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Ordering Deadline:March 15 2019. Note: you may order items AT ANY TIME.  If you miss the deadline, you items will simply be taken from next year's budget.

Liaison librarians will inform department chairs and program directors of expenditures and remaining funds periodically through the year and prior to the spring deadline. 


Whatever method you choose, please remember that we need the following information about each item in order to process your order: 

  1. Name of faculty member submitting the order
  2. Department allocation or other fund for the order
  3. Author or editor name
  4. Title
  5. ISBN (International Standard Book Number, 13 digit number, if available)*

*If there is no ISBN, please include other information to assist us in finding the material, e.g. publisher and year or vendor name and catalog number. Attach promotional flyers if information about the title is not listed at or in other standard bibliographic sources. 

If a title is out of print, unavailable for purchase, or already in the library collection your liaison librarian will be in contact with you so you may spend your allocation on another resource.

If you have questions about ordering or selection, please contact your liaison librarian or Tillie Yoder, Instruction, Research, and Acquisitions Librarian ( or x7637).

How to Order

The goal of Good Library staff is to make the ordering process as convenient as possible for faculty. You may submit orders in any one of the following ways:

  • Email a list of titles to For each item, please include, in addition to the title, the creator (author/editor), ISBN (or, if no ISBN, the publisher/distributor), and, if applicable, the edition and/or format you prefer.

  • Create an wish list. Please contact for specific instructions on how to submit a wish list as a Good Library order.

  • Mark promotional materials (flyers, catalogs, forwarded email messages, web page printouts, etc.) and send them to Please be sure to include the faculty name and department information.

  • Complete the Library Order Form (also available below).