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Faculty Publications & Promotions

Jessica Baldanzi

female with chin length blonde hair, wearing black glasses, blue sweater and pendant necklace smiling at the camera.Jessica Baldanzi, Professor of English has written multiple pieces and books over the last couple of years, including:



Brianne Brenneman

female with shoulder length blonde hair, wearing a black top and smiling at the camera. Brianne Brenneman is Assistant Professor of Public Health

Aja Ellington

 Aja Ellington is the Director of DEI and Campus Counselor. You can purchase the book directly from Aja online.

Rafael Falcon

balding male with wire-rimmed glasses, a brown checkered shirt, smiling at the camera. Rafael Falcon is Professor Emeritus of Spanish. We are recognizing his work posthumously. 

John Roth

male with short gray hair, wire-rimmed glasses, blue button down shirt and smiling at the camera. John Roth is Professor Emeritus of History.

Solomia Soroka

female with short brown hair, wearing sleeveless black and white dress and holding a violin. Solomia Soroka is Professor of Music.

Duane Stoltzfus

male with short gray hair, wearing dark blue button down shirt and smiling at the camera. Duane Stoltzfus is Professor of Communication and the Director of Adult and Graduate Programs.




Regina Shands Stoltzfus

African American woman with long dark locks, black glasses, black shirt, smiling at the camera. Regina Shands Stoltzfus is Professor of Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies and the Director of PJCS.

Ann Vendrely

female with shoulder length, straight dark hair, wearing wire-rimmed glasses, earrings, and a blue blazer, smiling at the camera. Ann Vendrely is the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Dean.