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Zotero Citation Management Tool

Creating Bibliographies

Zotero allows you to create bibliographies (in any bibliographic style) in two ways.

Way One: Using Zotero's In-text Citation Function. If you have added in-text citations into your document via Zotero.

  • Within your word processor (Google Docs or Microsoft Word) place your cursor where you would like your bibliography.
  • Select the Zotero menu and then select Add/Edit Bibliography.
  • Your in-text citations will be added in bibliography form where you have placed your cursor.

Way Two: Drag and drop resources from Zotero.

  • Within Zotero, select a source or collection, right-click and select Create Bibliography from Items...
  • A screen will pop up with a set of options. Select the following:
    • Citation Style: Your citation style
    • Output Mode: Bibliography
    • Output Method: Copy to Clipboard
  • Then, place your cursor where you would like your bibliography and paste. Zotero will automatically create an alphabetized, formatted bibliography

drag and drop from Zotero to bibliography