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NURS 604 / N604: Promoting Health in Vulnerable Populations (May 2018)


What are interventional studies?

Interventional studies are a specific epidemiological study type which is prospective and specifically tailored to evaluate direct impacts of treatment or preventive measures on disease. For example, a investigation of the iodine supplementation of cooking salt to prevent cretinism in a region with iodine deficiency.

Tips for searching for interventional studies

Articles outlining interventional studies, like other peer-reviewed and evidenced-based articles, can be found through searching CINAHL and other nursing databases.

  • To best develop keywords for your search, formulate a research question using the PICOT format.
  • Consult CINAHL Headings for alternative terms from your PICOT.
  • Avoid using "intervention" as a keyword. Many intervention articles will not have this term in their name or abstracts.
  • Avoid using the journal subset or publication type Advanced Search limiters, at least at first search. These may exclude many articles which were not exhaustively indexed.
  • Consider, after a initial search, to use the Advanced Search limiter Special Interest and the category Public Health.
  • Read abstracts. A reading can determine whether the article is an intervention study or not.


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