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CORE 162: Investigating Epidemics

About Newsbank

Newsbank provides current events from news sources across the world. It includes many international newspapers and newswires as well as local newspapers such as The Goshen News and The South Bend Tribune. It is a great resource to find information local to a community that is not covered by major news sources.

A-Z List of DatabasesNewsbank is listed under the A-Z List of Databases link on the library website.

Newsbank is a great starting place for college level research. Similar to other newspapers such as The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, your professor may not want you to use exclusively use news sources, but also include peer review articles and scholarly books.

Searching Newsbank

When searching in Newsbank it is best to search one or two terms at a time, instead of a whole research question. Instead of searching

What are the causes of the Sudan Ebolavirus in Uganda?

instead simply search

Sudan Ebolavirus


Sudan Ebolavirus Uganda

Within many of the articles on this topic will be sections relating specifically to the various causes of Sudan Eblovavirus.