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UpToDate offers a number of useful calculators associated to different medical specialties, including cardiology, pediatrics, and surgery. To access, select the "Calculators" tab at the top right corner of the screen:

Drug Interactions

UpToDate's Drug Interaction feature links to a Lexi-Comp product, Lexi-Interact Online. This is a comprehensive drug-to-drug, drug-to-herb, and herb-to-herb interaction analysis program. To access, select "Drug Interaction" at the top right corner of the screen:

To use Lexi-Interact Online, enter the drug or herb you are interested in and select the best option from the list that appears under the search bar:

Patient Education

UpToDate offers patient education materials that are well-researched and easy to understand. To access these, select the "Patient Education" option at the top right corner of the screen:

Patient education materials are organized in two categories: The Basics and Beyond Basics.

  • The Basics are short articles that provide a brief overview of the topic; they are designed to answer the top four or five questions a patient may have about a topic. They are also available in Spanish.
  • Beyond Basics are longer, five to ten page articles that provides more detail about a topic. They include more medical terminology.