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Art 241 History of Art I (Randy Horst) - Spring 2017: Home

Books in Good Library

If you like to browse...

  • Section N 5300 (2nd floor south) is the main section for you.
  • N 5300 - N 6494 may also be helpful (2nd floor south also).

Reference books (1st floor north)

Below are some recommended reference books on art and art history.


These resources are a good way to get started...

Search for books

  • Use this search box to search for the largest index of books in the world!! IF it is in a library somewhere, it is on this list.
  • Remember the relevance only drop down option!
  • To request an item, click on the "Place Hold" or "Request Item" button.


  • Come see a librarian right away -- even if s/he just presented in your classroom. It isn't cheating.
  • As soon as you get your assignment, gather your resources. Interlibrary loan takes time, and you would be wise to use it for this assignment.
  • Go to an encyclopedia entry first and then look up the books from the reference list in the catalog. (Remember the "relevance only" tab).
  • The catalog has a link for various citation formats (MLA, APA, etc).

Art History Websites