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PJCS 311: Junior Seminar (Shands Stoltzfus Fall 2020): Book Reviews

Book Review Search: Good Library Catalog

  1. Put in the title of the book followed by the author's name into the Good Library catalog search box above. (Note: this is the same search box that is in the middle of the screen on the library's homepage.)

    Search tips:

    • Use as much of the title as possible but avoid the punctuation. Example: "What to do?: Choices to make" should be searched as "What to do choices to make"

    • Use quotes around the title, especially if the title uses the words 'and', 'or', or 'not'. Example: "To be or not to be a study of Hamlet"

    • Add the author's last name to your search string but make sure the name is outside of the quotes. Example: "Where the wild things are" Sendak

    • Avoid using middle names or initials. Example: "Eye for an eye" by William Ian Miller should be searched as "Eye for an eye" william miller

  2. Once you get your search results, on the left side, under "Format", click on Article/Chapter .


  1. Go to Advanced Search.
  2. Type book title in quotation marks.
  3. Limit your results under Document Type to "Book Review" ("Review of book" in RILM; "Review" in ATLA).

To find a good book for a comparative review:

  1. Select a topic broad enough to merit multiple publications to compare
  2. Look for something published more than 2 years ago (but not more than 10 years ago)
  3. Prioritize academic publishers and university presses
  4. Ignore book reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Choice Book Reviews