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PSYC 100: General Psychology (Julie Reese) - Fall 2018


The is just a sort of summary so that we are on the same page when this class comes around next fall.
We agreed to change the library session for General Psychology accordingly...
  • Julie will look at some of the articles in Credo Reference and pick specific entries to use. The idea (I think) is that students will be told to read an entry and from there be directed to peer reviewed articles. We want students to use these entries as a starting point to get a broad overview of a specific subject but not use them as sources for the papers. In fact, they will not be accepted as sources for this paper. Maybe students will be told to read their entry before class starts? 
  • We will then direct the students to pick out key terms or specific ideas found in their entry that they will use to look for their articles
  • We will include an introduction to EBSCO and more specifically to PsychArticles and PsychInfo
  • We will also introduce them to Google Scholar. We will discuss Google Scholar's limitations (rarely are articles available full text, there is no traditional "subject index") and its benefits (suggested searches, Google's search capabilities,  "cited by" indexing). We will then direct students to InterLibrary Loan options.

Credo Reference Online & CQ Researcher

Both of these resources are a good way to get started...

EBSCO databases

  • You may find the EBSCO interface yields more specific results
  • With EBSCO, you can choose which databases you want to search.  For your class, I would suggest the following...
    • Academic Search Premier
    • Communication & Mass Media Complete (for some topics)
    • ERIC (for some topics)
    • PsycARTICLES (for all of your topics)
    • PsycINFO (for all of your topics)
    • Social Sciences Full Text - H.W.Wilson (for all of your topics)
    • SocINDEX with Full Text (for all of your topics)
  • Pay attention to the facets on the side.  You can use them to change your results quickly.
  • You can InterLibrary Loan articles as well if we do not have the full text.  The article will usually come in a day or two.

Good Library Search

Search for an item at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search

  • This search will get you both books and articles found in the library. 
  • Use the facets (on the left side of the page) to limit your results like you want.  It is common to limit by "article" and "full text".
  • You can ILL articles as well!  We will email you the article.