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May 20, 2022

An app to challenge your spatial dexterity!

Woodoku is the engineer’s answer to Wordle – fill in the grids with shapes to earn daily gems and achieve daily, weekly and ultimate high points. Get the app from, and it’s free. WARNING: this is addictive and may cause you to stay up much later than you planned… -- Beth 

How to get regular doses of poetry

There are a lot of ways to get your poetry fix each day. I’m a fan of poetryisnotaluxury (which posts a short poem every day on instagram), Poetry Unbound (a twice-weekly short podcast where Pádraig Ó Tuama does an immersive reading of a single poem), the Poetry Foundation’s daily poem (in written or audio forms), and Poem-a-Day (where professional poets select from the best of contemporary poetry). Check them out! – Tillie

Are you ready for some football?

Americans are addicted to the sport of American football. Friday Night Lights, College GameDay, Football in America, you all know what I’m talking about. While we can debate whether this sport really fits with GC’s core values, we all know a little something about sportsball. However, the best (kept secret) football season is right around the corner: the Canadian Football League! Preseason starts May 23 with regular season games going on June 9. Join a fantasy league, watch the games on ESPN+, and enjoy the accents, eh! – Eric

Vote for the winner of the May Madness Tournament

Whether you have been following along the whole time in the Communicator, or are new to this, welcome to the final of the Good Library May Madness Out-of-Context Quote Tournament. Today is the final event, so go here to vote for your favorite strange/amusing thing said by someone in the library this past year – Abby

Another Great Online Comic

Gaia is a fairly standard fantasy (dragons, wizards, magic, etc.), but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a great read with great art. Recently concluded, the ending is both exciting and satisfying–And it’s Free! -- Esther

May 13, 2022

Free (or Discounted) Home Internet

Summer is nearing, and if you are not returning home you may be getting an apartment. Did you know that you may qualify for $30 a month off your internet bill? The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program to help low-income households pay for internet service. Who’s low-income? Maybe you! Your household income must be below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line. My home qualified, and it was (relatively) easy to set up. – Eric

Get Access to More Online Stuff! 

Want expanded access to ebooks, audiobooks, databases, and other digital resources? In addition to using the resources of the Goshen Public Library, you may be eligible for a free Brooklyn Public Library card that will connect you to a different collection of stuff. As part of its Books Unbanned initiative, the BPL is now offering free eCards to people between ages 13-21. That means access to a large eBook collection that would normally cost out-of-state residents $50 a year, so take advantage of their generous offer before the initiative ends! To apply, email – Tillie

It is come the grasshoppers.

Insects are incredible creatures, but you don’t know squat about them. Check out this ebook to learn more  – Beth

Good Library May Madness Out-of-Context Quote Tournament

You still have time to vote for a favorite out of context quote. What do you think is the strangest/funniest/weirdest thing said out loud in the library this year? You can follow along in the Communicator, or if you want to catch up, here are the first two days of the quarterfinals. Day 9 & Day 10. – Abby

A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups

Namesake is a very original and vibrant look at the many worlds of Fairy Tales, including modern classics like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, and what happens when Magic is real and Stories write themselves. I know I will never see The Wizard of Oz the same way, thanks to this comic! (Plus, I adore the various unexpected Romances, too.) ~Esther

May 6, 2022

May Madness is back!

Do you need a little fun in your life? Do you enjoy hearing the nonsensical things that library folks say? Well you are in luck, the Good Library May Madness Out-of-Context Quote Tournament is back. If you want to follow along, all you need to do is read your Communicator every day and vote. You can decide the champion of champions, aka the best/oddest/funniest/strangest thing said by a library person this past school year. – Abby

Read Dracula as it happens! 

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an epistolary novel, which is a fancy way of saying that it tells a story using letters, diary excerpts, newspaper articles, telegrams, and other methods of communication. The story started on May 3 and ends on November 10 - and now you can read it in “real time” by signing up for a newsletter that will email you a section of the book on each day that something happens to the characters, in the same timeline that it happens to them. Sign up now by going to Dracula Daily. – Tillie

Tour the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

If you’re like me, you may have had a recent crash course on the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with the ongoing war in Ukraine. This 19 mile radius zone is closed to the public, radioactive area resulting from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. However, (under non-wartime conditions) did you know that you can actually visit this area as a tourist? Chernobyl Tour makes this all possible, and offers a variety of options. – Eric

Practicamos español!!

Hey, make your Spanish professor ecstatic: Develop Spanish vocabulary and idioms by watching telenovelas on the TeleNovela Channel on YouTube. They are funny (and somewhat stereotyped) but make for an entertaining learning time with your classmates (and some snacks). Solamente en español, por favor! – Beth 

And It’s Free!

Gunnerkrigg Court is an online comic about a learning academy that mixes Science, Myth and Magic, and aside from some superficial resemblances, it’s not anything like Hogwarts at all! But it’s just as much fun, even without Voldemort. And watch how the art changes over time, getting better and better with the growing experience of the comic’s creator, Tom Siddell. -- Esther

April 22, 2022

Fantastic Feline Facts

And you thought you knew your cat? Learn more about our wonderful wild kitty friends at and then amaze your human friends with your expertise!  – Beth

Chromebooks for Checkout in the Library

Did you know that you can check out a Chromebook for use in the library? We have five 14” HP Chromebooks that you can use anywhere in the library building. If you don’t want to lug your laptop over to the library to study (or happen to not own one), simply ask for a Chromebook at the front desk. My favorite place to use a Chromebook is on the second floor where the study carrel desks line the parameter of the building. – Eric

Videos on all things college

Do you know someone who is thinking about going to college? This series from Crash Course, steps you through different parts of the college decision making process. They even have guides about different majors and several great series on basic subjects such as composition, chemistry, algebra, etc. – Abby

Tracking what you read (without Amazon!)

If you like to keep track of what you’re reading (and when, and in what genre, and in what format, and so on and so forth), you’ve probably been using Goodreads to do it. While Goodreads is great for syncing things to your social media and attaching to your kindle, it’s also… well, a little too good at connecting to your wallet and sharing your data with spammers lurking in the reviews. I finally took the time to import my data to StoryGraph, which is a site (and app) that does just about everything Goodreads does (reading challenges, ratings, custom tags, friends) but adds several more features. Moving over will get you: a more stylish interface, tailored book recommendations, robust privacy settings, clear content warnings, group reading capabilities, and lots and lots of pretty graphs breaking down your reading habits. – Tillie

National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month! This month, works to highlight the legacy and ongoing achievements of American poets, encourage the reading of poems, increase attention paid to poetry by the media, and encourage support for poets and poetry (just to name a few). Who is your favorite poet? Or what is your favorite poem?! Stop by the NewsNook, grab a post-it, write a favorite or original poem and add it to our poetry board and follow us on Instagram @goodlibrary for more poetry fun! -- Kelsey

April 8, 2022

Browsing the Internet Old School: Using RSS Feeds

Are you tired of allowing algorithms developed by for-profit big businesses dictate your media consumption? You don’t have to unplug, you simply need to use different tools. One more, let’s say mature, way of doing this is using RSS Feeds. RSS is simple: instead of having someone else select your media sources, you select them yourself and place them in a RSS feeder like Inoreader or Feedly. – Eric

Podcast Rec: Atlas Obscura Podcast 

Atlas Obscura is an awesome site that aims to be “the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.” And now they have a daily 15-minute podcast that “take[s] listeners on an audio journey to discover new and hidden places [and] hear stories and history from the incredible people who make these places special.” I’ve got a large backlog to catch up on, but some of my favorites have been about the oldest intact pyramid in Egypt and the lazaretto in Malta. You can listen to episodes on their website or wherever you get your podcasts. – Tillie   

An Online Comic From Far Away

One of the best things about the internet is how you can immediately enjoy what you used to have to travel a long, long way for–From Finland comes the comic, A Redtail’s Dream, a combination of folklore and mythology that boasts great art and a sense of humor. And you don’t even have to get out of your comfy chair. – Esther

Happy National Library Week!

This week we are featuring our amazing student assistants who do so much to keep the library running day to day and are also the friendly face you see behind the desk when you walk in. We asked our students to talk about their favorite part of working in the library and you can read their responses on our Instagram page, or by browsing the display in the library lobby. – Kelsey

The Conversation: Academic rigor, journalistic flair

The Conversation is a nonprofit and independent news organization with a twist. The articles are NOT written by journalists but rather by academic experts. The aim of the publication is to provide a platform for academics to showcase their research and / or expertise with a more general audience. The articles address current events, health, economics, science, technology, ethics, liberal arts … pretty much anything. While this librarian wishes that they had a much better indexing system, the content is really something special and hopefully (thanks to sponsors, such as the Lilly Endowment, Alfred P Sloan, and a vast array of universities) it will be with us and free for a long time. -- Fritz

April 1, 2022

Find Your Grandparents in the Newly Released 1950 Census

Remember the Census person stopping by your house during the quarantine summer of 2020? While the U.S. Government takes the Census every ten years, every 72 years they release another set of historical census information. Today at the National Archives the 1950 Census is being released. Look up your grandparents or great-grandparents, see where they lived, and possibly learn something new about your family. – Eric

Beat your chest

Our own Vox Profundi brought The Wellerman to our attention with their stunning performances on tour and at home. There are a number of other recordings of this fantastic viral song. And attend the Earthtones Concert on April 9, 2022 at 7:30 in Sauder Hall for more Vox Profundi and all the other fabulous Goshen College Music Groups. – Beth 

PALSave Redesign Grants

Are you considering switching to a zero cost textbook in one of your 2022/23 courses? If so, PALNI invites you to participate in the PALSave Course Redesign Grant program. If selected, PALNI will provide you:

  • A module-based learning guide for adopting a zero cost textbook
  • Support for the textbook adoption process through email consultation and/or web office hours
  • A $500 stipend

Questions? Contact Erin Milanese at or fill out this application form – Erin Milanese

Just Watch

Have you ever looked and looked for a show or movie online and just can’t find it in the usual spots? Give Just Watch a try by going to the website or downloading the app. Just Watch searches the databases of Netflix, Prime, Disney plus HBO, Apple, Hulu, Paramount plus and so many more all at once. You can see the places where the show you want to watch is available to rent, buy, or stream (as part of a subscription). – Fritz

Podcast Rec: Lingthusiasm 

If you are even moderately interested in language and the way it works, check out Lingthusiasm, a podcast hosted by two nerdy women who explore how language works, the role it plays in society, and other connected topics. Some of my favorite episodes include “The grammar of singular they,” “The happy fun big adjective episode,” and “Emoji are Gesture Because Internet.” You can read transcripts of each episode on their website, and listen to episodes there or wherever you get your podcasts. – Tillie 

March 25, 2022

Beautiful quilts and fascinating family records

A new exhibit from the Mennonite/Amish Museum Committee is up in the library gallery. A free public reception takes place on 3/27/22 at 2-4pm. Stop by and view these Friendship Quilts and Family Registers. Learn more here. – Abby

Windy weather app

With tornado season starting, the Windy app shows you what the wind is doing all over the world. It’s mesmerizing. In a thunderstorm you can use the weather radar to track where lightning is striking, and if a lightning bolt strikes near you, your phone will vibrate. - Judy

Vote in the finals of the 2022 Good Library March Madness: YA Series

All month long, you have been voting on your favorite young adult series. Now is your chance to decide the winner. Go here to pick your favorite: – Abby

Podcast Rec: Season 3 of Just Plain Wrong 

If you are interested in wry discussions of literature, film, history, and food from an Anabaptist perspective, check out Just Plain Wrong (where “three Mennonite librarians discuss depictions of Amish, Mennonites, and other plain groups in media and popular culture”). Now in its third season, JPW is hosted by our very own Abby Nafziger, Erin Milanese, and Tillie Yoder. Episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts. -- Tillie (yes, yes, this is very immodest self-promotion, I know and am ashamed)

Know Any Kiddos Ages 0-5?

Do you have young children or maybe a niece/nephew or friends with kids? Join in on voting for the Indiana Firefly award! Children ages 0-5 can read (be read to) all five of these exceptional picture books and vote for their favorite.The online voting is now live! Want to vote in person? The Good Library has physical forms for you to grab and take with you (return to the Good Library so we can turn them into the state library) Can't get your hands on the books? That's ok! The Indiana State Library also has videos of read-alouds of all the books: – Kelsey

March 18, 2022

Vote for your favorite YA Series

A combination of nominations from students and suggestions from librarians, this month we started off with 16 Young Adult series. Each week, you have until midnight each Thursday to vote for that weeks' selections. Final winners will be announced Friday, April 1! Not familiar with a series? Stop by the library display in the lobby to have a look and check them out to read for the first time or a repeat read! Head over to to get voting now! – Kelsey

Do You Know “Firefly”?

This is one of those TV shows that has persevered against all odds (and Soulless Network Executives), much like the various and sundry characters within its quite unique Western/Science Fiction World. Although this series only ran for 14 episodes before being canceled, it was so popular that it went on to become a near heart-stopping thrill-ride of a theater movie, “Serenity,” (No hyperbole--It’s really that exciting!), and yet still refused to die! Now the story continues with a series of excellent graphic novels that pick up where Serenity left off, and the GC Library has Volumes 1-5 in our Graphic Novel Collection for you to enjoy, even if you’re not already a fan. -- Esther

Love a good Memoir?

Memoirs and collections of essays have moved! This collection is now part of our Popular Reading section in the Reference Room (the room with the coffee). These books can be checked out for 60 days. You can search our catalog by using the keyword “memoir” or stop by our display by the coffee bar. Here are some of my favorites – Kelsey

Curious about CEO Salaries of Nonprofits?

Earlier we’ve shown you how to look up salaries of Indiana taxpayer supported employees, but did you ever wish to look up similar information for nonprofits like Goshen Hospital, Greencroft, or GC? ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer compiles publically accessible IRS data. – Eric

Feeling overwhelmed by the approaching end of the semester?

Consider getting some help with your writing or research at the Ask Desk! Staffed by awesome and friendly students and librarians, you can get help during the day and in the evening. Feel free to drop by the physical library, or sign up ahead of time via We are happy to meet in person or via zoom. – Abby

March 11, 2022

The Searchable Museum 

Good news! The National Museum of African American History and Culture (the most recent addition to the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC) has just launched a new digital collection called The Searchable Museum. If (like me) you haven’t managed to make it to the museum, this site is the next best thing, giving us access to “existing and newly created digital collection assets, digitized exhibition content, multimedia components, such as 3D models, videos and audio podcasts.” The Searchable Museum lets you explore by exhibition, topic, artifact, and story, giving us a wealth of information for scholarly or personal interests. -- Tillie

Prayer Apps

Did you know that there is extensive research on the health benefits of prayer and meditation? There are a whole variety of structured prayer apps available that follow patterns of Scripture reading and song. Two of my favorites are Universalis and The Daily Office. Universalis compiles the readings for the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours, the pattern of reading often associated with monks and nuns, while The Daily Office has the daily prayers from the Anglican / Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. – Eric 

eBooks & eAudiobooks

Many of our reserve books are also available online through the Goshen Public Library using the apps: Libby ( or Hoopla ( Using your GC barcode (the long number on the back of your ID) and the default password of 1234, you can use these apps to look for your course books in eBook or eAudiobook format that you can download to your device and listen to/read on the go FREE OF CHARGE! – Fritz

What's the difference between Libby and Hoopla?

Libby books are purchased by the library and often have more options, but only one person can check out at a time.  Hoopla is a subscription service that still has a TON of materials and anyone can check out the same item at the same time! 

Need "Sold" by Patricia McCormick for Children's Lit this semester? Every single one of you can get the audiobook from Hoopla at the same time! Search the apps for more titles! – Kelsey

How much do you know about Margaret Wise Brown?

If you have spent much time around young children in the past few decades, you may have encountered the works of Margaret Wise Brown. She was an author of many books for children including, Goodnight Moon. However her life is a fascinating one, as depicted in this recent article in the New Yorker – Abby

February 25, 2022

2022 Good Library March Madness 

The Good Library March Madness is back! This year, we are pitting YA (Young Adult) book series against one another! What series is your favorite? Each week, you have until midnight each Thursday to vote for that weeks' selections. Final winners will be announced Friday, April 1! Not familiar with a series? Stop by the library display in the lobby to have a look and check them out to read for the first time or a repeat read! Head over to to get voting now! – Kelsey

Help Lower Textbook Costs for Students

Are you an instructor who is concerned about the impact of high textbook costs on your students? Explore possible open textbook solutions by attending an hour-long workshop and writing a short textbook review. First time reviewers will receive a $200 stipend. This Zoom webinar from PALSave, a part of our library consortium PALNI, will be offered Monday, March 7, from 3-4pm eastern time. Sign up here – Erin Milanese 

Channel your inner artist

Want to impress your friends? Or do you just need to express yourself by drawing cute animals (or other things) YouTube has great tutorials for simple drawings. Have fun and you can then color your drawings! – Beth Bontrager

Like Wordle? Try these similar games!

Wordle is great and all, but have you tried Dordle, the version where you try to guess two words in 6 turns? Or Quordle, where there are four words? They’re not as impossible as they seem! And there’s also Crosswordle, which gives you two words that intersect. – Tillie

A Slick, New Way to Take Notes

When doing research, how do you take notes? Do you use old school paper notecards, or copy and paste text into a Google Doc? PowerNotes is a browser extension that allows you to store notes and citations on their cloud app. It’s pretty simple to set up and use, and the free option will probably handle most of your school and personal projects. – Eric

February 18, 2022

Who doesn’t love free things?

Do you like staying up to date with the news? Or just want to stop seeing annoying pay walls when you click on links your friends share on Facebook? Good news, all GC students, staff, faculty (retired and current) have digital access to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Find out more here – Abby

Quick, Draw! 

Got a minute to contribute to artificial intelligence? Check out Quick, Draw and add your drawings to a dataset that teaches a neural net to recognize doodles. Follow the prompts and see how quickly the bot can identify what you are doodling! – Tillie

Another way to stalk your friends

Perhaps you’ve had a background check done on you for a job, and are familiar with paid online background check products. Many of these records are available online free of charge. One such service is the Indiana Courts case search ( Cases range from minor traffic violations to all the serious stuff. – Eric

Photos from the past…

Do you have family or friends who attended Goshen College? Do you know approximately when they attended? Come up to the third floor of the Good Library to visit the Mennonite Historical Library and peruse old Goshen College yearbooks (yes, hard copies!) for photos of family and friends with weird hairstyles and strange clothes. You are welcome to take pictures with your phone, and do, well, whatever you do with photos of family and friends…Find out that your uncle was in a musical production, or your grandmother was a member of the Record staff!  We also have vertical files of Goshen event programs where you can see the person’s name in print and what they did, said or sang. MHL is open 8-5, Monday through Friday when the Good Library is open. – Beth Bontrager

Get “UpToDate” Medical Information

Sure, there are a ton of free sites out there on the open web (web md comes to mind) that offer a whole slew of health advice. But does it go deep enough, is it accurate, is it “UpToDate”? Whether you are a student or just someone searching for a better understanding of a health related issue, I highly recommend UpToDate. Hospital personnel often use UpToDate to get information on any number of health related issues. The articles can be viewed as current detailed summaries of the issue and include a list of resources.  – Fritz

February 11, 2022

We have new Library Assistants - Meet Xudong!

Xudong is a Sophomore at GC and is majoring in Computer Science. His favorite winter activity is skiing in Colorado. Be sure to stop by early each morning to catch him to say Hi on your way in for a hot cup of coffee! – Kelsey

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Train 

Perhaps the novelty of a train running through campus has worn off for you, and it’s just an annoyance. Perhaps, like me, you don’t even notice the trains anymore. Perhaps you’re an outlier and you think trains are awesome. But you know what’s undeniable? Songs about trains are AWESOME, and there are a lot of them. I recently rediscovered the album Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad, which showcases classic train songs performed by folk musicians Billy Bragg and Joe Henry (and which was recorded in train stations across the country). You can stream the album at a variety of places, and if you enjoy it, check out the artists’ favorite traveling songs playlist as well. – Tillie 

Where does so-and-so live?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools that link data to geographic location, and you can find out all sorts of interesting things by using them. Locally MACOG allows you to look up property information for Elkhart and neighboring St. Joseph counties. See who owns what, property values, and tax information. Many counties throughout the region use Beacon for similar purposes. – Eric

Retro Bowl 

The Superbowl is coming and maybe you want to see if you could get a team to the big game! From the website: “Retro Bowl is an American football game in retro style where your purpose is to coach your team and win a prize at the end of each season. Signing and cutting players is your duty as a manager. NFL is a complex league, so it’s quite hard to get success in each season, especially in first one, so manage wisely!”

You need to concentrate on roster management as it’s the most important nuance in this game. Quarterback is one of the most important player in Retro Bowl game, so get the best one. Making less mistakes than your opposing team is a key to success. NOTE: it is free to play on the website itself (your progress is saved via your browser cache) or on Android or IOS. – Fritz

Celebrate the winners of the Geek Off!

Thank you to all GC people who entered our Inaugural Great Good Library Geek Off! Our judges wrapped up their judging this week and we are excited to celebrate with you all and hand out prizes! Come to the Geek Off Award Ceremony Monday, February 14 from 10-11am in the Reference Room. We hope you will ALL join us to see the submissions, grab some snacks to take with you, and hear the award winners. – Kelsey

February 4, 2022

We have new Library Assistants - Meet Emily!

Emily is a second year nursing major. Her favorite winter activity is to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies with her mom! Over Winter break, she traveled back to Oregon, where she’s from, and spent a lot of time with family and friends. Welcome Emily! -- Kelsey

I didn’t know they made THAT much!

Did you know that you can look up the salary of any individual employed by a tax funded entity in Indiana? The Employee Compensation Report is an incredibly interesting tool to see salaries of public officials, teachers, firefighters, athletic coaches, and even public librarians. For example, in 2020 Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb made $120,684. Not bad. (Now former) Indiana University men’s basketball head coach Archie Miller made $3.6 million. That will pay some bills. – Eric

Two New Book Recommendations

I just listened to Four Winds by Kristin Hannah and One Brassard’s Farm by Daniel Hecht. Both are fiction and absolutely FABULOUS. -- Beth

Invitation by Mary Oliver 

I’ve been on a poetry-reading kick lately (that seems to happen at the beginning of each new year for reasons I can’t pinpoint). Today I came across Mary Oliver’s poem “Invitation,” that successfully reminded me to take a break and recenter myself. Perhaps it will help you do the same. – Tillie

Are you an aspiring writer?

If you love writing–be it fiction or nonfiction, academic or leisure, there is a great resource out there for you. Copy. Write. Consultants provide assistance to authors trying to get published, edit their content, or need general guidance on the writing process. Why do all the mundane and tedious tasks of publishing when this group can do it for you?! Check them out at – Kelsey

January 21, 2022

We have new Library Assistants - Meet Caroline!

Caroline is a Junior double majoring in music and graphic design.  Her favorite winter activities include baking Christmas cookies and playing board games with her friends and family!

Be sure to stop by the front desk and check out some books or chargers from Caroline and say Hi! – Kelsey

How to get through college without buying books

You can't. BUT you can cut your costs a LOT by accessing free books. Where are they and how can you get them? Come to the library computer lab on Friday (TODAY) at 10 a.m. to find out! - Kyle Schlabach

GeoGuessr: pretend you are somewhere else

If you’ve been working hard and need a break for a few minutes, I highly recommend playing a round or two of GeoGuessr. This game uses Google street view to plop you down into a random locale on the globe. Then look around and use your deductive reasoning to guess where you are - what side of the road are people driving on? What language is on the road signs? What does the scenery look like? The closer you guess to the actual location, the more points you get. -- Tillie

Better Than a Movie Version

The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable, by Terry Pratchett, is a very good way to introduce oneself to the Wild and Wacky Discworld Universe, a flat “planet” that travels through space resting on the back of four giant elephants standing on the back of a even larger sea (space?) turtle. And how is this possible?--Magic (of a particular purpley-orange hue), of course! Oh, and a very bent and British sense of humor, as well. 

Taking a number of characters from their own, usually self-contained, story-lines, including Cohen the Barbarian (the “Hero” of the title), Prachett has mixed them together in an all-encompassing story that goes from the Edge of the World (which really does drop off into nothing!), to the underside of the flat world (for a visit with the critters mentioned earlier) and on to Mount Olympus, Home of the Varied and Various Gods (including my Personal Favorite, Bast “....the god of things left on the doorstep or half-digested under the bed.”) And as this is an illustrated novel, the art is WONDERFUL, including some two-page spreads of the various breeds of dragons and, er... gods, plus depictions of many of the better known characters of Discworld, such as Rincewind the Wizzard (that’s how it spelled on his hat), the Librarian (who was changed into an Orangutan, and likes it that way), and Death (who adores kittens, and wishes more people would stop by for tea.)

The GC Library has this book in our Graphic Novels Collection, so whether you’re a Discworld Novice or a Pro, sit back and enjoy! -- Esther

Geek Off at Your Library! (2 weeks left!)

Do you geek out about a show or fandom? Are you OBSESSED?! You have 3 weeks to create something (anything!) to show off that geekiness--art, crochet, knit, make a video or write a song, cosplay--whatever you can create, we want to see it. And we want to give you prizes for it!

You can submit electronically or in person. Either way, fill out the form: (if it's an electronic entry, you can upload to this form).

Be sure to submit by Friday, February 4! And join us a week later for a celebration where we will be handing out the prizes! – Kelsey

January 14, 2022

Looking for creative ways to get your books for the semester?

Come to the library computer lab on Friday (Jan 14th and Jan 21st) at 10am to learn about options such as free ebooks through the Goshen Public Library, the library reserves and more. This is a casual workshop with hands-on time, so bring your iPad and your questions - Kyle Schlabach


Have you tried Wordle yet? It's the word game sensation sweeping the nation! You get 6 chances to guess a 5 letter word. With each guess, you are told if a letter in your guess is in the final word and whether or not it is in the correct position. Note: letters can be repeated (like in the word “apple”). – Fritz

As Seen On…..*

So you may have been enjoying Locke & Key on Netflix, or Good Omens on Amazon Prime, but did you know that the GC Library has the print versions? Here’s your chance to read the original source material--Compare and decide what you like or dislike about the film adaptations!

* The phrase used to be “As seen on TV,” but all the really good stuff is streaming these days--Right? -- Esther


Lately I’ve found Jessica Hagy’s doodles at Indexed a refreshing way to think about big concepts. The artist describes it as “little project that lets me make fun of some things and make sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math.” Check the site each weekday for a new insight drawn on an index card, like this recent favorite of mine. – Tillie Yoder

Have a question? Ask!

Classes have started and there are new assignments to prepare for, and the Ask Desk is here for you. Staffed by librarians and amazing student mentors, you can stop by during open hours, or make an appointment on Tutorcal (choose Writing/Research). We are happy to help you with research projects, work on your writing or help you decipher assignment descriptions. - Abby

December 6th, 2021

Do you like cookies?

Then mark your calendars for Monday Dec 6th (TODAY) and Cookie Day at the library. Thanks to amazing bakers from across campus, you can come and eat cookies starting at 10am. What better way to celebrate the holidays/stress eat before finals than enjoying delicious treats. -- Abby

How is your digital hygiene? 

Mine could be better, to be sure. One thing I have started to do to take better care of myself is to do the privacy and security check-ups whenever they are recommended by Google. I highly recommend checking these settings whenever you get a prompt, or by going to your account settings and clicking on the “data and privacy” and “security” buttons on the left of your screen. The “password checkup” feature is particularly helpful. -- Tillie

Another chance to be a Chief Disinformation Officer

If you liked playing Bad News from an earlier 5 Things, you are going to love Harmony Squared. Harmony Square is a green and pleasant place. While everything seems well on Harmony Square, you can exploit some lingering issues by trolling people. See how easy it is to ‘stir the pot’ and ultimately how to prevent yourself from getting trapped in similar real life situations. -- Eric

Interlibrary Loans: Did You Know?

Here’s a question that we hear all the time -- “So I requested an item through Interlibrary Loan, but I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait for it?”

Part 2 of 3:

So you may be wondering why so much variation in delivery times, especially for things sent electronically(?), and this is where it gets a bit complicated--

Items sent over the internet, such as articles from periodicals and chapters from books, still take a bit of time to collect and process, especially if they have to be scanned from a print source. So even if the internet seems instantaneous, posting something there can take a bit of time, and needs a person to do it--AIs are still not quite that autonomous, yet. And not all libraries are equal in size, labor or availability, so a Request may have to work its way through a long list of possible lenders before it finds one that can fulfill it.

But the good news is that once it arrives here, we send it on to you as quickly as possible, via email. -- Esther


For all the map lovers out there, you might be interested in the IndianaMap, which is the largest publicly available collection of Indiana geographic information system (GIS) map data available. It is basically an interactive map in which you turn on and off different data overlays (what they call layers). For instance, if you want to visualize how much tree coverage there is, you would turn on the “Land Cover Tree Canopy” layer. Note: the link to the actual map is not entirely intuitive, but just look around the page and you will find it. -- Fritz

November 19, 2021

Meet our student workers--Caleb!

Meet Caleb! Caleb is a sophomore Accounting major. His favorite spot in the Good Library is definitely the big table right as you walk in on the 2nd floor North side. His karaoke song of choice is “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Thanks for the throwback to the 90s with BSB!

Stop by and say hi! And sign up for an online news source while scrolling on our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

Sign up to bake cookies!

After a long and sad hiatus from baked goods in the library, we are excited to bring back Cookie Day. This year, sign up to bake cookies to share with students, faculty and staff. There is no judging, all you need to do is bake a dozen (or more!) cookies and bring them to the library on Dec 6th. Sign up here. -- Abby

Wondering what to do with your old textbooks?

If you don’t want to try to sell them or keep them, another option is to donate them to the library. We try to have at least 1 copy of every required textbook on reserve at the front desk. This helps your fellow students who either can’t afford textbooks or are waiting for them to arrive to have access to their books. You can drop off your textbook donations at the front desk of the library, if you can include a note about which class they were for, that would be gratefully accepted. -- Kelsey

Find out what to buy (and how) with Consumer Reports 

Sadly, my favorite site for getting recommendations on what and how to buy stuff (the Wirecutter) will be limiting access. The good news is - we all have access to Consumer Reports through the library! Between the two sites, we can all make good decisions about what mattress to order from the internet, what smartwatch is worth investing in, what weighted blanket is the best, or what the most tolerable instant coffee is! Think of all the things you will be able to justify buying! (Seriously sometimes these sites are TOO helpful). -- Tillie 

‘Bad News’ that one can enjoy

Have you ever wanted to share a juicy lie on social media, but held back because you knew better? Now you can play an online game to see what would happen. Bad News tests your badness under a variety of different ethical circumstances, and the impact of various choices. It’s both fun to see how bad one can be, as well as test the impacts of the “little white lies” that many of us commit. -- Eric

November 12, 2021

Meet our student workers--Suzanna!

Meet Suzanna! This is Suzanna’s first semester working at the library and she is already killing it! Suzanna is a Junior majoring in Social Work. Her favorite spot around the library is the big table in the South stacks, and her go-to Karaoke song is “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

Stop by and say hi! And check out a post-apocalyptic book from the display in the Reference Room while perusing our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

The Internet Archive Gives You Free Movies! 

Feeling in a vintage mood? Check out the Internet Archive’s collection of classic films. Explore classic silent films with Charlie Chaplin, dramatic film noir, inventive short films, and a whole host of hilarious B movies. Oh, and some full-length feature films, too. -- Tillie 

Get your book art on!

Drop in at the library Friday, November 19 anytime between 10am and 1pm in the NewsNook to paint a book end. Leave it to dry and we will decorate our bookshelves in the Reference Room with all of your masterpieces! (Be sure to autograph your work!) What does this look like? Check out this flyer: for an idea. -- Kelsey

Have you heard of Mary Anning? 

She was a poor Victorian woman who became one of the world’s greatest palaeontologists. Her story is fascinating. Here is a link to an article about her hometown finally recognizing her achievements with a statue in her honor. I first became aware of Mary Anning by reading a book by Tracy Chevalier (Girl with a Pearl Earring) titled, Remarkable Creatures. I hope you enjoy getting to know Mary Anning. -- Cynthia

Kitty Treat

Yes, this is an Oldy, but a Goody--And now he has his own website! Simon’s Cat can still be found in abundance on Youtube, but if you’re interested in all the latest concerning this krazy kitty, this is the Home site for you, with all the very newest episodes, along with more goodies to purchase than you can shake a catnip mouse at. So cuddle up with your new plush Simon’s cat, and enjoy!  -- Esther 

November 5, 2021

Meet our student workers--Adam!

Meet Adam! Adam started last year and stayed with us all summer, so we are so happy he hung around for this semester as well. Adam is a Senior SLI (Sign Language Interpreting) Major with a Theater minor. If participating in karaoke, Adam’s song choice is “Solid Maybe.” Adam’s favorite spot in the library is the 2nd floor lobby looking over Schrock Plaza.

Stop by and say hi! And check out a spooky book from our lobby display while checking out more from our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

Free GitHub Student Developer Pack 

Want to beef up your software and developer skills? Coding company GitHub is offering students free year-long access to a plethora of the best design, coding, and educational programs. Try out the premium features of a variety of notable programs to build your tech savvy without having to pay. -- Tillie 

Lord of the Rings Meets The Muppets

What would happen if you combined the Lord of the Rings movies with the Muppet movie trailer? Well you are in luck, because this video fulfills that dream. -- Abby

ASC Fall Writing Jam Nov. 10

The Academic Success Center is hosting our fall Writing Jam via Zoom from 7-10 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at the ASC in the Good Library. All students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to get walk-in one-on-one writing advice from a peer mentor. We’ll be taking walk-ins 7-11 pm, with no previous sign-up or scheduling needed. Our goal is to provide as many free 30- minute mentoring sessions to GC students as possible that evening. -- Kyle Schlabach

Free Public Reception

Did you know the library has a gallery in it? Currently it is showing an exhibit of Paintings from the Mennonite Historical Library, which cover a range of Anabaptist art. The exhibit closes on Nov 14th, so visit soon. Additionally this Sunday, Nov 7th, there is a free reception open to the public where the Mennonite Amish Museum Committee will share more about the exhibit. Come to the library gallery between 3 and 5pm. -- Abby

October 29, 2021

Meet our student workers--Anna!

Meet Anna! She is a Junior Environmental Science Major with an Earth and Climate Science concentration and a Spanish minor. If she were ever convinced to do karaoke, she would choose “Mamma Mia” by ABBA. Anna’s favorite spot in the library are the cushy chairs in the lounge on the second floor—she loves looking out at the fountains and watching the rain and seasons change.

Stop by and say hi! And grab that free cup of coffee from the coffee bar while checking out more from our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

New StoryWalk Opens

StoryWalks are a great way to read a book with children while taking a walk and a new one just opened up at Merry Lea Learning Center. It features the book “Leaf Jumpers” by Carole Gerber and families are invited to learn how to identify trees by their leaves and make leaf rubbings to take home. Read more about this new StoryWalk on Merry Lea’s Facebook post. -- Abby

Miscellaneous Myths 

I don’t YouTube often, but when I do, I binge. My latest playlist of choice is Miscellaneous Myths from Overly Sarcastic Productions, which is an amusing and informative set of videos about myths from around the world. If you’re interested in humorous history you should check it out. -- Tillie

Do These Two Things Go Together?

Dilbert may have his Catbert, but who’d-a thunk that real engineers could be Crazy Cat People? The Engineer’s Guide to Cats will explain the “typical” house-feline in easy-to-understand, kinda’ scientific videos on Youtube, covering every subject from Cat Yodeling to harnessing excess….um, “cat gas“....(Think Green!) Sorta’ educational and very funny, the only question left is, “How did they get their cats to do that without being scratched to smithereens?” (And, Yes--They have an answer for that one, too!)  -- Esther 

Feeling overwhelmed by the rapidly approaching end of semester projects?

Get help at the Ask Desk in the library! Staffed by librarians and amazing student mentors, we are here to help you with all your research and writing questions. You can drop in during our open hours, or better yet, grab an appointment in advance at -- Abby

October 22, 2021

Meet our student workers--Olivia!

Meet Olivia! She has been with us for a couple of years now. Olivia is a Junior, Math major and graphic design minor. Her karaoke night go-to is Postmodern Jukebox’s 20s Capone-style cover of “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Her favorite spot in the library is the second-floor lounge during a good thunderstorm, though behind the desk is a close second.

Stop by and say hi! And grab that free cup of coffee from the coffee bar while checking out more from our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again

Ever found yourself wondering why we have to sprinkle citations on every inch of our writings? Check out this hilarious and educational video by YouTuber extraordinaire CGP Grey to get an idea of why attribution matters, even if we don’t personally see the results of it. Just think… by citing things, you might be helping some poor future researcher stay sane! -- Tillie

Another Online Comic You Don’t Wanna’ Miss!

Here’s another free online comic that I highly recommend for their imaginative subjects as well as great artwork. Powernap, a humorous and mind-boggling story from Mexico (don’t worry, there’s an English version if languages aren’t your thing) that is just finishing up its run, and this one’s a Real Hoot! I had to be careful about where I read it, as I often ended up literally Laughing-Out-Loud. Plus, the art is often so Awesome, it’s like seeing Pink Elephants, but without the nasty side effects. -- Esther 

Apocalypse and a Coma in Space

You wake up in a spaceship with no memory of how you got there, what happened to your dead crewmates or what your mission is. Welcome to the opening of Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. This is a fast-paced hard sci-fi book with a first person main character that will keep you reading late into the night. Highly recommended. -- Abby

Interested in saving your students money?

The College Board estimates that the average undergraduate can budget $1,240 - $1,440 for textbooks and supplies in 2021-22. Open Textbooks are a great way to provide students with excellent course materials, while also saving money. These are full, real textbooks used by faculty across the country and are licensed to be freely edited, used and distributed. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a 1 hour webinar from PALNI on Nov 8 from 2-3pm EST. -- Erin (PALNI)

October 15, 2021

A Critical Hit!

Want to find out what streaking and video games have in common? Tune into video game historian, Critical Kate’s wonderfully done video game history series. -- Fritz

Meet our student workers--Aubri!

Aubri is one of our new student workers working both at the desk and as our shelver-at-large (she helps put EVERYthing back on the shelves).

Aubri is a Sophomore Sign Language Interpreting Major. One of her favorite songs would also be her go-to karaoke song, “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. Aubri’s favorite spot in the library is the popular reading section. She likes looking for new books to read. Plus, the free coffee bar makes it smell good in that area!

Stop by and say hi! And grab that free cup of coffee from the coffee bar while checking out more from our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

Disney Meets Punk Rock

Do you love Disney songs but wish they were a little more punk? Can you hear the popular Moana song, “How Far I’ll Go” with electric guitar riffs and head banging? Check out the band Punk Rock Factory for your Disney/Punk Rock fix! -- Kelsey

The Internet Archive Gives You Free Audiobooks! 

Looking for a good (free) book to listen to? The Internet Archive has a collection of classics to choose from - listen to narrations of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and more. In addition to the notable names and titles, try browsing to find strange gems like the pulp sci-fi novel “Vampires of Space” or the speech “Has a Frog a Soul?” -- Tillie

Need something to do over midterm break?

Consider browsing our Popular Reading, Graphic Novel and Board Game collections. We have lots of novels, poetry, comics, and board games to choose from. If you want to see the newest books added, visit the News Nook to the left of the front desk. -- Abby

October 8, 2021

Military History Meets Lord of the Rings

Have you ever thought to yourself, “hmmm I wonder how realistic the logistics and strategy were behind the Siege of Gondor in Lord of the Rings?” Well then, you are in luck, the historian Bret Devereaux has a 6 part series analyzing Tolkien’s fictional scene through an academic eye. And don’t worry, he addresses the differences in the book and movie portrayals. A super nerdy, but very fun read. -- Abby

Meet our student workers--Aiden!

Aiden is a second-year majoring in Biochemistry. Aiden’s song of choice for karaoke would be “Look How Far We’ve Come” by Quinn XCII. And his favorite spot in the library is the lounge area by the games on the first floor—“It’s right by the coffee so it smells good!”

Stop by the front desk and say hi and check out more on our Instagram page! And thanks Aiden for joining our team this year! -- Kelsey

What plant is that? 

If you’re like me, you know how to identify about a dozen different plants and refer to all others as “that round-leafed thing” or “the cute succulent with the little spikes.” But there is hope for us in the form of plant identification apps where you can snap a picture and learn all about a plant in an instant. I use the free version of PictureThis, which also helps you identify insects and birds. Try out your favorite app by wandering around campus and learning all about the prairie plants you walk past each day. -- Tillie

Relax and nurture your soul--listen to a story!

Story Online gives you a chance to listen to a talented and famous person read a children’s book aloud to you. Readers include  Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Kristen Bell, Rita Moreno, Viola Davis, Jaime Camil, Kevin Costner, Lily Tomlin, Sarah Silverman, Betty White, Wanda Sykes and dozens more. -- Beth

Interlibrary Loans: Did You Know?

Here’s a question that we hear all the time -- “So I requested an item through Interlibrary Loan, but I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait for it?”

Part 1 of 3:

Well, that all depends on who’s lending it to us, where it’s coming from and what form it’s in (print or electronic.) Since there are libraries participating in Interlibrary Loan located literally all over the world, this can understandably affect the distance and/or time any item, electronic or physical, must travel, from start to finish. And, a variety of other factors can affect travel time, such as each Lending Library’s turnaround speed and what they're willing/able to pay for transit.

So, generally, we say:

  • For Electronic Items: Two Days, though it can be as short as 12 hours, or as long as two weeks (If the Lender sends it in print form due to copyright restrictions.)

  • For Print Items: Seven to Ten Days, though it may take longer if it’s hard-to-find (like a dissertation) or very popular item (like the latest best seller.)

And don’t forget that these are “business days,” not including weekends, holidays or any time the GC Library is closed. But during those five-days-a week, Interlibrary Loans are busy processing your Requests as fast as possible--Not even COVID could stop us completely! -- Esther

October 1, 2021

Gearing up for the GRE? Procrastinating on Praxis?

We have great resources for you! Check out this libguide about test prep materials you can access through the library. The best one is a free resource called Learning Express Library, once you create a free account you have access to practice tests and more. Learn how to sign up here. -- Abby

Meet our student workers--GRETA!

Meet one of our returning student workers, Greta! Greta is a junior English and art double major with a minor in writing. She would choose “Dancing Queen” by ABBA (or any other song in Mama Mia) for karaoke. And Greta’s favorite spot in the library is definitely. The second floor lounge right next to the windows—“perfect for people watching!” (But, she says, the standing desk in the A-H side of the stacks is a close second). Make sure to say hi and thank you to Greta for all of her hard work and check out more from our Instagram page! -- Kelsey

Complete an escape room from your dorm! 

Looking for a good way to spend an hour with friends? Check out an Unlock! game from the library’s game collection. These escape-rooms-in-a-box need only some cunning players, a phone or iPad, and an hour of your time to play. Work together to escape a creepy laboratory, a deserted island, a sunken submarine, or many other scenarios of varying difficulty. You can find these games in the “small games” shelf of the library reading room. -- Tillie 

You survived 2020--now what?

Treat yourself to a good read, or ask for one in a care package! Check out this list of 10 Best 2020 Reads for College Students. I have read three of them--and, yes, they are good!! -- Beth 

My Favorite Online Comics Redux:

Back by Popular Demand (sorta’), and just in case you missed them the first time, here’s some Free Online Comics practically guaranteed to please!

Mare Internum: If you’ve had a bad experience with an online comic you dearly loved “disappearing” on you before the story is done--an unfortunate experience, even before COVID disruptions, due to the voluntary and often non-professional nature of this body of work--here’s a now completed comic with excellent art and thoroughly satisfying story. Mare is science fiction with a very unexpected take on Mars Exploration, and I loved it so much I’ve read it twice. And also take a look at the extras, especially the “Thrip?” fan art! -- Esther

September 24, 2021

FREE Public Library Cards for all students

Did ya hear?! The Good Library has teamed up with the Goshen/Elkhart Public Libraries to provide you with EVEN MORE! All materials and databases are now available to every GC student. Simply use your ID to check out in the public library or type in your long barcode to access thousands of resources at your fingertips. Find out more about this this new initiative or email Kelsey Happy Reading! -- Kelsey

Can’t decide what to read next? 

Let’s face it: there are too many books out there, and finding the right one to suit your mood can be an overwhelming task. When I’m stuck staring at my never-ending To Read list, I like to go to NPR’s Book Concierge to narrow things down. This wonderful site takes years of recommendations from trusted critics and lets you sift through them by topic, genre, and age group until you find the book that is just right. -- Tillie 

My Favorite Online Comics Redux:

Back by Popular Demand (sorta’), and just in case you missed them the first time, here’s some Free Online Comics practically guaranteed to please!

Earthsong: So you don’t have much spare time, and you’re not interested in an open-ended, long-term commitment just for a good story. Earthsong is an absorbing fantasy with elements taken from myth, fairy tale and anime that’s easy on the eyes and can even be great binge-read over a weekend, if you have a mind to. So go ahead and ENJOY! -- Esther

Hope in the midst of chaos and world pain

Takis is a rescue shelter which saves mistreated or abandoned animals and finds them homes.  If you need a little hope in your life, watch a few of these remarkable videos of love, compassion and care. -- Beth 

Internet Archive Scholar

Not that you would ever search for anything outside of the library’s awesome website, but if you did check out Internet Archive Scholar! Developed by the makers of the Wayback Machine, this academic search engine includes 25 million research articles and other scholarly documents preserved in the Internet Archive. Also, unlike the mysterious black box that is Google Scholar, the metadata is from an open user-editable catalog called (for you non-librarians that means they’re not trying to be sneaky and/or evil). -- Eric

September 17, 2021

Eat, eat more, and be merry! The MCC Relief Sale is back! 

Block off your calendar for September 25th and 26th, ‘cause the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale is back! I plan on eating twice as many apple fritters and twice as much pie to make up for its cancellation last year. Don’t forget to grab cash (there’s an ATM in the Union) before you go to load up on delicious food, check out interesting crafts, and listen to live music. Plus, all proceeds benefit Mennonite Central Committee, so you know that your purchases are for a good cause. -- Tillie 

My Favorite Online Comics Redux:

Back by Popular Demand (sorta’), and just in case you missed them the first time, here’s some Free Online Comics practically guaranteed to please!

Girl Genius: Going strong since 2002 (not even COVID could slow ‘em down!), this comic won the Hugo Award for Online Comics three years in a row, and then voluntarily removed themselves from the ballot just to give somebody else a chance--Yep, they’re just That GOOD! Mad Science! Silly Operas! Jolly Monsters! Crazed Royalty in Love! You don’t have to be a Steam-Punk fan to enjoy the fun and excitement--Besides, where else are you going to meet someone named Gilgamesh Wulfenbach? - Esther

Lorax, Yertle, King Looie Katz, North-going Zax, Super Axe Whacker

Stress getting you down? Need a little childlike nurture? Visit for stories, games, videos, and cute character pictures and profiles, all from the imagination of Dr. Seuss, (Theodore Giesel) who brought us How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Fox in Socks.  And there’s also merchandise to buy to read, to decorate your room or to wear! -- Beth

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit to fix your own Mac

Drat. You just spilled a delicious beverage all over your laptop. Of course the price to repair it will be more expensive than to purchase a new one, so *sigh* It's time to buy a new computer. Or does it? The Federal Government along with 20 different states are currently looking at “Right to Repair” legislation, which will allow local repair shops to have the information, manuals, and tools necessary from megacorps to make repairs on new commercial equipment. -- Eric

Preparing for a test?

Whether you are studying for the PRAXIS, GRE, MCAT or more, check out this new resource called Learning Express Library. You will need to create a free account, but then you can access lots of practice tests, study guides and more! -- Abby

September 10, 2021

Jabbed by the Bard

Do you think the world of angry insults began with the advent of Twitter? Think again. The writings of William Shakespeare are full of various mean comments, and now you receive (or send) one after another with the Shakespearean Insulter. The best part is that each quote is fully cited, so you can look cultured, academically sharp, and still trash talk. -- Eric

Free Digital Newspaper Subscriptions

Do you like to read the Wall Street Journal every morning when you wake up to go jogging at 6am? Or perhaps you enjoyed perusing the Washington Post every night before bed? Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you can now read these newspapers (and two other ones!) from wherever you are. To learn more and get signed up go to - Abby 

Waiting for your textbook to arrive?

If you are still waiting for your textbooks to arrive, you may be in luck. The library has purchased one copy of the majority of required textbooks for this semester. You can access them by coming into the library and asking at the front desk. Then you can use the book in the library for up to 3 hours. If you want to see if the library has the book you need, or if it is checked out or not, go to -- Abby

Do you know where you are? Geoguessr 

The premise is simple: 1) You look at an image from Google Maps Street view AND 2) using the clues in the picture you try to guess where in the world you are. Well, the folks at Geoguessr took that idea and made it into a fully fledged sport! On Geoguessr, folks compete in a variety of games, such as Country Guesser (can you guess the country you are in based on the picture), City Streak (Can you guess the city), and Last Guesser standing (If you guess wrong, you are eliminated). Unfortunately, most of these games are not free, but there is a free version for you to try. Or (if you are like me) you can just watch the pros do it on YouTube or Twitch. -- Fritz

Need great ideas for a day trip?

The Good Library just added a book called Secret Indianapolis: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. “Where in Indianapolis can you find a disappearing painting, a towering "ice tree," or a giant pink elephant holding a martini? What caused the Great Squirrel Invasion of 1822, and why did Hollywood celebrities once flock to an Indianapolis cottage called Tuckaway? Where can you find a hidden museum dedicated to antique fire extinguishers? And what, exactly, is a Recordface? You'll find the answers to these questions, and many others, in this guide to Indy's overlooked, offbeat, and unknown.” -- Cynthia