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Collection Development and Library Allocations

How book and video orders work

  • Below is a list of book allocations for the current year. Only those departments that spent more than an average of $750.00 on books over the last 5 years have been granted an allocation. The rest spend from the “POOL”.

  • There is a $15,000 general “POOL” for all other faculty members.

  • Each faculty member can spend up to $500.00 max from this POOL. NOTE: Departments with library allocations will spend from their allocation first and then from the POOL. (We will keep track of it all for you.)

  • Once the $15,000 is gone it’s gone!

  • Ordering deadline: March 15th of the current year (note: this deadline simply means that we may not be able to order your request in the current fiscal year due to budget constraints. However, we encourage you to order anytime. If it doesn't come from this year's allocation, we will take it from next year's.) 

Ordering Protocol: email   OR   fill out our library ordering form.


Allocations Breakdown

  • ACT / BUS -- Use Holtz funds first then General Pool

  • Art: Pool

  • BRP: $950

  • Biology: Pool

  • Campus Ministries: Pool

  • Chemistry: Pool

  • Communication: $750

  • Computer Science / Informatics: Pool

  • Education: spend Peace and Royer (if you can) first then: $2800

  • English: $875

  • History: $2500

  • International Ed: Pool

  • Kinesiology: Pool

  • Math: Pool

  • MCLL: $1100

  • Music: Pool

  • Nursing: Pool

  • PJCS: Spend Smith and then Pool

  • Physics: Pool

  • Psychology: Pool

  • SOAN: $1150

  • Theater: Pool

  • WOGS: $750