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Online Library Training

Lessons for learning about the Good Library and its various resources and services for online students.


  1. Log in to the video lesson software EDpuzzle with Google, using your Goshen College e-mail address
  2. Complete the video lesson Online Library Training -- Using the Library Catalog
  3. Complete the guided tutorial Library Instruction -- Practice with Library Catalog

Log in to EDpuzzle

The library training lesson videos are powered by EDpuzzle, which require you to create a account and log in.

  1. Go the the EDpuzzle website,
  2. Select the Log in button in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select "Student"
  4. Select the Google button
  5. A box from Google will pop up asking you to log in.  Select your Goshen College e-mail account.
  6. Optional: Once signed into EDpuzzle, you can add the class code for the library training videos.  Select Join Class, then enter the class code: enoazlu

Lesson -- Using the Library Catalog

Complete the following video lesson: Online Library Training -- Using the Library Catalog.  Log in to EDpuzzle with Google using your Goshen e-mail address.  Your professor will be notified when you complete the video lesson.

Tutorial -- Practice with the Library Catalog

Complete the guided tutorial Nursing Library Instruction -- Practice with the Library Catalog. At the end of the tutorial, please download the certificate on the last page to yourself and send it to your professor.

Link to Tutorial:

Tutorial Instructions: