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Accessibility: Moodle


There are a few guidelines you should follow when creating your course in Moodle:

  • Organize your course consistently section to section. Use consistent headers, labels and reference to materials in each section, topic or week.
  • Consider putting documents in at least two (2) formats. Giving several versions (Word, HTML, PDF and plain text) can cover most needs.
  • Name links to files (e.g. Word, PPT or Excel) and videos the same as the title of the file. 
  • Upload your PowerPoints as PPT file instead of a PDF (preferably in advance, if possible)

Accessibility Block

How to turn on Accessibility Block

  1. Log in to Moodle

  2. From the main page, scroll down through your blocks on the left-side of the screen

  3. At the bottom, click on "Add a block"

  4. Select "Accessibility" and wait a few moments for the page to refresh

Accessibility Block

moodle accessibility block


There are 8 buttons on the block itself. The 3 buttons on the top row displaying an A control text size:

  • Clicking decrease font button will decrease the text size.
  • Clicking increase font button will increase the text size.
  • Clicking reset font size button will reset the text size. If you had a saved setting for the text size, this will be cleared.

The final button on the top row saves styles changed by the block. Once you have altered the text size or color scheme, the button will become active, shown by the blue arrow. When it's active, click Save button to save settings. Once saved, they will persist between pages even when you log out.

The bottom row contains 4 buttons, each displaying a different color scheme. Clicking any of these buttons Font color scheme button will apply that color scheme to the page. Clicking the button on the far left will reset the scheme to default and clear any saved color settings.

Accessibility Bar

Each class or student has the opportunity to turn on the "Launch AT Bar" from the Accessibility Block.  When turned on, you'll see this at the top of your Moodle page:

Moodle Accessibility Bar

From this bar, you or students can:

  • change the font size
  • change the font and line spacing
  • use spellchecker
  • use dictionary
  • text to speech (you'll select the text and press this button to read it)
  • word prediction
  • styles/colors
  • color overlay

Quiz Overrides/Accommodations

To give students extra time on a quiz: 


1. Open the quiz and select “User Overrides”

2. Select “Add user override” 

3. Select the student from the drop down menu. You can only select one student at a time. 

4. Adjust the settings for the student. Typically these settings are the open and/or close time, and the time limit

5. Save. If you have another accommodation to set, click Save and enter another override.