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If you have questions about using Mahara, you can check the ITS Knowledge Base or email

Mahara Basics

Mahara Basics:

This video demonstrates the basics of navigating and adding content to Mahara portfolios: 

Getting Started with Mahara

Mahara ePortfolio How-To guide

Your content area is for organizing and uploading files. No one can see items in your content area until they are added to a portfolio page. Items in your content area will also be referred to as artifacts. 

NOTE: If you are adding files from an iPad, you will need to upload them to your content area before they can be added to your portfolio pages. You will not be able to upload files directly to to the portfolio page like you can on a computer.

Your portfolio area is for creating and editing pages and collections.  A collection is a group of pages connected together.  

Logging in: 


  2. Log in with GC Username and Password 


Copying a template

  1. From the Mahara home page, click the green main menu button, and select Portfolio

  1. On the page that load, click Copy

  1. Search and find the portfolio you need, for example: 

    1. Core300

    2. Education

    3. SST

  2. Click “Copy Page” to the right

  3. Adjust the page title to include you own name

  4. Save



  1. If the page is not already in Edit mode, click Edit in the top right

    1. The “gear” icon will allow you to edit the box, or attach files to the box. 

    2. The “trashcan” icon will delete the box

    3. Additional boxes can be added by dragging and dropping from the left-hand side bar


Replacing template video with your own 

  1. Post your video to Youtube, and copy the link in the web browser: 


  1. In Mahara, Click the gear icon next to the video on the template: 

  1. Delete the code in the box, and paste in the link from YouTube into the box

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up box and save, and your video will appear. 

  3. To add additional video content to Mahara, use the external media option. Drag and drop from the left-hand sidebar onto the page. 


Note: If your video isn’t playable, it’s likely due to your YouTube video privacy settings. Change from Private to Unlisted to fix.  Contact the Help Desk (535-7700) for assistance). 


Sharing with your professor

  1. With your portfolio in edit mode, click the Share button

  1. From the “share with” drop down, select Users

  1. Search for the name of your professor

  2. Repeat until all people who need access are added

  3. Save