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CORE 162: Investigating Epidemics

About UpToDate

UpToDate is a point-of-care resource for health information. The content is written, reviewed, and updated by expert physicians and provide specific recommendations for patient care. This is available to all Goshen College community members with a current GC login.

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To access UpToDate from our website:

  1. Go to
  2. Under "A-Z List of Databases", select UpToDate

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Searching UpToDate

When searching in UpToDate it is best to search one or two terms at a time, instead of a whole research question. Instead of searching

What are the causes of the Sudan Ebolavirus in Uganda?

instead simply search

Sudan Ebolavirus


Sudan Ebolavirus Uganda

Within many of the articles on this topic will be sections relating specifically to the various causes of Sudan Eblovavirus.

Reference Lists and Bibliographies

Results in UpToDate include a list of sources at the end of each article titled References. These sources include key books and journal articles, and are great launching places for in depth research on the topic. They are also available through the library!

Screenshot of a list of References in UpToDate

Most references are linked with more citation information. These citation pages often direct links to PubMed and other open web indexes. To obtain the source through the Goshen College library, search for the article within the library's catalog and, if not already available through full text, then request through interlibrary loan.