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5 Things Your Library Friends Like

Weekly updates from the Good Library

The library building staff during a recent zoom meetingWelcome back GC Community! We enjoyed putting these weekly updates together for you last spring, so we thought we start them up again now that we are back on campus.

Each week we will feature a few things that we are enjoying that week, some will be virtual, some will be in person. We may even try to sneak in a research tip or two.

As always if you have questions or comments, feel free to email us at, or come stop by the library. We would love to chat with you from 6 ft away.

January 15, 2021

New place to find test prep books and materials

Are you studying for the GREs, the LSATs or other graduate school exams? Learning Express Library is a new database full of practice tests, tutorials and more to help you with many Graduate School admissions exams or college placement exams. In order to access the tests, you will need to create a free account through the site. Additionally the print books the library has available can be found in the Reference room in the Career Resources section. -- Abby 

Looking for a new podcast?

If you are interested in the phenomena known as Amish romance novels, or other depictions of Mennonites and other Anabaptist groups in pop culture, check out Just Plain Wrong. Created by three GC librarians (Abby Nafziger, Erin Milanese, and Tillie Yoder) you can find it on iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts. -- Tillie, Erin, and Abby

Love of Books Contest

Did you read a good book over break? Tell us all about it by either making an Instagram post (tag @goodlibrary), emailing, or filling out a form in the library. Then, tell us what great book you want to read next! We will randomly select one of you to receive a FREE copy of that new book you want to read, for keeps! We will also purchase a copy of the book for the library. Deadline is January 29. Read on! -- Kelsey

Polygon’s The Sci-fi Best Books to catch up on

Catch up on the best Sci-Fi and fantasy books of 2020 according to Polygon.  They read them all so that you don’t have to! Find something you like, but we don’t have? Consider requesting it via interlibrary loan or request the library order a copy. -- Fritz

Did the Library Cancel The New York Times?

We get this question often, and the answer is No! However, our subscription to The New York Times does require users to renew annually. Thankfully it’s a real straight forward task. Our directions at provide short and quick instructions for completing this task. -- Eric

November 20, 2020

Birdfeeders and Birdbrains.

Activity suggestion! Bird-watching! I have two bird feeders set up on squirrel-proof poles about 15’ from my kitchen window so I can watch birds while I wash dishes (multitasking, naturally). I failed to consider, however, how stupid birds can be. One feeder is a cylinder with two holes and metal guides inside at each hole to supply the birdseed. But if the seed gets too low, birds try to squeeze their heads through the hole past the metal guide to get at the tiny bit of seed still left in the cylinder. I’ve plucked out one dead sparrow who strangled itself and managed to extract two live birds who were stuck. The only solution I have found is to keep the cylinder at least half-full so that the birdbrains don’t condemn themselves to strangulation. So while I highly recommend bird-watching as a pastime, I find I spend a lot more time caring for and worrying about my birds than I do my two cats. The cats never get their heads stuck in their food bowl, and if I forget to fill the water dish they just drink out of the toilet. -- Beth 

The Magnificent Obstacle Course for Squirrels

Have some time to spare, or need something to help you decompress? Check out this wonderful video of a former NASA engineer playing with his neighborhood’s squirrels. As he attempts to squirrel-proof a bird feeder, his plans get progressively more and more elaborate… and the squirrels get more and more clever. Who will triumph - man, or nature? -- Tillie

As Seen On…..*

So you may have been enjoying Locke & Key on Netflix, or Good Omens on Amazon Prime, but did you know that the GC Library has the print versions? Here’s your chance to read the original source material--Compare and decide what you like or dislike about the film adaptations!

* The phrase used to be “As seen on TV,” but all the really good stuff is streaming these days--Right? -- Esther

Be a Schedule Builder, Not a To-Do List Maker

This article reveals the Achilles' heel of distraction and provides a guide for getting the best of technology without letting it get the best of us. By the author of Indistractable: How to control your attention and choose your life: -- Cynthia

You can still get help at the library!

While final exams start today, you might still have papers and projects to finish. Have the fear the library is here to help. You can still schedule appointments at the Ask Desk Monday and Tuesday (Nov 23-24) and even the first week of break (Nov 30-Dec 3). To schedule an appointment, go to and select Writing (all subjects). We can help you with writing, research or whatever else you need help with to finish off this semester. Find out more about getting help here. -- Abby

November 13, 2020

Mental toughness is a huge indicator of success

Here’s how to know if you’ve got it. The hallmarks of mentally tough people are actually strategies that you can begin using today. -- Cynthia

Coloring Pages

Need something to keep your hands busy and let your mind wander when you’re stuck inside? Coloring is always a good choice, and thanks to the #colorourcollections project, you can access printable coloring pages of art and memorabilia from museums around the world. Go to the project’s website to find something that strikes your fancy. -- Tillie

Meet Another Student Worker

Meet our CTS (tech/library) worker, Catrina! “I’m Catrina Lambert, but everyone calls me Robin. I’m a social work and psychology major, and I’m a second year student. Something I really love about the library is being on the second floor when it snows in the winter. …” Read the rest of Catrina's profile on our Facebook page. -- Kelsey

Hone your Day Trading skills

Investopedia’s Stock Simulator - To be clear, there have to be better stock simulators out there and it is clunky and a tad confusing at first to set up, but it's free! But I personally appreciate the sort of soft “educational” bent to the simulator. What I really like is that I can be ruthless and devoid of a moral compass without fear of the short, I can be a DAY TRADER!  I can practice my Day Trading skills. So far, I’ve lost $22 fake dollars. And why the heck is WD-40 so popular all of the sudden? -- Fritz

I’m An Addict

WordsWithFriends is a dreadful app. I mean, I’ve gone from a game now and then with my aunt in Boston, to several simultaneous games with her as well as games with Practice, The Daily Challenge, and games with several other friends and various avatars. (I swear Practice makes up words and the avatars are using dictionaries and other apps to find unbelievable words.) But I stay up way too late playing and even squeeze in a few moves if I wake up in the middle of the night. Still, WordsWithFriends is a chance to improve your vocabulary and keep that mental dexterity going. -- Beth

November 6, 2020

Book Review

If I Go Missing by Brianna Jonnie - This is a haunting graphic novel based on letters from an Indigenous teenager in Canada who wrote to the authorities about her concern that statistically, Indigenous females are more likely to go missing, be raped, assaulted, or sexually violated. Yet the authorities do not prioritize the searches and justice for these missing girls like they do searches for white children who have been kidnapped. Brianna Jonnie is a fierce advocate for herself and these missing women and children. Grab a box of tissue and your computer to start alerting the authorities now! -- Kelsey

Not Something I Would Normally Do

Since COVID sheltering, I have been having Mama-Son dates with my 18-year old. First we would watch an episode or two of Star Trek The Next Generation each date and discuss. Then he started college at GC. Now on weekends, we watch several episodes of Stranger Things each date. I highly recommend both series--for different reasons. STTNG, besides starring the fabulous Patrick Stewart, explores many social mores, religion, ideology and philosophy, as well as classic stereotypes. OK, so I could do without the females’ form-fitting uniforms, but try out STTNG social distanced with a friend and have discussions. Stranger Things is just plain WEIRD but nicely shivery and creepy. Plus you’ve gotta like the ‘80s hair. Take a break and step out of reality! -- Beth

Free access to ARTStor

Thanks to JSTOR’s generous support of libraries during COVID-19, their resources ARTStor is available free until June 30, 2021. A great place to find images, ARTStor is made up of “approximately 300 collections composed of over 2.5 million images (and growing), you can examine wide-ranging material such as Native American art from the Smithsonian, treasures from the Louvre, and panoramic, 360-degree views of the Hagia Sophia in a single, easy-to-use resource. Artstor also supports study across disciplines, including anthropology from Harvard’s Peabody Museum, archaeology from Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Art Archives, and modern history from Magnum Photos,” making it a great resource to explore. Check it out. -- Fritz

And Now for Something Completely Different (No CatsThisTime)

Just in case you thought that only cats and dogs can have “Funniest Home Videos”, here’s ten minutes of silly Equines proving that they, too, can be Cute and Amusing. -- Esther

A new way to find stats - Statista

Statista is a new database purchased by the library to help you with your studies. It contains “statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 22,500 sources”. Topics range from business to social media to gaming and health care. Plus once you find the statistic you need, you can easily view the source and download the data in a range of convenient formats. Check it out today, or contact the library to get an introduction. -- Abby

October 30, 2020

And Yes--Another Cat Thing!

If you sense a theme here, it’s because I’ve gradually been transforming into a Crazy Cat Lady, ever since I met a cat named Percy when I was five. So if you can stand yet another Adorable Kitty Bitty, there’s this tidbit about why cats “knead” us--Enjoy!  -- Esther Guedea

Free access to New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Did you know that you can get a free digital subscription to the New York Times and free access to articles from the Wall Street journal? Here is how to access those resources. But that isn’t all, you can get access to thousands of scholarly articles, books, and substantial news and magazines by searching the library catalog. Learn more about how to use library resources in this Library Basics libguide. -- Abby

Meet Another Student Worker

Gogo also joined us last year, and was our worker over the summer—get to know a little more about him! “Hi! My name is Gogo Liegise. I am a Senior (Class of '21) with a major in Molecular Biochemistry. My favorite thing about working at the library is getting to take some time off from school and shelve books; I find to be a massively cathartic practice…” Read the rest of Gogo’s profile and see his picture on our Facebook page. -- Kelsey

Underwater Waterfalls!

Did you know that there are waterfalls in the ocean?! The largest one is 3 times as high as the largest land waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela and 2,000 times more powerful than Niagara Falls!  You can learn about the Denmark Strait Cataract from NOAA.  And you might be interested in the “underwater waterfall” of Mauritius--but don’t be fooled! This is just a beautiful optical illusion! -- Kelsey

Library Takeout Video

During this spring’s lockdown Duke University’s Libraries developed this delightful video highlighting their Library Takeout program. From this video has come a whole series of copycat videos, including one featuring Prince, and another with a country western twist. Although nonmusical, Curbside Larry, is a fun addition to this genre too. -- Eric

October 23, 2020

The Natural World - Painted by Numbers

I recently stumbled upon this fascinating online exhibit on the works of naturalist illustrator Ferdinand Bauer. Known for his incredibly detailed and accurate work, Bauer created a system of precise color swatches to use in his works - and now this exhibit allows you to search his works by those colors, as well as by scientific name and common name. I’m particularly drawn to the section on flowering plants. -- Tillie 

Meet the Student Workers at the Library!

We have a few returning student workers this year and quite a few new ones! Get to know them by following along on our Facebook or Instagram (Free Instagram account required to view) pages. This week, meet Emily Bennett: “I am a senior English major with an art minor. My favorite thing about using the library is being able to find all kinds of interesting books to use in classes or read in my free time. My favorite thing about working at the library however, is being able to put my knowledge to good use and help connect students with the resources they need when they come in looking for a book or simply don't know how to use the library website.…..” view the rest of Emily’’s introduction on Facebook. -- Kelsey

Why Social Media Is So Good at Polarizing Us

We all know that social media is a cesspool for highly partisan perspectives. However, does social media in and of itself polarize us? This Wall Street Journal article provides a review of the latest academic research on this topic, which is currently inconclusive. The research has found that a key factor is the presentation of viewpoints, driven concurrently by partisan media outlets (think cable news) and political parties. Viewpoints presented to give the ‘biggest emotional punch’ both pull us toward them as well as, and in a more powerful way, away from them. “Social media might not be a direct driver of political polarization in the U.S., [but] the way it interacts with many other phenomena could mean it has outsize power to drive us apart.” --Eric

My racing ADHD brain won't let me sleep

See "This Simple Sleep Formula Calms My Racing ADHD Brain" Here: ADHD can be severe enough to warrant academic accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you want to explore that possibility, contact Judy Weaver at 

The Covid-19 Elkhart County Report

The CDC evaluated Elkhart County’s response to COVID-10 for about a month starting July 6th.  Hot off the presses (10/22/2020), here are their findings. -- Fritz

October 16, 2020

Meet the Student Workers at the Library!

We have a few returning student workers this year and quite a few new ones! Get to know them by following along on our Facebook or Instagram (Free Instagram account required to view) pages. This week, meet Lucia Martinez Hernandez: “I'm a nursing major with a minor in musical theatre. I'm a senior and will be graduating this Fall (yay!). My favourite thing about the Library is the Think Tank since that was the place my study group and I were able to pass our nursing classes, so it seems like a bittersweet place. I also really enjoy the second floor of the library, especially once the trees start turning yellow and you can see a storm of yellow leaves falling…..” view the rest of Lucia’s introduction on Facebook. -- Kelsey

MOBA: The Museum of Bad Art

After all the links to fascinating and thought-provoking art in the last several “5 Things,” it’s high time to look at some bad art! Visit the website of MOBA, the one and only museum dedicated to “the collection, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” Flip through hundreds of images of art rescued from dumpsters or given away at garage sales and ponder why anyone would want to paint dancing blue dogs or glue underwear to a canvas. The more you look, the more you’ll cringe, and sympathize, and laugh… and lose all ability to tell what “good art” is. -- Tillie

Kitty Treat

Yes, this is another Oldy, but Goody, that’s worth a second look--And now he has his own website! Simon’s Cat can still be found in abundance on Youtube, but if you’re interested in all the latest concerning this krazy kitty, this is the Home site for you, with all the very newest episodes, along with more goodies to purchase than you can shake a catnip mouse at. So cuddle up with your new plush Simon’s cat, and enjoy!  -- Esther Guedea

Supporting each other in these challenging times

Here are some tips for giving genuine compliments. We all can use them. -Cynthia

TikTok, Ocean Spray and Stevie Nick

Have you been hearing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac a lot more these days? Maybe even seen some interesting videos of people drinking Ocean Spray and playing that song? Well, you have probably seen a meme inspired by Nathan Apodaca, an unassuming Idaho potato worker who recently catapulted to internet fame when his TikTok video went viral. Read the story and see the original video here. -- Abby

October 9, 2020

Mudlarking and Mask Design

It’s all too easy to lose time doom-scrolling through Twitter and Facebook. Why not follow whimsical and uplifting accounts to insert some joy into your day? I particularly like the London Mudlark (on FB and Twitter), where mudlarkers (riverbed scavengers) post photos of interesting historical objects found on the banks of the Thames. I am also loving the Breathe. project, which calls on Indigenous craftspeople across North America to create masks inspired by traditional arts that demonstrate resilience in the face of Covid-19. Check out the beautiful examples on their Facebook albums, and take a peek at the digitized exhibit hosted by the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. -- Tillie

Do These Two Things Go Together?

Dilbert may have his Catbert, but who’d-a thunk that real engineers could be Crazy Cat People? The Engineer’s Guide to Cats will explain the “typical” house-feline in easy-to-understand, kinda’ scientific videos on Youtube, covering every subject from Cat Yodeling to harnessing excess….um, “cat gas“....(Think Green!) Sorta’ educational and very funny, the only question left is, “How did they get their cats to do that without being scratched to smithereens?” (And, Yes--They have an answer for that one, too!)  -- Esther Guedea

Need a little classical music in your life? 

Try a Bach cantata at -- Beth Bontrager

Trying to vote? Visit Ballotpedia  

Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. They do their best to provide neutral information to voters, those considering running for office and more. Their ballot look up tool is a great way to see ahead of time what is going to be on your ballot. Just enter your address and select the relevant election to see a sample ballot. -- Fritz Hartman

Need help preparing for the GRE, MCAT, LSAT or more?

Learning Express Library is a new database full of practice tests, tutorials and more to help you with many Graduate School admissions exams or college placement exams. In order to access the tests, you will need to create a free account through the site. -- Abby

October 2, 2020

Funny Animal Therapy online

Join "Corona Cats", “Funny Dogs”, “Catastic” or “Dobby the Super Cat” on Facebook. Enjoy silly pictures of quarantined pet owners and their struggles to share space with their animal friends. -- Beth Bontrager

Are you confused by APA?

Flummoxed by footnotes? Misled by MLA? Or just looking for some citation help? You are in luck, there are a whole host of librarians and writing mentors ready to help. You can drop by the library (10am to 5pm M-F; 7-10pm S-R) or set up a virtual appointment at (choose Writing all subjects). -- Abby

Mind Mapping app

Looking for something fun and useful? Check out this app that lets you organize your ideas in a visual manner. -- Judy

Want to read some children’s books?

Tired of assigned readings?  Missing your international study location? Explore the International Children’s Digital Library, a nonprofit that works to expand access to children’s books from around the world. -- Joe Springer

More online comics you should try

Stand Still, Stay Silent is a still continuing story about the world after a terrible plague, specifically as applied to the survivors in the Nordic countries of Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland (the author is Finnish.) Just like watching anime can teach you about Japan, so this comic has told me a great deal about these countries I never even guessed, including their languages (and the differences between them), folklore and mythology (turns out it’s not all just Vikings.) There’s also great art, frequent humor, some sorrow and a few thrills, but if the topic is a bit too much right now, the same person has also completed the comic, A Redtail’s Dream, which has similar great art, humor and and a folklore story, but keeps your mind off of uncomfortable current subjects. -- Esther Guedea

September 25, 2020

Tecmo Super Bowl for 2021

Before there was Madden, the way to play video game NFL football was through Tecmo Super Bowl. The game is most famous for its unbalanced performance of running back Bo Jackon, which Family Guy had a great tribute to this game. In more recent years the game has had a revival with various hacks and modifications, along with numerous online tournaments. Check out the free download for Tecmonster’s Tecmo Super Bowl 2021. I ran this on my Mac with OpenEmu and played via a Xbox controller and have had a blast. -- Eric

Are you missing the family pet(s)?  

This daily picture of different dogs and cats may be just the thing. It is fun to see what people name their pets. I enjoy the daily cuteness. -- Cynthia

Spot the Troll

Fake social media profiles exist, and they are much harder to identify than you might think. Luckily for us, the Clemson University Media Forensics Hub has designed a quiz that tests your savvy and gives tips on how to identify fake accounts and trolls. Check it out and let us know how you did! -- Tillie

How to vote in every state

Did you know the deadline (October 5th) for registering to vote in Indiana is coming up? As college students, you may have residency in two states, but you can only vote in one. Here is a helpful series of videos that outlines how to vote in each of the 50 states. This is the one for Indiana. Still confused about voting? Stop by the Ask Desk to meet with a librarian or writing mentor, we would love to help you. -- Abby 

Another Online Comic You Don’t Wanna’ Miss!

Here’s another free online comic that I highly recommend for their imaginative subjects as well as great artwork. Powernap, a humorous and mind-boggling story from Mexico (don’t worry, there’s an English version if languages aren’t your thing) that is just finishing up its run, and this one’s a Real Hoot! I had to be careful about where I read it, as I often ended up literally Laughing-Out-Loud. Plus, the art is often so Awesome, it’s like seeing Pink Elephants, but without the nasty side effects. -- Esther Guedea

September 18, 2020

The Great British Baking Show Returns!

If you are like me, you find this show to be both relaxing and excellent baking inspiration. Good news, the most recent season of The Great British Baking Show is coming to Netflix next week on Sept 25. The show will update with new episodes every Friday. On your mark, get set, bake! -- Abby

Free or Low Cost Virtual Professional Conferences

Attending professional conferences as an undergraduate is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet to a career as well as network with professionals in that field. Going to professional conferences is expensive, but thanks to the pandemic most of these events have gone virtual and are either free or deeply discounted. Consider looking up professional associations in your are of interest and see when their conferences are and how they are hosted. --Eric

Amazing and Astonishing Works of Art

Are you feeling like life is a little blah? Battling boredom or a touch of ennui? Colossal is an art and design blog that posts new sublime art objects and installations every day. They are liable to be equal parts astonishing and baffling, and above all, they are guaranteed to stimulate your sense of wonder. -- Kyle Schlabach

An Oldy, But Still a Goody

Okay, so absolutely everyone knows about LOL Cats, but have you checked it out lately? If ever there was a time we all needed a Good, Hard Laugh, it’s now--And you don’t even have to be a Cat Lover to enjoy the great pictures and silly “cats-can’t-spell” jokes. Just remember this site is like catnip--You might not be able to stop yourself! -- Esther Guedea

Khan Academy Courses

Khan Academy offers all sorts of free online courses on everything from mathematics to coding to art history. And now they have a new life skills class where you can explore career options, learn how to manage your finances, and get advice on self-promotion and entrepreneurship. Check it out! -- Tillie

September 11, 2020

The Overview Effect

Need a bit of beauty in your inbox every day? Subscribe to Overview Daily, a site that aims to “stimulate awe, increase desire to collaborate, and foster long-term thinking” by sharing stunning images of the Earth from above. Get a dose of something beautiful and broaden your awareness of our home. -- Tillie 

Games Done Quick

Games done quick is a charity event that features video game “speed runners”.  The events are live (and then the live recordings are put on YouTube later). The games range from the retro NES to modern video game titles. There is often commentary (much like a sporting event) during the playthrough!  -- Fritz  

Comfort TV

Find a show or video on YouTube or other media that is familiar and comforting for you to relieve stress. Some people like episodes of "Arthur" or "Star Trek". This familiarity can relieve loneliness as well, and, if you ask around, you may find a fellow fan who will watch with you. -- Beth Bontrager

Looking for a global source of news?

We have a new database that you might be interested in! NewsBank is a collection of over 12,000 news sources from around the world. You can search for sources by topic, region or time. Additionally it includes many small local newspapers from Indiana including The Goshen News (2007 to current) and The South Bend Tribune (1994 to current). Check it out yourself or set up an appointment to review it with a librarian. -- Abby

I Can Go For That: The Smooth World of Yacht Rock

Times are bad. They were also bad in the 1970s, just Google “Gerald Ford swine flu vaccine” for an example. During this time, a genre of music developed which eventually was labeled as Yacht Rock, soft rock that provided a reassuringly vague escapism. Last year BBC Four produced a two part documentary on this music of the late 1970s and early 80s which is now available on Internet Archive. You’ll be longing for a boat ride before you know it. -- Eric

September 4, 2020

The Tech Habits That Drive Us Crazy

Let’s face it, working and learning through technology is both awesome and tedious. Along with all the quirks of technological tools are the various ways we use it. This Wall Street Journal article provides some annoying tech habits, best practices on how to avoid them, and tips to gently nudge those who do toward new customs. You are sure to find things that annoy you as well as things you do yourself. -- Eric

Stitch by Stitch

Knitting can sooth the COVID-19 anxiety. To me, knitting is a chance for my mind to “unknot”.  Eventually you also get a shawl, hat, blanket, socks, etc. to show for all your therapy. There are many sites explaining the benefits of knitting.  I think this one is the most straightforward: Therapeutic Knitting to Manage Stress, Depression and Chronic Pain Weird fact: during the two World Wars, knitting was used as a therapy for “shell shock” (aka PTSD). --Cynthia

Feed your Spirit with Elizabethan Poetry

Patrick Stewart is reading a Shakespeare Sonnet a day on Instagram. Follow along on his page. #ASonnetADay --Beth Bontrager

Take your research beyond our library

Did you know that we have a program called interlibrary loan that allows you to access books and articles that aren’t owned by our library? This program is free, easy to use and allows you to access research far beyond our physical and digital collections. All you have to do is find an item in one of our databases or catalogs and use the Request It button. Articles generally arrived within 2-3 days, while books can take 7-10 days. Start searching today. -- Abby

Veritasium - Science VLOG

Veritasium is a YouTube channel founded and run by Derek Muller.  Muller (who has a PhD in Physics Education Research) features videos on a wide range of science related topics … though most are slanted towards Physics and Engineering. You can see his page here.  -- Fritz

August 28, 2020

Need a place to Zoom?

Is your house or dorm room not a great place to join your Zoom class? The library has 6 new “Zoom Rooms” for you to use. All you have to do is come to the front desk of the library and request a key. There are three rooms located on the 3rd floor and three in the basement. We do ask you to use a headset (if you don’t have one, check one out from the front desk) and use the disinfectant kit after you are done. Check-outs are first come, first served and limited to 2 hours at a time. Happy Zooming, everyone. -- Abby

Duck Fashion Shows and more at My Modern Met 

Are you an art enthusiast, design junkie, or a fan of whimsy? Check out My Modern Met at their website, or Twitter and Instagram for a regular dose of interesting and beautiful things to brighten up your day. Recent-ish favorites of mine include this article on an annual duck fashion show in Australia, a collection of famous portraits altered to depict Bill Murray, and the finalists for a macro-lens photography contest. -- Tillie 

Visiting churches with The Ten Minute Bible Hour guy

Curious about the various expressions of Christianity, and want a non-judgmental introduction to them? Matt Whitman is a Protestant (Evangelical Free) pastor in western Wyoming who visits Christian churches of all different stripes and forms, tours their buildings, and interviews their leaders. My favorite part of these videos is how Whitman gives the utmost respect to those he interviews, and allows them to speak for themselves on their Christian faith tradition. -- Eric

How to ADHD 

This YouTube channel may be geared towards people with ADHD, but it has a lot of relevant information for anyone struggling to manage the stress and boredom that come with pandemic life. With videos like “How to cope when everything is awful and you’re not okay,” and “How to be ok in a crisis,” the host Jessica combines an understanding of real-life problems with well-researched solutions. She also has handy playlists on specific topics, including tips for setting goals and managing time, the basics of self care, and how to handle the demands of college. -- Tillie

Beautiful art made by College Mennonite Church quilters

If you need a few moments to rest your eyes or something lovely, consider stopping by the library gallery (in the basement) to see the most recent exhibit by the Mennonite Amish Museum Committee. It is full of amazing quilts that showcase a range of modern styles, traditional techniques and intricate designs. The gallery is open whenever the library is, however non GC students/faculty/staff members are asked to contact the MHL to set an appointment. -- Abby

May 22, 2020

Contact-Free Lobby Pick-up

Starting next week on May 26th, you can once again request physical materials from the Good Library. This system is the same one we use for interlibrary loan, but if you need a refresher, check out these instructions. Once the item you request is available, we will contact you via email and you can stop by the library lobby Monday through Thursday 12-4pm. For more information on this system and library services this summer, check out our website. - Fritz

On Facebook: Join “Corona Cats”

Need a laugh or just love cats helping their homebound persons with work and activities? Join the group “Corona Cats” on Facebook for fun and giggles. - Beth


Hairstylists and barbers are missed, as well as their highly trained professional skills. As many have attempted home haircuts (or a “quarantine self-cut”) during the pandemic, the #CoronaCut hashtag has surfaced across social media. While most of the images are selfies of buzz cuts, there are quite a few comical and charming pictures. - Eric

“All Together Alone in the Chrysalis”

You may have heard of OK Go from their many amazing viral music videos over the past decade. Recently they released a new song, “All Together Now,” which was written, recorded, and filmed by the band in isolation from each other. It is both a fun video to watch and a song that feels very relevant to our current situation. You can watch the video here, or if you can download it here (proceeds are being donated to Partners in Health). - Abby

The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

This post was shared widely on social media and also got a call out via the New York Times as a good explanation of how the COVID-19 virus spreads. It is written by a Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology (specializing in Immunology). I found it useful as a way to think about what risks to take and what to avoid during this time - Carol

May 15, 2020

Pet Comfort from the Cat Daddy

For those alarmed about news that felines may be vulnerable to COVID-19, here’s good News from Jackson Galaxy, the original “Cat Whisperer,” and a reliable source for pet info. Just click on the orange banner at the top of the page. - Esther

Your Support of the Goofier Side of the Library

As you may have noticed, this is the 3rd year the library folks have been running the May Madness Out of Context Quote Championship. While we enjoy the process of gathering and sorting through the random amusing things library folks say, the best part is seeing you all participate and vote for your favorites. With over 500 votes cast so far, thanks to everyone who has voted so far. Missing the fun? Just read your Communicator (sign in required) every day and vote for your favorite quote. - Abby 

"With Hope and Resilience: Reflections from our Learning Community"

I have been enjoying this blog from AMBS containing thoughtful contributions from students, teaching faculty, retired faculty, administrators and staff amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. - Cynthia

The Book Bundler

With limited access to our favorite libraries and brick and mortar bookstores many of our reading and book acquisition patterns have changed. If you’re missing the chance to explore a new set of good old fashioned print books, consider The Book Bundler. They sell used kids and adult books in bundles in all sorts of categories, such as by genre, series, or reading level. Great for kids missing their weekly trip to the public library, or for wanting to try something new during the lock-in. - Eric

Want to practice another language?

Try out My Lingo app and stream movies in Spanish and other languages! Revisit your international experience by enjoying movies in the language you studied. - Beth

May 8, 2020

Webcam of Schrock Plaza

Do you miss sitting in the 2nd floor lounge of the library and taking a nap studying? Well pull up your iPad or laptop and check out this live feed of the plaza. Watch the squirrels, occasionally pedestrians, the weather or join us in waiting with bated breath for the fountain to be turned out. So many exciting possibilities! - Abby

Kroger: Easy to use online

Both locally and nationally, Kroger offers a variety of easy-to-use online services, alternative to in-store shopping, such as Pick-Up, Delivery, and Shipping. And they’re faster, more reliable and less expensive than some other options, especially now. - Esther

GeoGuessr: pretend you are somewhere else

If you’ve been working hard and need a break for a few minutes, I highly recommend playing a round or two of GeoGuessr. This game uses Google street view to plop you down into a random locale on the globe. Then look around and use your deductive reasoning to guess where you are - what side of the road are people driving on? What language is on the road signs? What does the scenery look like? The closer you guess to the actual location, the more points you get. - Tillie 

Free Streaming Theater

You can watch a different free production from the National Theatre every week. Every Thursday at 3:00 ET, a production — filmed in front of an audience in a London theater — will be streamed and then be available on demand for seven days. Visit the National Theatre’s website for more information on what plays will be available. I saw "Treasure Island" and "Frankenstein."  Fabulous!!! - Beth

The Last Dance: 1990’s Chicago Bulls Basketball Documentary

Starved for sports, or at the least more gentler times? The sports cable network ESPN is currently playing a ten part documentary on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. Originally set to air in June, ESPN moved the date up due to a freer (or non-existent) sports schedule during COVID-19. More than just another sports documentary, The Last Dance takes you back to the late nineties culture and style, and chronicles the challenges and struggles of the dominant Bulls dynasty and its larger than life personalities. Throw on those loose-fitting flat-front khaki chinos, dab in some hair gel, and enjoy the memories. - Eric

May 1, 2020

Free video games and board games

Are you missing the library’s board game collection? I am, but I’ve discovered plenty of quality games that are now free. If you’ve got access to a printer, I’d recommend checking out the variety of classic games from Asmodee that you can now download and print, including Catan, Dixit, and my personal favorite, Unlock! Escape Room Adventures. If you want something a little less classic and a bit more provocative, try Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition which is an all-ages version of the game that is still pretty darn funny (note: you'll have to click through some agreements, including one that some may find politically offensive). If you want quality video games, GOG is offering a whopping 27 new and classic games you can download here, and Epic Games is offering a rotating selection of free games that normally retail for $20-30. As you throw yourself into schoolwork, don’t forget to set aside time to play! -- Tillie 

Prison Workout Routine

Are you missing access to the Rec Fit Center? Unsure of the wide array of fitness apps and YouTube videos. Consider the Prison Workout, a series of body exercises designed to be done within a limited space such as a prison cell or one’s home during a pandemic. Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson made this workout style famous (particularly his Tyson pistol squat workout) when incarcerated for three years at Indiana’s Plainfield Correctional Facility. includes a great set of videos for 12 prison workout routines. Also, Kindle books L.J. Flanders' Cell Workout, Coss Marte’s ConBody, and John Bryant's Jailhouse Strong show both the mechanics of the workout and how physical exercise in time of isolation can bring out restoration. -Eric

Free Online Comics

There’s lots of good ones out there, but here’s three to start with, guaranteed to please (and even worth a second read, if you have the time)--

Girl Genius: Still going strong since 2002, this comic won the Hugo Award for Online Comics three years in a row, and then voluntarily removed themselves from the ballot to give somebody else a chance. Mad Science! Silly Operas! Jolly Monsters! You don’t even have to be a Steam-Punk fan to enjoy the fun and excitement--Besides, where else are you going to meet someone named Gilgamesh Wulfenbach?

Mare Internum and Earthsong: These are shorter, and now completed comics, both with excellent art and satisfying stories. Mare is science fiction with a very unexpected take on Mars Exploration, while Earthsong is an absorbing fantasy with elements taken from myth, fairy tale, anime, and even a bit of Disney, to name a few. - Esther

Free Trial of Metropolitan Opera On Demand

If you are a fan of opera and looking for more ways to watch it from your home, you are in luck. The library has a free trial of the Metropolitan Opera On Demand subscription available to all Goshen College users now through May 31, 2020. Use this link to access the site. You will need to sign in with your GC username and password. Happy watching! - Abby

Why It's So Hard to Talk to Your Parents About the Coronavirus?

Have you noticed generational differences in the COVID-19 response? If so, you’re not alone. Psychiatrist Marc Agronin has observed three distinct responses among adults marked by age: Fortyish, Sixtyish, and Eightyish. Fortyish individuals are more likely to quarantine and encourage their parents to do so, while sixtyish and eightyish individuals are more prone to ignore stay-at-home orders. Agronin provides rationale to the responses, and how best to communicate across the generations. - Eric

April 17, 2020

Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library

While online library collections have blossomed during this pandemic, let’s face it: with library buildings (and print book interlibrary loan) shut down, there are many materials currently not available to you. Enter Internet Archive. They have developed the National Emergency Library, a temporarily free collection which includes scanned copies of the entire former Marygrove College library and 250,000 books from Trent University. Simply create a free Internet Archive account to check out any book from the collection. - Eric

Free year of Balance: Meditation Pro

There are a lot of meditation apps out there, but Balance: Meditation is continually top-ranked, and now you can upgrade to a pro account for a full year for free on iOS platforms (soon to follow on Android). Install the free app on your iPad or iPhone and follow these instructions from CNET to upgrade to Pro and start a tailor-made meditation program designed to address your specific needs. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and think it’s great. - Tillie 

CREDO Reference

Hey Faculty! Are you tired of students picking topics that are entirely too broad (Western Theater in a 5 page paper!). I think that sometimes we [those who have had the opportunity / privilege to live and eat and breathe higher education] forget that many many students can struggle when it comes to putting a subject into the proper context. CREDO Reference can provide that context. Just make sure students understand that CREDO is just a starting spot … not the end! - Fritz 

Humans of New York

What started as a simple New York City street photography project by Brandon Stanton has grown into an international collection of ordinary people and their extraordinary stories. Stanton’s current series is called #quarentinestories and focuses on positive stories submitted by his readers from around the world. I highly recommend reading a few as a reminder of the good in humanity - Abby

Ithaka S+R Blogs

Seeking an alternative or a compliment to the Chronicle? We would suggest Ithaka S+R. Traditionally, Ithaka has produced reports that focus on a variety of issues in higher education. But did you know that they also have a very active blog page? For instance, I found this blog post to be very timely! - Fritz

April 10, 2020

More articles and books electronically

Did you know the majority of the library’s collection is accessible to you electronically? We own twice as many ebooks as books and almost 10 times as many electronic periodicals than physical periodicals. Additionally, as colleges and universities moved to remote learning this spring, many vendors have opened up sections of their collections for temporary free access. This includes a bunch of big names like EBSCO, JSTOR, Duke University Press and many more. We have added these collections to our library catalog, so all you need to do to access them is start your research at - Abby

Up-to-date list of free streaming concerts 

Isolation due to COVID-19 has prompted many individuals and organizations to host free concerts, but it can be hard to keep track of what is happening when. Enter NPR, which now has a list of concerts by date and genre to remind you of these fun opportunities. Check it out regularly to learn about the many listening options for your favorite music, be it classical, pop, folk, or something else entirely. - Tillie

COVID-19 Healthcare Information Portal - EBSCO

Are you wanting a one-stop shop for authoritative sources on COVID-19? EBSCO has developed the COVID-19 Healthcare Information Portal. It compiles real-time information updates from CDC, WHO, and international resources, as well as the developing scholarly medical literature. When your social media feed is telling you something that sounds questionable about COVID-19, this is a great source to check out. - Eric

Windy weather app

With tornado season starting, the Windy app shows you what the wind is doing all over the world. It’s mesmerizing. In a thunderstorm you can use the weather radar to track where lightning is striking, and if a lightning bolt strikes near you, your phone will vibrate. - Judy

Jelle’s Marble Runs

Missing live sporting events? Well fear not!  Marble sports are still going strong! Check out Jelle’s Marble Runs for a variety of marble events. There are Speedway races (think Nascar), Summer MarbLympics, and winter MarbleLympics. (the bobsled is just classic). You will find yourself cheering madly for your favorite Marble Team (Go Orangers!). But the best part is live play by play commentary. - Fritz 

April 3, 2020

Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

Hard to believe, but the fake news creators have jumped on the COVID-19 bandwagon. The Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center website is tracking websites around the world that have been sharing the opposite of what us librarians love - misinformation. You may not be surprised by the sources sharing some of this misinformation, but some of it you may be. - Eric

Missing Baseball this spring?

While the MLB may have had to delay the start of the 2020 season, you can still get 18 hours of baseball magic. Ken Burns has allowed his documentary, Baseball, to stream for free on PBS. It may not be the same as spring training, but hopefully it will help you get your baseball fix. - Abby

Down Dog app 

Feeling the need to get exercise but don’t want to wander into the cold and gray? Log into Down Dog with your email address and you’ll have free access to customizable workouts for any skill level (including yoga, barre, and high-intensity impact training) until July 1st. - Tillie

Working from Home Tips - Wall Street Journal

Now that our homes have become offices and classrooms, it’s important to adjust the spaces accordingly. The Wall Street Journal, of which the library has an online subscription has posted a series of articles for business professionals making the move to a home office. A March 26 article “Tips for Becoming the Best Video Version of Yourself,” has some great advice. Here’s a few recommendations to get started: wear a complete outfit (including pants), remove clutter from the backdrop behind you, and don’t get too close to the camera. - Eric

Inside Scoop - Springshare Community

Ever wonder how librarians find half of the stuff they find? We know you do!! Well, check out the Springshare Community. A huge number (maybe the majority of academic libraries in the US?) use a service called LibGuides to make their webpages. And then they share that content with one another. For example, if some librarian at some major university somewhere makes a library guide for a Shakespeare 101 class, you can see that guide. Bottom line: this is a great resource for instructors, librarians, and researchers looking for quality and vetted “research guides”.  - Fritz

March 27, 2020

Free Subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Oh Wow! Did you know you can access the Chronicle of Higher Education through the institution's subscription? Sign-up for a free account to get access to The Chronicle from off campus. Have fun! - Fritz

How to file for unemployment benefits

This is a difficult time for many folks and if you or someone you know has been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here is a helpful overview of how unemployment benefits work and how to file. While unemployment assistance is managed federally, each state has a slightly different program, so you will want to check your specific state’s requirements. - Abby

Wonder From Home - Atlas Obscura 

You might be familiar with Atlas Obscura, the website (and book!) that bills itself as “the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders,” but have you seen their new series Wonder From Home? This series highlights the stories, projects, people, and objects that “inspire and help us all hold on to our spirit of discovery and sense of community” even when we are stuck at home. Wonder From Home has already introduced me to digitized museum exhibits, virtual tours of interesting buildings, and engaging volunteer opportunities (my favorites are the project to transcribe the historical papers of Rosa Parks and the quest to find the weirdest artifact at the Smithsonian). Subscribe to their newsletter or visit often to get a good dose of what’s out there in the wide world. - Tillie 

Your (yes your) Goshen Public Library Card

If you are a GC student, you get a Goshen public library card, which means thousands upon thousands of digital resources like ebooks, audiobooks, movies, graphic novels, and magazines are there for you to access for free! Don’t have a Goshen Public Library Card? No problem! Goshen public just rolled out their GPL Digital Card system, which means you can sign up from home! Just remember to list 1700 South Main Street, Goshen Indiana 46526 as your address. - Fritz

The Calm Place - New York Times   

Did you know that you have access to a free digital subscription to the New York Times? In addition to current reporting, you can also access their complete archives going all the way back to 1851. But what I am currently enjoying is The Calm Place, a single web page with calming gifs, an emotional support dog and some nice tips for taking a few deep breaths and focusing on something other than the news. - Abby