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Core 160: Energy and Environment (Paul Meyer Reimer Fall 2021)

Energy and the Environment Guide


Use the teal colored tabs to access specific resources.

Image Credit: Windmills by Avius Quovis under CC BY-NC 2.0

Here is a basic research recommendation process (Note: below is just one possible process.  There are others that are just as effective!...)

1) Remember your research topics. If you happen to have an academic article from your 3 topics assignment, then that is even better.   

2) Open up the Library Home Page on a new tab

3) Open up Google Scholar on a new tab

4) In Google Scholar, look up your article / topic(s).  [click on the "star" to add it to your list!]

5) In Google Scholar, click on the "cited by" link when you find something that looks good.  Now, click on the star next to the items you like.

6) Once you have 7-10 resources, look at your list.  

7) It is now time to search for these items in GC's catalog.  Highlight just the title of one of the items you liked and copy. [Note: I like clicking on the citation link -- it looks like a quotation mark -- because the you can copy without worrying about a hyperlink.  Simply try to remember an author(s) last name.  As an added bonus, you can use these citation when it comes to making your references or works cited list.

8) Go to the Library homepage tab and paste in the title, hit space, and type in the last name you were supposed to remember from step 7.  If we have the material, you will be able to click on it.  If we do not, you can Inter-Library Loan it from here. 

9)  You are NOT alone in this process.  Any of us in the library are more than happy to help you.  Come by anytime or you can schedule an appointment .  Our hours and appointment information are on the library home page.  Come and see us ... it really does make you day!

Writing Project

The general theme of the writing project is to use energy as a way to think about the relationship of humans to the environment.

The sequence of assignments for this project

  1. Brainstorm topics you'd like to write about.
  2. Write up a topic proposal.
  3. Read widely and start summarizing useful works. Summaries of 5 articles or chapters related to your topic. Bibliographic information needed with each summary.
  4. Rewrite / focus your topic, continue reading.
  5. Write up an annotated bibliography on your topic together with an abstract and outline of your topic so far. Use proper bibliographic formatting.
  6. First draft of paper.
  7. Conferences with Paul.
  8. Final paper.