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ENGL 204: EXPOSITORY WRITING (HOSTETLER, FALL 2014): Note-taking Exercise Assignment


During your library sessions during the week of August 31, you will be searching for one literary or long-form narrative journalism essay that relates to your topic.  You will print out or photocopy this article, take notes on it, and create series of "notecards" on it that will demonstrate your understanding of note-taking procedures.

Literary / Long-form Narrative Journalism Essays

Literary (or "Long-Form") Journalism is "A blend of journalistic reporting with narrative forms of storytelling that are more commonly associated with fiction writing. It may range from a brief colour piece to extensive long-form journalism, including that published in book form such as In Cold Blood by Truman Capote (1924–84). Literary journalism may be produced by journalists adopting a more ‘writerly’ style than that allowed by the classic inverted pyramid model of news, by novelists and other creators of fiction trying their hand at non-fiction, and by people who manage to slip back and forth between both genres."

When evaluating any source, it is best to evaluate the source on its reliability, authory, accuracy, and bias.

Literary Journalism on the Open Web

Literary Journalism Article Search

Search six websites containing literary journalism: