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Accessibility: Kaltura

Kaltura Overview

Kaltura is the new video feature that has been integrated into Moodle. 

In Kaltura you can:

  • record your own videos directly into the program
  • upload your own video files
  • link YouTube videos
  • edit/trim/clip videos
  • caption videos

Kaltura has a plethora of tutorials on their website as well as many YouTube tutorials to help walk you through anything you need to work on in the program.

Uploading Video Files

Kaltura Captioning

Editing Captioning

Best Practices

  • Align text left
  • Use Sans Serif fonts (Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana)
  • 22 pt font
  • No more than 32 characters per line
  • Font color and background must pass AA Color Contrast Ratio (large text=14pt and larger)
  • Do not use color as the only way to convey meaning

WCAG2 Captioning Standards

Examples of Failures:

  • Text alternatives that are not actually alternatives (i.e. provided text is not descriptive)
  • Text alternatives that are inaccurate or incomplete
  • Captions omitting dialogue or important sound effects
  • Captions do not present all the information
  • Synchronized media provided as alternative to text is not labeled as such