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PSYCH 210-SW Developmental Psychology (Amanda Sensenig) - Spring 2023


CREDO is a good way to get started...While it may be okay to occasionally cite from academic encyclopedias and dictionaries, you should be using these sources to A) get a background understanding to a subject and B) find other academic / scholarly sources, which you can use in your paper. 


DIRECTIONS: Choose EBSCO --> Click on the checkbox next to PsycArticles, PsychINFO, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection.  (This allows you to search all three databases at the same time!)

Tip 1: You can use the limiters to the left for things dates, peer review, and full text.

Tip 2: Note the citation button!

Tip 3: You can save articles or email them to yourself!

Tip 4: If we do not have an item, we will get it from another library for you.  Just click on the InterLibrary Loan button.  Articles will be emailed to you in 3-4 days.