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PJCS 311: Junior Seminar (Shands Stoltzfus Fall 2021): Peace Journals

Print Peace-Related Periodicals


Periodical Range Notes
1-W Mirror 1953-1967  
Advocate of Peace 1905-1930  
Breaking the War Habit 1932-1938  
Catholic Worker 1975-present  
Christian Pacifist 1939-1946  
Christian Peace Conference 1963-1973  
Conscientious Objector 1939-1946  
CPS Newsletters 1941-1947  
Current Issues combined with Disarmament News 1961-1967  

1935-1967, 1974, 1994, 1997-present (currently missing 1997)

microfilm: 1970-1978

microfiche: 1979-1997

Also known as: U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation
International Fellowship of Reconciliation (shelved under “IFoR”)
(IFOR) The Newsletter 1926-1934 shelved under “IFoR”
IFOR Monthly News Sheet 1927-1929 shelved under “IFoR”
IFOR (Quarterly) Newsletter 1944-1956 shelved under “IFoR”
(IFOR) Christus Victor 1957-1959 shelved under “IFoR”
(IFOR) Reconciliation Quarterly 1960-1966 shelved under “IFoR”
IFoR Report 1978-1985 shelved under “IFoR”
National Catholic Reporter

1984, 2001-present

microfiche: 1985-2000

National Peace Council Annual Report 1932-1964 (missing some years)  
New World 1930-1933  
One World 1946-1956  
PPU Journal (Peace Pledge Union) 1946-1950  
Peace Action 1934-1968  
Peace and Change (Peace&Justice Studies Ass’n journal) 1972-2013  
The Peace Digest 1934-1946  
Peace News 1971-1973  
Peace Section Newsletter (MCC) 1970-1983


Continued by: Peace Office Newsletter

Peace Office Newsletter (MCC) 1993-2012


Continues: Peace Section Newsletter

Peace Section Washington Memo 1970-1994

Continued by: Washington Memo.

Shelved in "W's" under "Washington"

Peacemaker 1949-1981 (missing some years)  
Reconciliation (England Fellowship of Reconciliation) 1929-1967

Missing some years.

Continued by: Reconciliation Quarterly

Reconciliation Quarterly


microfilm: 1976

microfiche: 1977-1981

Continues: Reconciliation
The Reporter (Nat’l Interreligious Service Bd for COs) 1942-1947 Continued by: The Reporter for Conscience' Sake
The Reporter for Conscience' Sake

1947-1981, 1993-2014

microfiche: 1982-1993

Continues: The Reporter
War/Peace Report (Center for War/Peace Studies of NY Friends) 1961-1975  
War Resistance 1962-1977  
War Resister 1928-1962  
War Resisters' International: Pamphlets mostly 1940s  
Washington Memo 1995-present Continues: Peace Section Washington Memo
WIN (Workshop in Nonviolence, affiliate of War Res. League) 1975-1981

Continued by: The Nonviolent Activist (1996-2006) and WIN: Through Revolutionary Nonviolence (2006-2015)



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