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5 Things Your Library Friends Like

Weekly updates from the Good Library

Welcome back GC Community! We started this series in April 2020 as a way to stay in touch when we couldn't be in person.

Turns out it was so much fun and so many of you enjoyed it that we have kept the tradition going.

Each week we will feature a few things that we are enjoying that week, some will be virtual, some will be in person. We may even try to sneak in a research tip or two.

As always if you have questions or comments, feel free to email us at, or come stop by the Ask Desk at the library. We would love to chat with you and answer your questions.

May 19, 2023 - Final 5 Things!

Sunrise, Sunset: The End of An Era

March 2020 was a different time. The whole college had just shut down, the students and faculty were scattered around the globe and all of the library staff were working from home. We didn’t really know what to expect or how to manage this huge change, but we knew we wanted a better way to connect with you all, the GC community. Since we could no longer offer a free cup of Good Enough Coffee or a comfy place to study, we wanted to offer something that felt homey and personalized and hence 5 Things Your Library Friends Like. 

If you go back and look at our early posts, some of them included ways to access benefits to help with pandemic struggles, some focused on items to help feel calmer in a stressful time. Others focused on highlighting resources that providers were starting to offer for free online. Through the next 3 years, we kept up this practice, even after things returned to something that felt a bit more normal, or at least the “new normal”. And many of you kept reading. Over the course of our three years of 5 Things, this page has been viewed over 2,500 times! We have also gotten emails or passing conversations about how you all have enjoyed this platform. 

However as a staff we have also begun to feel like this practice doesn’t fit as well as it did originally. What was once an easy practice has begun to feel more like a chore and we have decided to sunset 5 Things Your Library Friends like at the end of this school year. So thank you to everyone who has read along, contributed ideas or otherwise given us feedback. And we as a library staff will continue to be happy to answer your questions, provide free coffee, a comfy place to study or just the right book or journal article you need. Thanks for reading! – Abby

Alternative Higher Ed News Sites

As a college librarian the first work-related thing I do each day, either at the breakfast table or at the office, is read updates from The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. Think of them like The New York Times or Wall Street Journal of higher education media. Yet, if this style of reporting is a bit too stale for your taste and are wanting something a little more click bait related, there are several sites to consider. Campus Reform and The College Fix provide commentary rich alternative perspectives and writing styles. While the librarians are not recommending you change your daily reading habits, it’s always good to know what’s out there. – Eric

Seed Library still available!

The library’s seed library is still up and running in the reference room - come pick up a packet or two of seeds to take home and plant before you head home for the summer. If you feel like paying it forward, try harvesting some seeds from your plant and donating it to the Seed Library for someone else (empty seed envelopes are available for this purpose). – Tillie

Did you know you can suggest books for the library to order?

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff, we would love to get your suggestions for materials we should purchase for the library. And these suggestions can include books (print or electronic) for research or for reading for fun. We are also open to suggestions for board games and other items you think the library should collect. Students and staff, you can use this form to recommend books and faculty please use this form. Questions or comments? Email -- Abby

May Madness Ends Next Week

If you haven’t noticed, this May term we have been running the 7th annual Good Library May Madness Out-of-Context Quote Tournament. You can follow along in the daily Campus Communicator announcements, or go ahead and vote directly in the two different contests we have today (thanks to the power outage earlier this week, we missed a day!). – Abby

May 12, 2023

Mantis Shrimp!!

In Entomology class, Andy Ammons keyed us in on these underwater-rainbow-colored-freaks-of-nature. There could be many more word combinations to try to allude to the sublime phenomena called mantis shrimp, but this short video will show it all. – Sarah

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Is anyone else losing their mind over the release of this new Zelda game TODAY?!  Don’t tell my husband, but I already know this is what he’s getting me for Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t be happier! Did you know that libraries are essential to Link in his adventures just as your library is essential for you? Check out this awesome article that shares how Link has used the library in every Zelda game throughout the last 30 years! - Kelsey

Free newspapers!

Do you wonder what happened to that New York Times digital subscription you used to have? Or do you get frustrated when you hit paywalls while reading Wall Street Journal? Well it might be time to check and see if you can renew your free digital subscription through the library. In addition to these two newspapers, we also offer free access to the Washington Post and Chronicle of Higher Education. – Abby

Developments on the South Shore Line

One of Northern Indiana’s best gems is the South Shore Line, an electrically powered interurban commuter rail line that connects South Bend to downtown Chicago. Some folks use it for work, others for baseball games or museum trips. More recently the South Shore has really upped its game. A giant double track project in progress is going to make travel 30 minutes faster. Proposed realignment at the South Bend airport will provide additional time saving, and new tracks are being built in Lake County through Hammond, Munster, and Dyer. – Eric

Need Some Good News?

This 7 minute video gives an exciting update on the work by John and Hank Green and the online community of Nerdfighteria’s work to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. I have been following the Green brothers for over a decade and their Youtube channel - Vlogbrothers. This project and the reporting about it really fills me with hope. “Collectively we are a lot more likely to solve the problems we pay attention to.” Watch the full video here. – Abby

May 5, 2023

7th Annual Good Library May Madness Out-of-Context Quote Tournament 

Every day in May term, we ask you to vote on your favorite out of context library quotes. These quotes are said by various library folks throughout the year and every May Term, we make you pick the best one. To join in, follow along in the Communicator, or vote in today’s contest. – Abby

Thinking About Course Redesign for 2023-24?

If you are working on your courses for next year and interested in finding a way to ditch your textbooks, check out this grant offered through PALNI (our library consortium). The PALSave Course Redesign Grant offers a range of resources, support and a $500 stipend to faculty who are interested in swapping out their required course materials for zero cost ones. Learn more here. -- Abby

Let’s Pull Over and Check This Thing Out!

You may be familiar with geocaching, and little free libraries, yet another roadside trinket worth discovering are wayside shrines. They are roadside religious images, and come in various shapes and sizes (and religions). A Google Maps search will show more established ones, although they are more common than the map shows. Some religious groups, like the Schoenstatters, have a special focus on developing these. – Eric

Some Fun Word Games

Need a new short daily game? I always do, and I recently found A Little Wordy, an online edition of a board game that is free to play for the next month. The creator, responsible for the games Exploding Kittens and Really Loud Librarians, says it is “sort of like Scrabble meets Clue.” Try it out here. I’ve also enjoyed the game Guessdle, which uses ChatGPT to generate items and categories so you can play 20 questions. – Tillie 

Take your Lawn Off Drugs

The other day I got a flier in the mail from the Weed Man. It’s lawncare, not what you might be thinking. However, did you know there is an entire movement to care for your lawn naturally? Just search take your lawn off drugs and you will find various methods for natural lawn care, as well as the great song Take your Lawn Off Drugs by the GC connected Kentucky T. Dutchersmith and The Rubber Band. – Eric

April 21, 2023

Changes Coming to Interlibrary Loan

Starting in May, there will be some exciting changes coming to interlibrary loan, which will hopefully help you get your requested items faster and more efficiently. If you want to learn more, you can read about the changes here. – Abby

The Movement Against Police Shooting Dogs
Hidden within the national conversation on policing is the concurrent topic of dog shootings by police. The Department of Justice estimates that 10,000 dogs per year are killed by police, and just like the larger conversation on policing there are groups on different sides of this topic, with Police Magazine giving the law enforcement perspective and the activist group Freeze Don’t Shoot having rallies as state capitol buildings on this issue. – Eric

Email Newsletters I Actually Read Part 2

While I don’t read every issue of this newsletter, I really enjoy Isaac Saul’s daily news digest, Tangle. The premise of the newsletter is to showcase perspectives from both the left and right side of politics. I have found it very useful in hearing perspectives outside of my own bubble and appreciate Saul’s take on the importance of acknowledging bias and differentiating between news and opinion. – Abby

An Nifty Escape Room Game

Want an escape room to tinker with in your own time (and for free)? Check out this wonderfully virtual escape room and test your mystery-solving savvy. Explore your surroundings, find hidden items and clues, and use your head to solve puzzles and gimmicks to reveal a way to escape. – Tillie 

Interlibrary Loans 101: Why Can’t I Get a Renewal? (Part 2)

The simple answer is “Their Book, Their Rules.”

Again, the question of renewals lies with the library loaning the book to us, and their decisions, based on their own needs and policies, are the rule. Just like the length of due dates, willingness to grant a renewal may vary considerably from library to library, as well as the time length and number of renewals given. No library is required to grant renewals for Interlibrary Loans, and, in fact, GC does not, as we like to keep our materials handy for our own patrons as much as possible. So, if you request a renewal, and it’s denied, please don’t take it personally, and remember that you can always request another copy of the same material at any time. – Esther

April 14, 2023

Library Cart Names

Thanks to everyone who voted last week on the best names for our trusty fleet of library carts. Coming in first with 23 votes was Carty B. Then we had a tie between Lord Rolldemort and Wheels DeGrasse Tyson with 19 votes and finally Cartship Enterprise with 16 votes. But don’t worry we have a lot of carts to name so we will be using other favorites from the list including Total Eclipse of the Cart and two submitted by you all Carte Diem and Cart Cobain. Thanks for voting! - Abby

When the Internet Fails You, Try This!

While for many products and services the internet is an endlist treasure trove of goodness, sometimes there simply isn’t an answer. Sure, there is that obscure listing on, but can you really trust that? In cases like this look to the Amish, literally. The People’s Exchange is a monthly publication with all sorts of services. You have to pick up the free publication at places like the Goshen Antique Mall or Miller’s Barber Shop, and then you may have to call someone on their shared party line, but it may be truly the best option for your needs. – Eric

The Music Lab: Citizen Science with Games! 

The Music Lab is a project run by Yale and the University of Auckland that conducts research on how people around the world process and understand music. In addition to their work compiling ethnographies of music (see their Natural History of Song recordings and texts), they also have a variety of games you can play to test your musical knowledge, pitch perception, and many more. Playing the games is fun for us, and they get data to investigate. – Tillie

Pokemon Go is Still Alive and Thriving!

Do you still play Pokemon Go? Which team are you on? For those early birds, Kelsey typically drops a nice lure near the library most mornings at 8am. Never played, but are intrigued? Be sure to download the app! Not that I’m biased, but be sure to join Team Mystic and get out there and catch ‘em all! - Kelsey

Email Newsletters I Actually Read Part 1

While I still sometimes feel a bit grumpy about the migration from blog to email newsletter, I have found a number of email newsletters that I really enjoy and find useful. The first is ParentData by Emily Oster, who writes about many of the common conundrums of parenting, but with an angle to what the research actually shows. Oster is an economist and uses her skills to break down how studies work and issues such as risk assessment. I found her newsletter incredibly helpful during the height of the pandemic and continue to read it regularly. She also writes with wit and empathy, a rare combination. – Abby

March 31, 2023

ChatGPT Makes Things Up?!

The other day us librarians were looking to see if ChatGPT could do some of our work and asked it to create a book catalog record. It did, and it was beautiful, but with one problem… when the tool didn’t have a piece of needed information it just made something up. We aren’t the only ones who have noticed this, The New York Times has a featured article on the latest version of ChatGPT, and notes 10 ways that it Is Impressive but Still Flawed. About making stuff up, the technical term is called “hallucination.” Looks like we all better get back to work. – Eric

“Rest is radical because it disrupts the lie that we are not doing enough.”

The Good Library just acquired a copy of Tricia Hersey’s manifesto Rest is Resistance. Hersey is the founder of the Nap Ministry, an organization that believes sleep deprivation is a racial and social justice issue. The ministry has outreach of collective napping as a way to deprogram grind culture. Hersey recommends reading her book slowly, in true restfulness. Some tidbits I have gleaned so far in the manifesto are:

“Resting is about the beginning process of undoing trauma so that we can thrive and evolve back to our natural state: a state of ease and rest.”

“We ignore our bodies’ need to rest and in doing so, we lose touch with Spirit…Our collective rest will change the world…”

If you are looking for a wonderful introduction to Tricia Hersey’s work, I recommend this podcast done with Tami Simon of Sounds True. - Sarah

Who won the March Madness Board Game edition?

After a long month of voting, Dutch Blitz prevailed as the favorite game on campus. If you want to try playing this popular game, you can check a copy out of the library – Abby

Goshen: City of Art Opportunities! 

Goshen is arty, did you know? We’re practically a medieval town with all the guilds we have - the Goshen Clay Artist’s Guild, Goshen Jeweler’s Guild, Goshen Painters Guild, the Photographer’s Guild, the newest addition, the Goshen Printmaker’s Guild. These places often offer workshops at affordable rates and are definitely worth checking out. Id’ also recommend looking at the Goshen Arts Council to see what city-wide artsy events are happening (follow them on Instagram). – Tillie

More Free PBS!

Just about everyone loves dinosaurs, but if you have a hankering for ALL things Prehistoric, then Eons is right up your alley! Now in its 5th season, each episode is around 8 to 10 minutes long (occasionally longer if the subject merits it), and although it not much more than extremely enthusiastic experts telling you fascinating stuff, along with some simple special effects and art, I find myself glued to the screen, learning so much it sometimes feels as if my brain is literally expanding–And loving every minute of it!

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s really possible to clone dinosaurs, whether our early ancestors intermarried with Neanderthals, or just how to pronounce all those horribly complicated scientific names properly (and the word “niche” as well–Yes, they did an episode on that, too!), come sample Eons and other free streaming from PBS. Science is FUN!  – Esther

March 24, 2023

Dance Your PhD (or watch others dance theirs)

The annual Dance Your PhD contest (sponsored by Science magazine) is a whimsical competition where doctoral candidates from a science field do their best to explain their thesis via interpretive dance. Yes, really. Yes, it’s awesome. And hilarious. Videos aren’t posted on the contest website, but a YouTube search for “Dance Your PhD” yields all sorts of interesting results. Watch a few to amuse yourself and learn a bit about high-level scientific research while you’re at it! Past winners include a dance on active learning, one on the “social experiences of larval zebrafish,” and my personal favorite, “Superconductivity: The Musical!” – Tillie 

Flip Phones are Back!
As a child of the 90’s I remember when everyday people began getting cell phones, the bulky flip phones with an extended antenna. When my hospice nurse aunt moved from a pager to a cell phone it was all the rage. Well today times have changed and everyone has a mini computer in their pocket. However, flip phones are making a comeback! CNN reports that Gen-Z’s latest “vintage” obsession is with flip phones. I’m just waiting for CDs to make a full comeback now. – Eric 

Adobe Scan can read your books to you!

If you’re like me and like to hear your books while you look at your books, you may be interested in the Adobe Scan app. This is free for all GC students–just log in using your GC credentials.  You’ll be able to take pictures of your textbook, one page at a time, save it as a PDF, then use your device screen reader to read it aloud to you! Need help getting started? Find me at the library or email – Kelsey

Board Game March Madness - Final vote!

You all have spoken and clearly you all value speed and luck in your board games. Or perhaps the nostalgia of games from childhood? But either way, our finalists for Board Game March Madness are Dutch Blitz and Yahtzee. Pick the winner by voting here: - Abby

A two episode podcast series on Women Talking

Tillie Yoder, Erin Milanese (former GC employee) and myself co-host a podcast called Just Plain Wrong, where we discuss depictions of Amish, Mennonites and other plain groups in popular culture. This week, the first of our two part series on Women Talking was released. Our first episode focuses on the book by Miriam Toews, Canadian Mennonite author and our second episode will discuss the movie adaptation by Sarah Polley. You can find our podcast on your favorite streaming platform. – Abby

March 17, 2023

Pi(e) Day 2023 Winners

Thanks to everyone who came out for our snowiest Pie Day Competition ever. We had an amazing turnout with bakers from across campus bringing in 17 delicious and varied pies. Our 3 stellar judges, Todd Yoder, Dan Eash-Scott, and Syanne Mohamed, did a great job evaluating the presentation and taste of every pie.

Here are this year's winners:

1st place - Banoffee pie by Tillie Yoder

2nd place - Mango curd and pistachio pie by Zaineb Galeb

3rd place - Cinnamon Cream pie by Cassi Cwiertnia

Honorable Mention - Key Lime pie by Kyle Schlabach

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year's Pi(e) day celebration such a success. – Abby

Winning Banoffee Pie Recipe

If you haven’t had Banoffee Pie, you’re missing out! While it originated in the UK, there are now many variations on the basic recipe of banana + toffee. Here’s the recipe I’ve settled on, but don’t feel limited to it if you want to make it yourself! Consider adding chocolate, coffee, sea salt… any number of small additions to the formula make for a delicious dessert! – Tillie 

Seed Library now available!

Get your gardening gloves on and stop by the library! We have repurposed our old card catalog to offer a variety of seeds (veggies! flowers! herbs!). Stop by in the reference room to grab a packet or two and a pot to start growing your own plants.  If you are able to harvest some seeds to share with others, grab an empty seed packet, put some seeds in it, and put it back in the Seed Library to pass it on! –Kelsey

March Madness - Board Game Edition Continues!

Welcome to the semi-finals of our board game tournament. Yahtzee captured the Classic category and Mysterium barely fought off Pandemic to claim the Cooperative category. Ticket to Ride easily defeated Settlers of Catan to claim the Strategy category and Dutch Blitz beat out all the other Party game options. So now it is up to you to pick your favorite from these category winners and get us to the final showdown. Vote here: - Abby

Nothing Lasts Forever 

Many of us are familiar with planned obsolescence, when a product is made with only a limited useful lifespan so that you’ll have to go out and buy the latest and greatest edition of the product. It’s why some of us don’t buy technology from a company whose name is also a fruit. Now more companies are getting in on the game, as Tech company Arlo announced an ‘end of life’ policy for its older security cameras. While there was customer outrage and an adjustment to the policy, you have to keep an eye out when buying your next gadget. – Eric

March 10, 2023

Pi(e) Day is back!

After a 3 year pandemic hiatus, Pi(e) day is back! While traditionally Pi(e) day takes place on 3.14, we have shifted our celebrations to Monday 3.13 in order to allow more folks to sample pie. If you want to bake a pie to enter into the competition, there is still time, fill out this brief form. Or if pie eating is your preferred way to celebrate, come to the library at 10:40am when the winners of Pi(e) day will be announced and then we will all get to sample pies - Abby

The Encyclopedia of Unknowns 

Wikenigma is a new and growing wiki dedicated to documenting fundamental gaps in human knowledge. That is, it’s a collection of questions to which no-one, anywhere, has yet been able to provide a definitive answer. Browse and sort by categories like history, chemistry, medicine, language, and more to see what it is that we don’t know (but can research!). Who built the prehispanic city El Tajin? What are possible uses for Roman dodecahedra? What is the etymology of the word “penguin”? We don’t know yet, but it’s fun to wonder. You can also click this link to see a random article. – Tillie 

Have you ridden the Interurban Trolley lately?

Regina Spektor in the song “Summer in the City” talks about being so lonely that

“I went to a protest

Just to rub up against strangers”

There is something so important about human touch that our individualist society sometimes lacks. No fear, the opportunity to rub up against strangers is still a viable option here in small town Indiana. Have you sat shoulder to shoulder with a complete stranger recently?

The Interurban Trolley is public transportation available to you free of charge by showing your Goshen College ID. The nearest bus stop is right on College Ave. The stop near the Goshen College arch will take you Southeast past Greencroft with Walmart on South 33 being the last stop.  The covered bus stop on the North side of College Ave will take you Northwest all the way to Elkhart with many stops on the way there to fill all your box store needs. From the Elkhart transfer station, you can catch the Yellow Line all the way to Mishawaka. From Mishawaka there are buses to the South Bend International Airport where you could catch a flight or hop on the South Shore Train to the Dunes National Lakeshore and Chicago. Your reduced carbon footprint world is your oyster!

The Interurban Trolley runs from each stop every 30 minutes. Each bus stop is equipped with signage and a QR code to track the next trolley time. To find out more chisme about the Interurban Trolley, visit their website.I hope you find so much joy in the journey, the destination pales in comparison.  - Sarah

March Madness: Board Game Edition!

The Good Library March Madness is BACK! This year, we are pitting against one another differing board and card games. We have some categories to get us started: Classic, Quick Party, Long (to learn the game and to play the game), and Collaborative.

Make sure to vote EVERY week in our bracket at

Voting closes each Thursday at 12pm and opens for the next round immediately after. Our finalist will be announced Friday, March 31.

Be sure to check out the display of board games at the library and feel free to check them out! More games available in the reference room. - Kelsey

The Religious Season Behind Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday
You may have taken the opportunity a week ago last Tuesday to wear beads and party with your friends, or seen someone with ashes on their forehead on the day afterward. Did you know that there is an entire season behind all this? Lent is a Christian season that marks a time to prepare for Holy Week and Easter. It’s not just “giving up chocolate” either, but a whole season with themes of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. There are plenty of online resources like Hallow or Lentsanity to engage in this season. – Eric

February 17, 2023

Good Library Geek Off 2023 Winners

Huge congrats to our 2023 Geek Off Winners!

1st place: Brenton Pham with Blades of Chaos from God of War

2nd place: Lily Herrera with Hera Syndulla from Star Wars cosplay

3rd place: Isabelle Ruiz with Winston from Hannibal

We had SUCH a great turnout on Monday and such great entries this year! See you all next year for more Geek Off fun! – Kelsey

Do you like pie? Do you like evaluating pie?

Then apply to be a Pi(e) Day judge on Monday March 13. Judging will take place from 9 to 9:50 am at the library. The contest is open to all students, faculty, staff and community members and can include sweet or savory pies, so Pi(e) Day Judges will need to bring a discerning palate. If you think you would enjoy judging pie, fill out the brief application. Judges will be selected February 2nd – Abby 

Cheap Streaming for a Good Cause

Sure, there are free streaming alternatives out there, but if you want to skip the annoying commercials, and not pay an arm and a leg for the privilege, then try out PBS. Yes, the Public Broadcasting Service has online streaming of all their programs (including those local to Goshen), and there’s no charge for most of it. And, for a nominal regular monthly donation of your choice on your credit card (less than the average regular streaming options), you have access to Passport, which includes everything right up to shows just broadcast, plus oodles of past seasons of classics such as “Nova” or “American Experience.” No commercial interruptions, and even less mention of sponsors than when watching PBS on regular TV. Oh, and you’re helping a Good Cause, too, supporting one of the best sources of Good Quality Programming available! - Esther

Open Registration for Art and Design Courses

The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is one of the premier art schools in the country, and they are offering online courses for students of any skill level (fees are comparable to workshops and courses found locally). You can check out their youth programs, adult programs, and certificate-giving programs at their site to get started. Classes are taught by RISD staff and have synchronous and asynchronous options with real accountability and feedback. Topics include drawing, painting, film-making, animation, children’s book illustration and so much more. Browse their offerings here, and get started learning something new! – Tillie

More Free Streaming Video For You!

Recently the Goshen Public Library added Kanopy PLUS to their digital resources. This streaming video service contains almost 1,000 films on a range of topics including Favorites, Easy-Viewing, World Cinema, and Diversity. All GC students can access this through their GPL library card. If you have questions about how to access Goshen Public Library resources, contact the library. - Abby

February 10, 2023

Would you like to understand this meme so you can laugh along too?

LSU is hosting a SHREK movie night en español.  Today, 2/10, at 6:30pm in NC 19.

Watching a funny movie in a language you want to know is a great way to passively learn.  Subtitles are in English.  Bring a friend, pillow, and blanket. – Sarah

Statistically speaking, Goshen is a pretty great place to live

We’ve all seen those “Top 50 greatest” lists that were probably written by ChatCPT or one of their friends. The Emerging Housing Markets Index is a human made index that looks at real-estate markets and economic health data to rank the top 300 most populous core-based statistical areas to determine the best places to purchase a home and live there. New York City is dead last place (sorry New Yorkers), while Elkhart-Goshen is ranked number three. This town might not be perfect, but looks to be a great place to live. -Eric

The Pied Piper Duck Show 

Did you know that there is a fashion show for ducks? Well, there is, and it’s pretty great. Held in Sydney, Australia during the annual Royal Easter Show, this event sees ducks strut waddle their stuff in the highest of fashions. Check out some of the best costumes from past years here, and thank your lucky stars you are not a duck. – Tillie

TODAY - Come see the winners of the Good Library Geek Off 2023

Representing fandoms from Hannibal to Animal Crossing and many more, the entries to this year's Geek Off Contest are fantastic. Stop by the library today at 10am to see the entries and celebrate the winners. There will be snacks! -- Abby

Feeling stressed by the ever increasingly complex workload of your semester?

Get some help with your research, writing or talking through an assignment with the librarians and writing mentors at the Ask Desk. Whether you want to find primary sources on anti-war folks music from the 60s or talk through your marketing assignment, we are happy to help. Feel free to drop by during our open hours (Mon-Fri 10am-12pm, 1-5pm, and some eveninings) or schedule ahead via Tutorcal. -- Abby

February 3, 2023

Come see the Black History Month display at the library

If you enjoyed Dr. Darryl Heller’s MLK keynote and want to learn more about the 7 women he mentioned, stop by and see the display in the library, it features original sculpture and calligraphy as well as information about each woman. Additionally books that celebrate Black history, culture and literature are available to check out. Thanks to the MLK committee for its help in selecting the books. – Abby

Use ChatGPT to Write Your Weekly Blog!

You may have noticed last week that three of the entries for 5 Things were unauthored. We decided to put ChatGPT to the test and had it write three entries for us. We figured if BuzzFeed was doing it, why not us? ChatGPT has a pretty bland personality, so we had to add some “voice” to the articles, and some of their initial ideas were not particularly creative, but it was pretty interesting to see if it was up to the challenge. –Eric (for real)

ALA Award Winners Announced

On Monday, Jan 30th, the American Library Association announced the winners of many of children literature’s most prestigious awards including the Newberry, Caldecott and Coretta Scott King awards. The library already has several of these winners available, but will be purchasing the rest of them in the coming weeks. See the full list here. – Abby

Last Day for Good Library Geek Off 2023

If you have been biding your time, or watching the clock tick down, now is your time to enter your geeking creation for the Good Library Geek off 2023. Submissions can be from any fandom and range from cosplay to music or really anything in between. Go here to submit your creative work today! - Abby

Good Library Makes the News!

In case you missed it, last week the Good Library was mentioned in two different Record articles. “Geek Off Creative Contest” by Sadie Brenneman discussed the Good Library Geek off contest (last day to enter is Feb 3rd!) and “Good Library ‘weeds out’ thousands of books” by Dan Eash-Scott described the “weeding” project the library has been working on for the past year. - Abby

January 27, 2023

BuzzFeed’s Newest Content Writer: ChatGPT
You might want to put those dreams of working for BuzzFeed on hold, ChatGPT is on staff! BuzzFeed recently announced that they would be using ChatGPT creator OpenAI “to enhance its quizzes and personalize some content for its audiences.” The Wall Street Journal article noted that CNET was also using AI to write articles, but stopped after finding a number of factual errors. –Eric

Interlibrary Loans 101: Can I Get a Renewal? (Part 1-)
As with most things ILL, the Answer to the Question of Renewals lies with the library loaning the book to us, and their decisions, based on their own needs and policies, are the Rule. Just like the length of Due Dates, willingness to grant a Renewal may vary considerably from library to library, as well as the time length and number of Renewals given. And some libraries let us know right up front with the arrival of the book as to whether they will do Renewals, so we then pass along that info to you by stamping it in red on the paper book band attached to the front cover. But if you don’t see it announced, go ahead and ask! --Esther

Is it Safe to Swim in the Ocean Mom?
First there was Shark Week, now we have Shark Tracker. This website tracks the movements of sharks in real-time. Pulling data from various sources, including satellite tags, Shark Tracker provides information on the location, species, and behavior of sharks. Users can view historical data as well as learn more about different shark species. The website aims to promote shark conservation and education by providing accurate and up-to-date information on shark populations and movements.

Global Trip Idea Generator Atlas Obscura
You’ve just come back from SST and now you want to plan for your next international trip. Check out Atlas Obscura! This website features unique and unusual places, sharing a collection of hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and lesser-known tourist spots. It's a great resource for travelers looking for something different, and for locals looking to discover new places in their own area. The website also provides information on the history and significance of each location, as well as user-generated photos and reviews. Additionally, the website offers travel guides, articles, and events.

If You Like 5 Things, You’ll Love The Useless Web!
You regular readers of 5 Things may know that not all of the websites we listed are exactly helpful for everyday tasks. However, there is a website exclusively dedicated to these sites! The Useless Web randomly redirects users to other websites that serve no real purpose, but can be entertaining and amusing. The website aims to provide a source of entertainment for people who are bored or looking for something to do. The website is simple, it's just a button that says "Please" and when you click it, it redirects you to a random website that is pointless, but can be entertaining.

January 20, 2023

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Suzanna is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

For the first time in my life, I lived right by the ocean for 6 weeks!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

Definitely print books! There's just something about holding the physical copy in your hands!

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

I named my first car in high school.  It was a red, two-door car named Akeelah the Alero!

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Suzanna!  And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Buy Your Own Band!

Let’s say you’re a billionaire and you love music. Problem is you are not exactly the best singer and could possibly get banned from karaoke. No worries, buy your own band! Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts football team, is worth an estimated $3.4 billion. That’s $3,400,000,000.00. For fun he buys musical instruments, like the guitar Kurt Cobain played in Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video. He also has his own band, the Jim Irsay Band. It includes musicians in the Rock n Roll hall of fame. Some of his covers are better than others, but fun to watch. – Eric

Pretty Interactive Maps are Pretty

Are you an avid (or amateur) birder? Do you like maps? Do you like it when years of compiled data are visualized? Check out the Audubon Society’s Bird Migration Explorer. This interactive tool lets you see the migration patterns of birds by broad category or individual species, and to check what birds might pass through a given spot in the Western Hemisphere. – Tillie 

Geek Off is Back!

Share your geekiness and rep your artform or fandom with cosplay, fanfiction, and other creative projects! Harry Potter! Fortnite! Bioshock! Marvel or DC! We want it all! Create something that shows off your geekiness and submit it to the library with an entry form by February 3:

Things like...crochet items, 2D art, 3D art, videos, music, fanfiction, name it, we love it! Then join us for a celebration on February 10 when we will announce our 3 winners! Prizes include: Nintendo Switch Lite, Elkhart County Comic Con VIP tickets, or a geek swag bag (i.e. ThinkGeek).

Check out our Instagram for more information:

Need inspiration? Stop by the library lobby and check out some submissions from last year! Questions? Email Kelsey McLane at

Architectural Afterlife 

Photography, urban exploration, and regional history combine in Architectural Afterlife, a website that documents abandoned structures across America (mainly in our own Midwest). Subscribe for updates on social media or pop in on the site to check out atmospheric settings like crumbling Victorian homes, dusty factories, churches that predate the American Revolution, and many other fading historical sites. – Tillie

December 2, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Greta is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

I got to swim in a lot of different bodies of water this summer, from the Atlantic Ocean, to Lago Atitlan in Guatemala, to a small lake in the Poconos!  

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I prefer to read print books - There is something much more tangible about holding a book and turning its pages, and you can be totally disconnected from technology, which I like.  

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

My first car was bright red, so I named it Clifford, but its nickname that I used more often was Speedy Red. 

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Greta! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Want to go to your own funeral… while still alive?

Like all industries, the funeral industry continues to make accommodations to changing times. One of these latest trends are Before I Die Festivals. Often held around the time of the Day of the Day, Before I Die Festivals are multi day conferences to discuss end of life planning in a lighthearted, sometimes even comical, fashion. Many of these events include options of living funerals, a goodbye celebration held before a death occurs. – Eric


When we get to the dark months of winter, I feel an urge to start creating (often while camped in front of a TV, but still!). I’ve recently been getting inspiration and tips from Creativebug, a collection of online tutorials on a wide variety of crafts including knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, paper crafts, and more. Downloadable patterns, templates, and recipes are also available. Access to this wonderful tool is free to anyone with a Goshen Public Library card - which means all of us GC folks can use our ID cards to get in! Click here to get started. – Tillie

Calling all Baking Enthusiasts

Do you drool while watching The Great British Baking Show? Do you have perpetual flour spills on your counters? Do you love reading through the New York Times Christmas Cookie collection every year? Then put your baking prowess to good use and sign up to bake 1 to 2 dozen cookies for Cookie Day on Dec 6th. Details here - Abby

Want a way to wiggle out of seasonal blues?

Giving our physical bodies a way to stretch out of computer/paper/bookwork routine is an excellent way to elevate past the seasonal culprit of the blues: stagnation. There are many ways to break out of our computer laden daily grind, from which you read these 5 Things.  One way would be, upon reading this sentence: launch your body into an upright position, thrusting your arms into the air while in a voice of jubilation proclaiming, "I'M ALIVE!"

Once you recognize from every cell of your body just how alive you really are, you might want to find a way to engage it more thoroughly. A local gem that some people may not know about is the new bouldering gym Warehouse Climbing Co. Never tried bouldering? No problem! Even just going to the gym and seeing other people climb around on walls as if they are our new mascot Dash's muscular tree summiting cousins gives a boost of seasonal health. Bouldering finds a way to work muscles we never knew we had and the feeling of triumph when completing a new route is unsurpassed Empowerment.

So take a little break from your project even if you don't think you deserve/have time for a break (especially take one if you think those two thoughts) and go support a new local business that is a walk or bike ride away. Be well, Sarah

November 18, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Brenton is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

My favorite thing that I did over the summer was visit two theme parks with my brother and friends. My favorite moment was winning a $15 plush for $5 from a claw machine. 

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

My favorite way to read is through print books. Nothing beats holding a physical book and flipping through its pages. Owning print books is just nicer and feels more substantial than getting an ebook or audiobook would. 

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

I don't think I've ever named a car or bike or anything really besides my dog Alvin. 

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Brenton! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Congrats to Cake Day 2022 Winner…Julie Reese! 

Now a two time Cake Day champ, Julie Reese won for her decadent salted caramel chocolate cake. Second place went to Olivia Krall and Emma Zuercher for their delicious chocolate mousse cake with raspberries and third place went to Cynthia Good Kauffman’s classic lemon poppy seed bundt cake (it was gluten-free to boot!). A huge thank you to all our bakers and our amazing panel of judges, Linda Boling, David Pacheco, and Emma Gingerich. – Abby

Rejected Princesses 

Rejected Princess is a series of researched historical women whose stories wouldn’t make the cut for animated kids’ movies, all illustrated in a contemporary animation style. The project may be on indefinite hiatus, but there are five years worth of fascinating entries to look at (you can browse by geographic origin, date of origin, and many other factors). I recommend starting with this favorites list. – Tillie

Ready for a New Social Media Platform?

I am probably not the best qualified person to speak on this, considering that I walked away from most social media after a little incident in 2016, but given the substantial changes at Twitter and Meta (parent company of Instagram and Facebook) it never hurts to shop around. While there are plenty of clickbait lists to shop from, check out reviews on the trendy Mastodon from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, or consider the Matt Hancock app. Developed by a British politician to reach out to his local constituency, it has unlikely developed into a possible Twitter alternative. – Eric

Winter Poems

There may be snow on the ground, but I’m not quite ready to embrace winter… yet. I’d best remind myself of the beauty of the cold, dark season by seeing what poets have to say about it! The Poetry Foundation’s collection of winter poems is doing the trick for me - check them out if you need a nudge to think of winter as a welcome thing. My favorites are iconic The Snow Man (Wallace Stevens), Winter Solstice Chant (Annie Finch), and White-Eyes (Mary Oliver). – Tillie

November 11, 2022

Meet our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Caleb is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

Going to NYC and Boston for the first time! Loved seeing Central Park and a Red Sox game with friends.

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I love reading print books. I enjoy remembering where on the page or in the book I read a certain passage, and I think having a tactile copy helps me remember more. 

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

Nope, never named my bike. Perhaps I should. 

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Caleb! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Unexpectedly Fun YouTube Videos: A Potential Series

Ukuleles can be fun instruments to play and beautiful solo instruments. However, did you know there is also a Ukulele Orchestra? Based out of Great Britain, I recently discovered their cover of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. It is amazing. Watch it here. – Abby

Squirrels Are Awesome

Want a few minutes of edutainment concerning our favorite campus creature? Check out Mark Rober’s YouTube channel to see what a mechanical engineer does when squirrels steal all his birdseed, and then watch him go a bit overboard as he constructs scenarios to better his understanding of squirrel behavior and ability. And then watch his “Backyard Squirrels Series” to see what interesting things his neighborhood squirrels get up to when faced with his amusing contraptions. The commentary on the squirrel olympics is particularly inspired. – Tillie

Writing Jam is Coming!

Feeling overwhelmed by the end of the semester papers? Need some help? The Academic Success Center and the amazing writing mentors are hosting a Writing Jam on Nov 17, 6-9pm. Drop in and sign up for a slot and get help with your paper. Plus there will be snacks! – Abby

What If….?

What If–The horrors described by H.P. Lovecraft were not just figments of a fevered (and possibly drug-induced) imagination ? What If–A sentient velociraptor became his own Mad Scientist and “Macgiver’ed” time travel using a spatula and crystals? And What If Nikola Tesla did more than just muck about with electricity, and actually invented the first (and only) atomic-powered robot? 

Meet Atomic Robo, an imaginative and amusing web comic wherein Our Hero, Robo, makes a “living” Saving the World from everything that might threaten, be it Nasty Nazis, Extra-Dimensional Vampires–Or that Sir Richard Branson millionaire-guy next door who constantly complains about all the explosions bringing down the value of the neighborhood. Good thing Tesla gave Robo undying patience and a dry wit! – Esther

November 4, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Adena was our summer worker and has agreed to keep working for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

I went to Colorado with my family! We saw the Rocky Mountains and I explored the massive bookstores in Denver!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I like reading physical books so I can more easily reference them and take notes. (I especially like jotting notes in the margins if I own the copy).

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

My car's name is Frank (named after Frank the bunny in Donnie Darko), also nicknamed, "The Machine."

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Adena! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Not That Oscar Wilde

The online comic, Wilde Life, is the story of one Oscar Wilde who moves to a small town in the Midwest on a sudden whim to change his life. But this “ordinary” town is anything but Ordinary! It’s a good thing Oscar’s okay with the ghost “haunting” his new home--And that’s just for starters. If you’ve always wanted a Teen-Age Werewolf for a friend, this comic’s for you! -- Esther

Need a Change from your Music Playlist?

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut with the music you hear on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube? Consider radio! Sometimes having a human play the latest (or greatest) tunes for you is the right way to break the rut. Radio-locator lists radio stations by format to stream or by location if you want to go old school and get offline. My favorite part of radio is that there are no tracking ads that feel a bit too stalkerish or pleas to purchase Spotify Premium. –Eric

Cake Day is Back!

After a two year hiatus, Cake Day is back at the library. We have gathered a panel of esteemed cake judges, purchased wipeable tablecloths, so all we need now is you! Please show off your baking skills and sign up to bring a cake on Monday Nov 14. If your cake is crowned the winner, you get to pick a cookbook of your choice, one copy for you to keep and one to be added to the library collection. Sign up here! – Abby

No Joke, You Too can Join AARP!

I remember dearly the day my dad got his American Association of Retired Persons membership card in the mail upon his 50th birthday. He was not too thrilled to be joining this elite group of individuals and let us all know about it. However, thanks to inflation, times have changed. AARP, which has limited membership open to anyone 13 years or older, is bringing in a wealth of younger members to enjoy the perks of membership. If you can handle the social stigma of joining, take advantage of the benefits. –Eric

October 28, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Deya is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

I FINISHED reading The Hating Game! And I watched the movie the day after!!! That was my goal before the end of the summer, and I managed to not only finish a chapter book but also watch the movie!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

My favorite way to read is print books. I like the smell of books, and it's easier to follow along (especially since I like to reread important sections)!!

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

I did actually name my first vehicle and even my second car finally over the summer.  But I'll just reveal the first one--I named it Black Beauty.  It was an average-sized black truck that really deserved the name.

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Deya! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Come Sing Together!

This Sunday afternoon, there is a Community Hymn Sing at College Mennonite to celebrate the new Voices Together hymnal. Songs will be led by Bradley Kauffman, SaeJin Lee and Adam Tice, all of whom were involved in the creation of this new hymnal. So bring your friends and come sing together at 3pm 10/30 in the Church Chapel - Abby

Just One Last Thing…..!

For everyone who just can’t get enough of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Or never read/saw it, but wanna’ know what all the fuss is about), the Library has the 6th (and maybe last?) volume of the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy (really, that’s what it’s called)--

And Another Thing…

–Which not only picks up where the last volume left off, and continues the rather strange misadventures of much of the original bunch of space/time, mostly unintentional, travelers (Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillium, Zaphod Beeblebrox–Yep, that’s his name), but it was written after the arthur’s death(!) Well, the original author, that is–Douglas Adams, well-known for his acerbic, but hilarious SF/Fantasy writing. But Eoin Colfer, better known for his Artemis Fowl series, steps right into it, proving his own sense of humor is just as twisted–and highly amusing. - Esther

Who am I voting for again?...

Another election day is around the corner. Do you know who is up for re-election? Ballotpedia allows you to look up who is on your ballot and provides basic information about the candidates. It doesn’t cover every spot, but many U.S. states allow you to look up exactly who is on your ballot and information about voting day or how to vote by mail. –Eric

Free Newspapers!

Tired of hitting paywalls at Wall Street Journal or New York Times? Sign up for your free digital subscription to these two national newspapers and two more. Learn more here. - Abby

October 21, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Olivia is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

My best summer experience was, without question, seeing Lord Huron live at Merriweather Post. They're one of my favorite bands, and I loved being part of a huge crowd, scream-singing "The World Ender" at the tops of our lungs!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I'm usually partial to audiobooks, because they let me read while I'm doing other things that I'd rather not have to do, like running errands or cleaning my room. But there are some books that I only like to read in print, so i can curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea and get completely lost in the world. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater is a good example of a series like that--the story is just too captivating to mix with real-world chores.

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

My car's name is Eloise, and she's carried me through some of the best adventures.  When I got her, I bought a stuffed bee to keep her company, who I named Elo-Bees because I have no shame and cannot be stopped!

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Olivia!  And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey

Interlibrary Loans 101 - How long will it take?

Here’s a question that we hear all the time -- “So I requested an item through Interlibrary Loan, but I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait for it?”

Part 3 of 3:

  • For Print Items: Seven to Ten Days, though it may take longer if it’s hard-to-find (like a dissertation) or very popular item (like the latest best seller.)

Any physical item sent from within Indiana comes via a Courier Service set up just for this purpose, which is generally faster than the US Postal Service (or even a Delivery Service such as UPS or FedEx) when coming from inside the state. And since most libraries can’t afford to send Air Mail over land or sea, we don’t ask for anything in print internationally. So, we start with the closest Libraries within Indiana, and move outward throughout the 48 states on the main continent of the U.S. (Alaska is seldom included, due to the extreme distance), checking for Free Loans from as many libraries as possible within the time frame given. 

Once it arrives, it’s processed and ready for pick-up as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours (allowing for weekends, holidays and Library closings, of course) –Esther

The Opportunity Atlas

The Opportunity Atlas is an interesting interactive tool that measures the average outcomes (earnings, incarnation rate, ect) of children based on neighborhood in America. They believe that the neighborhood in which a child grows up has a substantial impact on the opportunities that child will have upon entering adulthood. Caution! Please take this data with a hefty grain of salt! And take a look at the methods before jumping to too many conclusions! – Fritz

Have you been watching the Rings of Power?

And perhaps are a bit confused? What exactly happened during the Second Age in Tolkien’s books? Wait, what are the Silmarils? In addition to his fantastic The Silmarillion Primer (which primarily covers the First Age of Tolkien’s mythology) Jeff LaSala has a fantastic run down of the the Second Age as depicted in the appendices of Lord of the Rings. If you are new to the Lord of the Rings or a long time fan, these helpful summaries can help get you up to speed on what is happening in the Rings of Power TV show. – Abby

Legitimate Researchers on… Bigfoot?

All scientists agree that bigfoot is a mythological creature in the same vein as the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, or Churubusco Indiana’s giant turtle Beast of Busco, right? Not so fast. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the growing number of scientists and academics who are interested in investigating in bigfoot. Groups such as Project Zoobook and The Bigfoot Mapping Project are applying standard scientific methods to pursue the topic. If they discover anything you might need to start preparing your apology to your uncle. –Eric

September 30, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Emily is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

My favorite thing that I did over the summer was kayaking!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I like to read printed books. I love the new book smell!

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

I have never named a car or a bike before!

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Emily! And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey 

Interlibrary Loans 101 - How long will it take?

Here’s a question that we hear all the time -- “So I requested an item through Interlibrary Loan, but I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait for it?”

Part 2 of 3:

  • For Electronic Items: Two Days, though it can be as short as 12 hours, or as long as two weeks (If the Lender sends the item in print form due to copyright restrictions.)

So you may be wondering–

Why so much variation in delivery times for things sent electronically? Shouldn’t it get here immediately?

Well, this is where it gets a bit complicated. Items sent over the internet, such as articles from periodicals and chapters from books, still take a bit of time to collect and process, especially if they have to be scanned from a print source. So even if the internet seems instantaneous, posting something there can take a bit of time, and still needs an actual person to do it--AIs are still not quite that autonomous, yet. And not all libraries are equal in size, labor force or availability of materials, so a Request may have to work its way through a long list of possible lenders before it finds someone able to fulfill it.

But the good news is that once it arrives here, we send it on to you as quickly as possible, via email attachment. -- Esther

What are your Information Blindspots?

Where and how you consume your information will greatly determine what news stories you are hearing (and not hearing about). Ground News, a news aggregator developed from a former NASA engineer, has a feature called Blindspot that highlights “Stories from one side of the political spectrum or the other that had little to no reporting.” Blindspot also comes in an email report you can sign up for. –Eric

She Was There

Am I recommending something from Atlas Obscura again? Yes, yes I am. This time it’s the “She Was There” series, a regular-ish column where reporters interview “female scholars who are writing long-forgotten women back into history.” Follow the link to read short, interesting overviews of fascinating women from around the world - the warriors, pirates, suffragists, rulers, and more. – Tillie

All Your Textbooks at the Library!

The library has worked to get nearly every textbook required for Fall courses to give you more access to more classes. These are all print books behind the front desk that you can ask a student worker to check out for you (3 hour checkout/must stay in the library), or eBooks you can access online instantly from the Good Library or the public library. You can either click on a course in Moodle and scroll down the left hand side to the library Moodle box to see what books we have for you, or you can check out this comprehensive list from our website. Stop by the library today and check out a course reserve and don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee from the reference room while you read! —Kelsey

September 23, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Xudong is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

My favorite thing that I did over this Summer was climbing the Himalayas.

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I love to read print books because it's easier to take notes of it.

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

Nah, I don't even have a car!

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Xudong!  And check us out on Instagram - Kelsey 

Interlibrary Loans 101 - How long will it take?

Here’s a question that we hear all the time -- “So I requested an item through Interlibrary Loan, but I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait for it?”

Part 1 of 3:

Well, that all depends on who’s lending it to us, where it’s coming from and what form it’s in (print or electronic.) Since there are libraries participating in Interlibrary Loan located literally all over the world, this can understandably affect the distance and/or time any item, electronic or physical, must travel, from start to finish. And, a variety of other factors can affect travel time, such as each Lending Library’s turnaround speed and what they're willing/able to pay for transit.

So, generally, we say:

  • For Electronic Items: Two Days, though it can be as short as 12 hours, or as long as two weeks (If the Lender sends it in print form due to copyright restrictions.)

  • For Print Items: Seven to Ten Days, though it may take longer if it’s hard-to-find (like a dissertation) or very popular item (like the latest best seller.)

And don’t forget that these are “business days,” not including weekends, holidays or any time the GC Library is closed. But during the usual five work-days a week, Interlibrary Loans are busy processing your Requests as fast as possible, in spite of COVID-related slowdowns -- Esther

Behind the Seams

Need a new favorite YouTube channel? Mine is Behind the Seams, where film critic and costume enthusiast Gavia Baker-Whitelaw talks about whys and hows of costume design in film and television. Why does Dracula always wear a cape? Why are period dramas set in Victorian times so popular? What makes Disney princesses visually distinct? Why do Star Trek shows still have people in miniskirts? Why can no one design a decent Batsuit? Find answers to all these questions at this wonderful channel. – Tillie

Page Eraser Extension

Are you tired of all the annoying pop-ups on websites? Install the Chrome extension, Page Eraser! This extension allows you to click on anything on a website that is distracting or in the way to completely remove it from the website so you can focus on the content you want to read. Reload the page to put the page back to its original form. Did we mention this is free?? Install this extension now! – Kelsey

Voices Together Exhibit

As part of the new hymnal collection, artists came together and created a range of beautiful pieces to accompany the songs. This touring exhibition is available in the library gallery until Nov 18th. Additionally a number of historical hymnals from the Mennonite Historical Library are on display. Check it out anytime the library is open. – Abby

September 16, 2022

Meet Our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Aiden is returning for another year at the Good Library!

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

I have two favorite things! I went to the Chicago Pride Festival and New York!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

My favorite way to read is either print books or eBooks.

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

The name of my bike is Bud!

Make sure to stop by the library and say hi to Aiden! And check us out on Instagram: @goodlibrary - Kelsey

Interlibrary Loans 101: Is it free?

So, if you read my last bit on this subject fairly closely, you may be asking yourself--

“What do you mean by ‘...usually free of charge’?”

No Need to Worry--Most libraries participating in Interlibrary Loan do not charge for materials they loan this way, either to their patrons or other libraries. And like regular check-out and a myriad of other wonderfully convenient and well-nigh essential services libraries provide, it’s already paid for, either with taxes (Public Libraries) or tuition (Academic Libraries)--Something good to remember when doing your tax returns or facing those student loans!

However, there are some libraries, which, for one reason or another, do charge for their ILL loans, and the good news for you is that the Good Library will cover up to $15 of such fees when this happens. After checking all the free-of-charge libraries available, if the only library with the needed material happens to charge more than that, we will always contact you before agreeing to pay, and ask if you wish to cover the extra expense. ~Esther (Interlibrary Loan Processor)

The Sandman Omnibus and Other Neil Gaiman Titles 

Are you liking the Netflix series The Sandman? We have the entire run of Neil Gaiman’s iconic comic series the show is based on here at the library in two beautiful leather-bound volumes. Whether you are reading or rereading them, there is much to enjoy in these lavishly illustrated tales that follow the god of dreams as he wanders the world. We also have plenty of other Neil Gaiman works - several graphic novels and comics, short fiction, children’s stories and more. Check them out at your leisure! – Tillie 

Did you know that congress passed a big climate bill recently?

If you are like me, you knew very little about this and hadn’t really factored it into your hope/despair about climate change. Hank Green, internet creator & bestselling author, created this super helpful 20 minute video that walks you through, briefly, what climate change is, what this bill does and why he feels hopeful for the first time in decades. I found it incredibly useful and a great shot in the arm to keep working to stop climate change. Watch it here. – Abby

Free Public Library Access From the Comfort of your Dorm

All student Goshen College IDs are now ready to work at the Goshen Public Library. You'll use the long number on the back of your ID as the card number and your PIN is: 1234. Through the Public Library, you can check out physical items at the library down the street, or you can download and use Libby or Hoopla to check out eBooks and eAudiobooks right from your dorm!

  • Hoopla allows everyone to check out the same item at the same time, but each person only gets 5 checkouts a month.

  • Libby allows only one borrower at a time, but each person can check out up to 10 items at a time.

Questions or need help getting these set up? Email Kelsey McLane at or stop by the front desk at the library! - Kelsey

September 2, 2022

Meet our 2022-23 Student Workers!

Amelia is returning for another year at the Good Library! Here is a short interview with her.

What is your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 

I went to the Outer Banks with my family!

What is your favorite way to read and why? 

I prefer reading print books because I like being able to physically turn pages.

Did you ever name a car or a bike, and if so, what did you name it? 

Once my brother and I named our car Condoleezza!

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When YouTube DIY Meets Indie Film Horror

The other day I was looking for a DIY video for a house project and stumbled upon #1915House. It is an indie horror film situated within a series of DIY videos on restoring a house built in 1915. This is barely horror and could be called comedy in many ways, but highly engaging. The best part, I still managed to acquire the home repair information I needed! – Eric

Interlibrary Loans 101 - How to use it

This is probably old news to most of you by now, but just in case you’ve never heard of “ILLs,” and have always wondered just what the heck we at the GC Library were talking about, let’s begin with this basic question:

“I need information on this subject for my class, but I didn’t find anything on the shelf at the Library, not even the book I was looking for! What’ll I do!?”

Don’t Panic. No library is large enough to contain every book on every subject, so to make up for that, libraries all over the world often participate in an Interlibrary Loan Program to cover what they might lack, loaning materials in both print and electronic forms to each other for patrons’ use, sometimes even internationally. And here at GC, it’s Easy-Peasy--look for the “Request It” button next to the book or article you want in the library catalog or database you are using and ask for a copy. If you can't find the item you need in the catalog you can also create a request from scratch. Go to the Good Library website, click on “Services” at the top of the page, scroll down to “Request Materials”, and fill out the form with the info of the item you were looking for. Then relax and let us do the rest, usually free of charge. If it’s out there, we promise not to rest until we’ve found what you need! - Esther (Interlibrary Loan Processor)

Care Packages from On Being Project

I just learned that the wonderful On Being Project has curated digital care packages! These packages bundle together podcast episodes, poetry, and guided meditations to help folks who could use a dose of self-care. Current packages focus on topics like how to have effective dialogue, how to recover from exhaustion, and how caregivers can practice self-care. These and other packages can be found on the On Being website here, and browsable lists on a variety of other topics can be found here. – Tillie 

The Atlantic offers free archive

For a limited amount of time, you can browse the complete archive of The Atlantic online. Full of great writing, you can browse specific issues, or check out recommendations from the editors. Happy reading! - Abby