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PSYCH 210-SW Developmental Psychology (Amanda Sensenig) - Spring 2023


Group Brochure Project Assignment
Literature Review due March 29 (50 points)
Brochure Presentation on April 21 (15 points)
Audience Participation Activity (10 points)

Assignment Overview:
In a small group you will identify an issue related to development. In order to learn as much as you can
and become an “expert” on your chosen issue, your group will need to find a minimum of 6 reputable
sources*. You should read these sources, discuss them with your group members, and then each
individual student should submit their OWN literature review. Although you may use the same sources
as your group members, it should be clear that each person wrote their own literature review
Next, your group will compile your information and prepare an informational brochure, depicting
background information on the issue and a clear understanding of why it is important for development,
given what you have read. Each group member should be prepared to play an active role in a small group
brochure presentation activity on the last day of class.
Assignment Instructions:
The literature review will serve to provide an overview of the issue you’ve selected, drawing from the
articles you have read. It should give the reader a sense of the main points of concern, importance,
theories, etc. that are relevant to your selected issue. A good literature review is like a report on a topic,
combining ideas from several sources to underscore important points about the issue, rather than serially
summarizing each article.
*Your sources should be primarily peer-reviewed journal articles, books, or book chapters. Online
sources such as blogs or webpages are not allowed, however online access to peer-reviewed journal
articles is fine and is not considered an “online source”. You may use your textbook as a resource, but it
does not count toward the 6 minimum sources. The literature review should be 900-1000 words, with an
APA-style References page (not included in the word count) and APA-style in-text citations. You should
avoid using direct quotes, but rather summarize in your own words and cite. Remember that each
student should complete their OWN literature review, although groups may share sources.
Your brochure will be a visual aid for your presentation. In a small group presentation session, as an
audience member, you will listen, ask questions, and complete and turn in an Audience Member Form.
As a presenter, your job is to give a short overview about your project and to field questions. The
prepared presentation should walk the audience through the main points visually represented on your
brochure and give the audience a good understanding of the issue and why it is important for

Late Paper Policy:
Late papers will result in a reduction in paper grade by 10% for each calendar day they are late,
beginning immediately after the submission deadline. No late brochures will be accepted.


Potential issues/topics for Group brochure project

Note: Your brochure topic must be different than the topic chosen for your in-class group presentation
Assisted reproductive therapies
Sleep training for babies
Child abuse and neglect
Shaken baby syndrome
Family structure issues such as: single parenting, adoption, foster care, blended families
The effects of divorce on children
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Teen pregnancy/teen parenting
Gender identity
Dating violence
Eating disorders
Digital nativism
Midlife crisis
Work/family balance
Menopause and hormone replacement therapy
Suicide or euthanasia
Kinship care giving
Retirement issues
Cognitive change in late adulthood
Nursing home care
Hospice care
Alzheimer’s disease