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CORE 173: World Christianity (Schiavone Camacho Fall 2024)

Help is available

Struggling to know where to start?

Need help finding more sources?

Want to talk out your idea with someone?

Have a rough draft that needs revision?

For all of these questions and more, feel free to stop by the Ask desk (details on the left) or reach out directly to me to set up a 1 on 1 appointment.

Getting Started

CREDO - This reference database contains lots of full text articles that can give you good background information on your subject.

  • Collection of good subject specific encyclopedias and reference works
  • Always check sources, you can find good secondary and primary sources this way.
  • Look at key concepts and consider them as additional keywords

Library catalog - An excellent place to find both primary and secondary sources.

  • Remember the subject search (su:) and don’t forgot about including Sources when you want primary sources (other words to try include: correspondence, description and travel, diaries, documents, interviews, journal, letters, memoir, narratives, oral history, papers, photographs OR pictorial works, sources, speeches)
  • Change the filter from “Library” to “Best Match” to see good sources beyond our current library collection

Interlibrary loan - Don't limit yourself to just the resources we have in the library, request items from library across the country.

  • Easy, free for you and fairly quick (articles 2-3 days, books 7-10 days)
  • Fill out the form and you will get email updates about your request and when your item arrives.
  • Quick reminder though, unlike books in our library, due dates are set by the library we borrow the item from. So please make sure to turn these books back on time.