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Academic Success Center (ACS) Tutoring Calendar

Goshen College Tutoring Calendar


Choose the subject you would like help in from the menu to the left.

Writing and Research help is offered by librarians and Writing/Research interns by appointment or drop in at the library.

All other subjects are part of the Peer Tutoring Program which offers individual tutoring and peer-tutored study groups for students. 

Appointments are available via zoom or in person. 

Most Goshen College students get help from at least one of these two programs, so sign up today.

Tutoring works, especially if you go early and often. Of students who attended 5 or more tutoring sessions last year, 95% passed their courses, most with a grade of C or higher.

If you need help making an appointment, stop by the front desk at the library or contact with your questions.

Jesse Lowen

Jesse Loewen

Assistant Director of Academic Success Center

(574) 535-7193

Good Library 111