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Reserves Fall 2018: Class List


Class List

ART 101:Drawing/Randy Horst

Items on reserve at the front desk.

Art 202: Painting/Randy Horst

Eisler. (1990). Paintings in the Hermitage.

Ruhrberg. (2000). Art of the 20th Century.

(2002). Vitamin P. 

(2011). Vitamin P2.

Items are on reserve at the front desk


ART 308: Graphic Design/Horst

Silver. (2001). Logo Design That Works.

Silver. (1995). Logos & Symbols 4.


On reserve at the front desk.

CHEM/PHYS 310: Thermodynamics/Smith

Garland. (2003). Experiments in Physical Chemistry. (2 copies, 7th & 8th ed.)

On reserve at the front desk

COMM 206:Lehman

Ting-Toomey. (2012). Understanding Intercultural Communication. [2 copies]

On reserve at the front desk

CORE 106:Culture and Community/Lehman

Grande. (2012). The Distance Between Us. (2copies)

Holloway. (2007). Monique and the Mango Rains.

Patel. (2007). Acts of Faith.

On reserve at the front desk

Core 110.2: Academic Voice/Hostetler

Zomorodi. (2017). Bored and Brilliant.

On reserve at the front desk.

CORE 110-04:Lehman

Graff. (2017). They Say, I Say.

On reserve at the front desk

CORE 170: Speaking of Death/Brant

Badham. (1987). Death and Immortality in the Religions of the World.

Bowker. (1991). The Meaning of Death. (2 copies)

Grollman. (1974). Concerning Death: a Practical Guide for the Living.

Holck. (1974). Death and Eastern Thought.

Johnson. (1991). How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife.

Keown. (2007). Encyclopedia of Buddhism.


On Reserve a the front desk.

EDUC 303:Literacy I/Meyer Reimer

Fountas & Pinnell. (2001). Guiding Readers and Writers.

Honig. (2008). Teaching Reading Sourcebook.

Phonics Tests for Teachers. (8 copies)

On reserve at the front desk.


ENGL 307: Hostetler

Deane. (1991). The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. Vol. 1-5

Deane. (1996). Reading in the Dark.

Finneran. (2002). The Yeats Reader.

Friel. (1990). Dancing at Lughnasa. 

Harrington. (2009). Modern and Contemporary Irish Drama.

Heaney. (2014). Selected Poems 1988-2013. Vol. 1 & 2


O'Brien. (2017). The Country Girls.


ENGL 332: Writing Poetry/Hostetler

Akba. (2017). Calling a Wolf a Wolf.

Hayes. (2018). American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin.

Kasdorf. (2018). Shale Play.

Strand. (2001). The Making of a Poem.

Victor. (2017). Kith.

Vuong. (2016). Night Sky with Exit Wounds.


On reserve at the front desk.


Math 321: Differential Equations/Housman

Blanchard. (2012). Differential Equations. 

On reserve at the front desk

Nurs 309:Healthcare Ethics/Srof

Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. (2010-2011 Ed.) Code of Medical Ethics.

Fowler. (2015). Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses.

Kaebnick. (2018). Taking Sides-Bioethical Issues.  (2copies)


On reserve at the front desk.

NURS 405:Mental Health/Moyer

Soc 230: Ethnography and Culture/Lind

Emerson. (1995).  Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes.

Lofland. (1971). Analyzing Social Settings.

Weiss. (1994). Learning from Strangers.

On reserve at the front desk.

SPAN 201/Zeila Frade

Under the Same Moon-DVD


On reserve at the front desk