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Online Library Training

Lessons for learning about the Good Library and its various resources and services for online students.


Welcome to the Harold and Wilma Good Library

two students talking at the library front desk

Welcome online students!  The librarians and staff of the Good Library are eager to serve you throughout your time at Goshen College.  This collection of Library Training lessons are to help you become familiar with the resources and services the library offers you as an online student.  Each lesson includes a interactive online video, and may include a follow up tutorial.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Library

  • Identify key resources by major or subject
  • Locate the library website and subject research guides
  • Contrast WorldCat Discovery and journal databases

Lesson 2: Using the Library Catalog

  • Construct a search in Catalog using keywords
  • Modify a search in Catalog using search limiters

Lesson 3: Primary & Secondary Sources

  • Compare the types of articles found in peer reviewed journals for nursing

Lesson 4 Nursing: Basics of CINAHL

  • Produce a downloaded PDF file of an applicable and relevant nursing resource
  • Compose an interlibrary loan request for an article.

Lesson 5 Nursing: Nursing Resource Types

  • Compare the types of articles found in nursing research literature: primary resource, reviews, and editorials.

Lesson 6: Contacting a Research Librarian

  • Locate contact information for a librarian in a specific subject.
  • Compose a research question request to a librarian.

Lesson 7 Nursing: CINAHL Headings

  • Construct a search in CINAHL using CINAHL Headings focusing on specific research methods / measurements.
  • Modify a search in CINAHL using search limiters and Boolean operators.

Lesson 8 Nursing: Basics of Cochrane Reviews

  • Define a systematic review, and compare systematic reviews to academic journal articles.
  • Survey reviews in Cochrane Library using topic limiters for specific interventions.

Lesson 9 Nursing: Advanced Search Techniques

  • Developing keywords from a research question.
  • Describe criteria to determine appropriate quantity of articles for good information when performing a literature search.
  • Construct a search in a library database using keywords developed for a literature review.
  • Expanding or narrowing a search.
  • Describe how to expand or narrow a literature search.
  • Modify a search in a library database using alternative search terms, boolean operators, and advanced search limiters.
  • Construct a search in a library database using controlled vocabulary (MeSH, CINAHL Headings) focusing on specific research methods / measurements.