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Kanopy (Video Streaming service for libraries: Home

About Kanopy

Kanopy is a collection of films available to educational institutions for online viewing and streaming. 

Coronavirus update: As we move to all online classes, Kanopy becomes more difficult to use since it charges $100 per video watched more than 3 times (previous classroom viewing model no longer an option) and also does not allow for any mediated viewing in terms of access. In other words, once a class has access, each student could then watch as many films as they wanted, and there is no way to stop them, which would quickly result in the library being charged hundreds of dollars in license fees. We are not the only library dealing with the "Kanopy" problem, and we hope that pressure on the company for a different model will result in some changes soon.


Kanopy has made this short list of films available for free during this time, so feel free to consider including these in your classes.

Please contact if you want help finding a different way to access streaming video for your classes.

How it works

  1. Go to Kanopy
  2. Browse the Collection or search by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.
  3. Once you find a video you would like to use, you can email any of the liaison librarians or the library at to request access.

What does it cost?

  • If you watch the film 3 or fewer times: Free
  • If you watch the film more than 3 times: $150.00 (Unlimited views for one year)