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GC Seminar/History (Shetler): Plagiarism

Plagiarism Revisited

  • Buying/Stealing/Borrowing
  • Poor Disguise
  • Using Past Papers
  • Copy/Pasting
  • Minor Tweaking

Jan's questions

  • What kind of information and argument does the source contain?  Primary or secondary.
  • Reliability or credibility of the source?  Peer reviewed?
  • Perspective or bias of the source?
  • How you will use this in your paper - what kind of information or analysis will it give you?  About the movement, the historical context or the issues by a comparative case or theory.



Plagiarism, or giving the impression that another's work is your own, is a violation of Goshen College's academic integrity policy. Consequences for individual offenses may range from re-doing the assignment to dismissal from the college. See the GC Commitment to Community Standards for more information about specific responses to academic dishonesty.