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iPads at Goshen: Apps by Subject

About This Page

Interested in a grammar apps, or want to know what apps might supplement your astronomy class?  This page features apps by subject. These are meant to be suggestions to further your learning outside of class in a particular area of interest. 


Acct. Calc SS

Accountant for iPad calculator - 2.99
Highly rated accounting calculator.


Accounting - 1.99
Glossary of terms, quizzes, and flashcards. 

My Accounting Teacher - Free
Accounting lessons.  First two modules are free; download more lessons for a fee.  

See also: Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship 

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Art Authority - 9.99
Access more than 50,000 works of art. Includes a searchable index.   

ArtStudio Pro - 6.99
Painting and photo editing app.

AutoDesk SketchBook - Free
Drawing app.

Canva - Free
Graphic design app that can edit photos and make logos, invitations, or posters.

See also: Graphic Design, Photography

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ASL Dictionary for iPad - 6.99
iPad version of the ASL dictionary. Includes video.  

Learn American Sign Language - 1.99
9 video lessons that cover basic sign language skills.  

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NASA App HD - Free
Explore the skies with NASA.  Includes images, video, NASA mission info, and maps. 

Planets Screen Shot

Planets - Free
Free solar system map; view in 2D or 3D.



Starwalk Screenshot

Star Walk for iPad - Interactive astronomy guide - 2.99
Popular, award-winning astronomy app.  Look at labelled star maps that connect you with educational information. 


Two others to consider are SkyORB (free) and Astonomy Picture of the Day (Free).

See also: Physics

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Bible - Free
Access over 200 versions of the Bible in this app.  Does not include NRSV. 


Bible Maps Plus - Free
View biblical maps and commentary.

Concordance SS

Concordance - Free
Search any word and find a verse using the Concordance. 


Logos - Free
Read the Bible and look up words in their original languages. Not so useful for the commentary, which is out of date.


NRSV Bible for BibleReader - 9.99
Need NRSV? This app gives you full access.  

See also: Religion, Philosophy, Youth Ministry

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Biological Sciences

3D Brain - Free
Interact with a 3D model of the brain and read about different structures.

BiomeViewer - Free
View and learn about different biomes worldwide.

Deep Sea ID - Free
Identifies and shows images of deep sea organisms.

Leafsnap - Free
Take a picture of a leaf, and Leafsnap will identify it for you.

Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab - Free
Score examples of lizards based on their fitness for their environments to see which ones are more evolutionarily successful.

Gene Index HD - $2.99
Quick access to gene information. Also includes RSS reader of popular science journals. 

NASA Visualization Explorer - Free
Provides visualizations of NASA news stories.

Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab - Free
Score examples of stickleback fish based on their fitness for their environments to see which ones are more evolutionarily successful.

Virtual Cell Animation - Free
Videos, text, and quizzes on cellular respiration and RNA expression 

Working in the lab?  Check out Lab Timer and Units, a free unit converter. 

See also: Chemistry, Environmental Science

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Elite SS

ELITE Prompter - 9.99
Teleprompter that includes import/export options, and text editing 


iMovie - 4.99
Make movies anywhere! 

Kessler SS

Kessler - Free
A reference tool for your media creations. Includes calculators, videos, and manuals.  

See also: Communication, Journalism, Public RelationsTheater

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EZ financial calculator screen shot

Canvas Model Design - 1.99
Design tool for entrepreneurs.  

CNBC Real-time screen shot

CNBC Real-Time - Free
Up to the minute stock and business information. 

EZ financial calculator screen shot

EZ Financial Calculator - Free
Easily calculate compound interest, APR, or your restaurant tip.  

Kiva ss

iKiva for - Free
Manage and make Kiva loans through the app. Learn more about Kiva on their website

EZ financial calculator screen shot

QuickBooks Accounting - Free
Provides tools to help you manage a small business.  

EZ financial calculator screen shot

Resume Star - Free
Helps you create a good-lookin' resume.  

EZ financial calculator screen shot

Square Point of Sale - Free
Provides point of sale tools you need to accept payments, but requires additional hardware to use.  

EZ financial calculator screen shot

Valuation App - Free
Performs business computations.  

See also: Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship

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Career Research

Indeed SS

Job Search - Free
Comprehensive search engine, powered by  

LinkedIN SS

LinkedIn - Free
Access the networking social network on your iPad.  

Tie SS

How to Tie a Tie - Free
Gentlemen - you can't go to that big interview without a tie! Check out this app for instructions. 

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Molecules SS

Molecules - Free
View and rotate molecules

Nova Elements - Free
Click and element to learn more, view a picture, and build an atom. 

Another highly recommended periodic table app is The Elements: A Visual Exploration (6.99). 










Working in the lab?  Check out Lab Timer and Units, a free unit converter. 


See also: BiologyMath, Physics

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AJA ss

AJA DataCalc - Free
How much space do you need to store that video file? This app will tell you. 

VLC Streamer - 1.99
Compatible with almost any format of video, use this app to view movies.  


See also:  Broadcasting, Journalism, Public RelationsTheater

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FRED ss Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) - Free
Search and browse economic data from the Federal Reserve. 
DataFinder SS

WDI DataFinder - Free
Global economic data from the World Bank.  









See also: Accounting, Business, Entrepreneurship

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Free Books App

Free Books - Free
Access all the classics for free with this app.  

Grammar SS

Grammarly Keyboard - Free
Grammar and spelling checker integrated with your mobile keyboard. 

Grammar SS

Gutenberg Project - Free
Access thousands of open source works of literature. 

Grammar SS

Poetry - Free
Access poems through the Poetry Foundation. 

Shakespeare - Free
Complete works of Shakespeare, including 154 sonnets and 41 plays.  

Grammar SS

SonnetShuffle - Free
Play around with Shakespeare's sonnets by shuffling their order and re-arranging their structures. 

See also: Journalism

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Book Creator - 4.99
Customize and create your own ebook. 

ClassDojo - Free
Communication between parents and teachers for elementary education. 

Educreations - Free
Turn your iPad into a recordable iPad! 

GoClass - Free
If all students have iPads, use this app to push content and pop quizzes to everyone at once. 

Make Beliefs Comix - Free
Create your own comic strip. 

SeeSaw: The Learning Journal - Free
Student-driven digital portfolio. 

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard - Free
Turns your iPad into a personal, interactive whiteboard. 

TeacherKit - Free
Keep your classes organized: track attendance, due dates, and grades. 


Click links for suggestions for elementary school, middle school, and high school students. 

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Harvard SS

Harvard Business Review - Free
Tips and ideas for business decision making.  

Square Register- Free (Requires a Square Card Reader - get one free through the Square website)
Start your business right now! Accept credit card payments with your iPad.  


See also: Accounting, Business, Economics

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Graphic Design

iFont SS

iFontMaker - 6.99
Make your own fonts on your iPad! A font lover? Also try out The Font Game (1.99) app. 

Phoster SS

Phoster - 1.99
Create posters on your iPad.  Use provided templates and your own photos.  

Sketchbook SS

Autodesk Sketchbook - Free
Paint and drawing application.  Use to record ideas on the go. 











See also: Art, Photography

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Health and Wellness


WebMD - Free
Not feeling well? Learn what ails you with WebMD. 






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History maps screen shot

History: Maps of World - free
Historical maps! 

Timeline Eons - free (5.99 for full version)
Search and view notable events in history (only 1950-present available with free version) 

World Factbook - 1.99
Complete CIA worldfactbook on your iPad - maps, images, country history.  

See also: Political Science

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HTML5 App screen shot

HTML 5 Guide - Free
Reference guide to HTML5 tags and attributes.  Also check out the free reference guide to Linux.


FTP ss

FTPonthego Pro - 4.99
Connect to your FTP server and update your website via your iPad. 

Textastic Screenshot

Textastic - 8.99
Edit code on the go. Supports over 80 programming & markup languages. 



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AudioMemos SS

Audio Memos - Free
Record interviews with this app.  Audio only, not video.  

Nieman Journalism Lab - Free
News and updates in the field of Journalism from the Harvard University Nieman lab.  

Watchup - Free
Newsclips from a variety of outlets available in this app.  


See also Broadcasting, Communication, English, Public RelationsPhotography

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Languages and SST

Google translate - Free
Practice your language skills! 

Smart Traveler - Free
See travel alerts, check what vaccines you need, and more.  


See also: Travel

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Calcbot - 1.99
Advanced calculator

Formula MAX - 99 cents
Over 1,000 math, chemistry, and physics formulas on your iPad


Math Ref - free (paid version 1.99)
Formulas, examples, notes, and more. 



See also: Chemistry, Physics

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forScore - 9.99
Play music off your iPad.  Includes a metronome, page turning features, and a large library of music scores. 

GB SS GarageBand - 4.99
A recording studio on your iPad. 
iSTrobe SS

iStroboSoft - 9.99
Tune your instruments to 1/10th accuracy. 

Tempo- Metronome with Setlists- 2.99
Visual, audio, or vibration modes and over 35 time signatures. 

Looking for apps that play or recognize music?  Find those on the music section of the Everyday Apps page. 

Fun music apps - Karaoke, music games, and more - on the Smule website.  

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Epocrates SS

Epocrates - Free
After setting up an account, access drug information and check interactions. More content available through their in-app directory. 

MedCalc pro screen shot

MedCalc - Free
Highly rated medical calculations app, including over 1,000 formulas. 


Medscape screen shot

Medscape - Free
Create a free account to access medical news, clinical & drug reference, and do basic medical calculations. 

Micromedex - 2.99

Get drug information on the go!

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Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies

Human Rights Watch - Free
News and reports from the Human Rights Watch organization.  Download their HRW Features app for more in-depth information on current human rights violations. 

Social Justice Sermons - Free
Listen to sermons from Christian social justice leaders.  

See also: History, Social Responsibility, Women's studies

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Free books SS Free books - Free
Access classic works of philosophy for free in this app.  

Philsophy Bites - 2.99
Learn philosophy from two experts in video episodes. 

See also: Bible, Religion, Youth Ministry

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Physical Education

Coach My Video Mobile: Video Analysis - Free
Shoot a video, add comments, arrows, and more as you analyze player's movements.

iMuscle (NOVA) - 8.99 
See what workouts work certain muscles and see 3D images. 




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Physics and Pre-Engineering

Forumla Max Screen shot

Formula MAX - 99 cents
Over 1,000 physics, chemistry, and math formulas 

iCircuit Screenshot iCircuit - $9.99
Use this simulation program to design and experiment with circuits.  
Vernier Screenshot

Vernier Video Physics - $4.99
Take a video and the app will draw velocity, trajectory, and more.  


Working in the lab?  Check out Lab Timer and Units, a free unit converter. 

See also: Astronomy, Chemistry, Math

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Political Science

Constitution for iPad - Free
Keep the Constitution handy by installing it on your iPad. Also download the Declaration of Independence for free.  
My Congress - Free
Track your representatives (even follow their tweets) with this app.

Politifact Truth-O-Meter - 1.99
True or not true: this app will tell you!

Want to add an image of President Obama, Hilary Clinton, or George W. Bush to your vacation pictures?  There's an app for that too

See also: History

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3D Brain - Free
View the parts of the brain and learn what each portion does.

Personality Types - 2.99
Take Myers-Briggs assessments, compare yourself to other types. 

Psych Drugs - Free
A reference guide to psychotropic drugs.  

PsychGuide - Free 
A survival guide for students of Psychology.  

See also: Social Work

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Public Relations

Blogsy - 4.99
Update and format blogs on a variety of platforms with this app. Support for Blogger, WordPress, TypePage and many more.  Integration with Flickr and other image & video services. 

Newsy - Free
Newsy compiles news reports and presents to you the highlights, with insights and analysis. 



See also: Broadcasting, Communication, Graphic Design, Journalism

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Free Books - free
Access the texts of most major world relgions for free. 



Learn About Religions - Free
Crash course in several major world religions. Includes flashcards and quizzes.  

Religionpedia - 99 cents
Information from Wikipedia, but focused on religion. 


See also: Bible, Philosophy, Youth Ministry

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Social Work, Sociology, and Anthropology

Stats of the Union - Free
Access stats related to healthcare, and sort by a large variety of demographics.  
WhatsMyM3 HD - Free
Screen for mental illness and track progress. 

World Cultures Gallery Guide - Free
Explore the Hudson Museum World Cultures Gallery. 


See also: PJCSPsychology, Statistics, Women's Studies

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Sustainability and Environmental Education

iRecycle - Free
App tells you where to recycle 

Just Science - Free
Data visualization app that shows how the world temperature has increased.  Also check out the World Bank climate change app

Taptu Guardian Environment - Free
News related to environmental issues.  

See also: Biology, Social Responsibility

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Celtx - 4.99  
Write a screenplay on your iPad 
Rehersal 2 - $19.99
Practice your lines!

Shakespeare - Free
Complete works of Shakespeare, including 41 plays.  


See also:  Broadcasting, Communication.  Also check out this list of best iPad apps for filmmakers. 

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Women's and Gender Studies

World Development Report: Gender Equality - Free
App from the World Bank highlighting women's issues around the world. 


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Youth Ministry

Glo Bible

Glo Bible - Free
Bible app that includes images, maps, and videos.  

OnSong SS

OnSong - 14.99
Access a huge database of chord sheets for worship songs. 



Table Topics SS

TableTopics- 1.99
An app of conversation starters. 


See also: Bible, Religion, Philosophy

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