and Goshen College, March 2023