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Faculty Publications & Promotions

Jessica Baldanzi

female with chin length blonde hair, wearing black glasses, blue sweater and pendant necklace smiling at the camera.Jessica Baldanzi, Professor of English has written multiple articles over the last couple of years, including:







Eric Bradley

PALNI Information Needs Assessment TeamEric Bradley (second from right) is a librarian at Goshen College's Good Library. In partnership with librarians at other Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) schools he has investigated information seeking behaviors of Indiana college faculty and students, conducted usability testing on search tools, and evaluated the impact of student library usage on retention. Along with white papers the following peer review literature has been published:

Robert Brenneman

male with short brown hair and short beard wearing clear glasses and black jacket looking at the camera.Robert Brenneman is Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Goshen College. His research focuses on the impact of violence on human flourishing. His book, Homies and Hermanos: God and Gangs in Central America (Oxford, 2011), takes a close look at the lives of 63 former gang members, many of whom joined an evangelical congregation as part of their attempt to extricate themselves from gang violence. His latest book, Building Faith: A Sociology of Religious Structures (Oxford 2020), coauthored with Brian Miller, examines the relationship between architecture and community.

Cristobal Garza Gonzalez

male with short dark hair, wearing light pink button down shirt and red and gray striped tie, smiling at the camera.  Cristóbal Garza González is Assistant Professor of Spanish.

Anna Groff

female with shoulder length blonde hair, wearing earrings and smiling at the camera. Anna Groff is Assistant Professor of Communication.

Carla Gull

Carla Gull is the coordinator of the master of arts of environmental education program and associate professor at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College in northern Indiana. She has over 20 years of experience in the education field at the preschool, elementary, and college levels. Dr. Gull enjoys helping educators incorporate more nature in the everyday early childhood setting and in nature preschools. She hosts a podcast, Loose Parts Nature Play; facilitates an international group, Loose Parts Play; and presents workshops, presentations, and academic research around loose parts, tree climbing, STEM, outdoor classrooms, and nature education. She is coauthor of the books, Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms, and Loose Parts Alive: Child-led Nature Explorations. She is the state coordinator for Indiana Children and Nature Network. 

Jeanette Harder

woman with chin length strawberry blonde hair and glasses, wearing a blue jacket smiling at the camera. Jeanette Harder, MSW, PhD, LSW joined the social work faculty at Goshen College in 2022 to build the new master's of social work program (in collaboration with Bluffton University). 

Roy Jackson

male with short brown hair, clear-framed glasses and wearing a blue button down shirt smiling at the camera.

Roy Jackson is Assistant Professor of Education. They have authored numerous articles and reviews over the last two years including:

Luke Kreider Beck

male with short dark hair and full dark beard, wearing a blue button down shirt, smiling at the camera. Luke Beck Kreider is Assistant Professor of Religion & Sustainability.

Rebecca Stoltzfus

female with short white hair, wearing a gray blazer and glasses, standing in front of the Good Library and smiling at the camera. Rebecca Stoltzfus is the 18th President of Goshen College.