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Collection Development and Library Allocations

Project Description and summary

The Good Library is conducting a massive deaccessioning project (weeding) starting the summer of 2022. Reasons for the project include current space / building needs (the library is out of shelving space), future space needs (the campus master plan of 2021 includes a possible redesign of the library space), and rightsizing the collection for current and future needs (see Rightsizing the Academic Library Collection by Suzanne M. Ward for more information).  

Deselection Criteria

NOTE: The deselection criteria may vary slightly from what is outlined below depending on the subject area and consultation with departments (see Process).  In general, the follow criteria will be used when selecting materials for weeding:

  • Material has a publication date of 2000 or earlier AND
  • Has NOT circulated since 2012
  • Other considerations (these materials may be weeded despite the criteria above) ...
    • materials in poor condition (these materials will be usually replaced)
    • multiple copies (in which the original reason for having multiple copies is no longer present, such as for a class)
      • digital multiple copies on a case by case basis, but generally a physical copy will NOT be weeded just because we happen to have a digital copy 
    • materials with outdated or misleading information (faculty will be consulted prior to these materials being weeded)
    • materials that belong in the Mennonite Historical Library (we will make sure that the MHL does not already have a copy).


  • Starting in June 2022, librarians will decide the subject area of focus during the bimonthly librarian's meeting.
  • When a new area of focus is selected, the liaison librarian will notify the department. We will ask that departments spend some time thinking over what they think is needed to support their curricular goals during this time. Librarians will try to establish contact at least 3 times.  If the library does not receive any feedback, then the librarians will proceed using the baseline criteria outlined above. A list of materials in the area to be reviewed can be provided upon request.
  • The librarian will take a book cart or two and start to weed
  • The librarian will then move the books downstairs where a mixture of students, the Good Library Services Assistant, and the Access Services Librarian will go through the process of removing the materials from the system
  • Last copies in Indiana will be either retained or given to a bigger library, such as Indiana University