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CORE 192: War, Peace, and Nonresistance: Book Reviews

Finding a book on your topic hints and tips

Use the Library Catalog Search box below

(Note: this is the same search box that is in the middle of the screen on the library's homepage.)

  • Limit your result to just books [you will see the limiters on the left side of the page]
  • Suggestion: it might be a good idea to focus on books that in the library.  You can limit your books to just those items in the library using the limiters to the left OR you can use the "In the Library" search found on the homepage of the library.
  • Suggestion: Try to get books that are at least 2-3 years old or older.  Why? A brand new book will not have a lot of substaintial reviews pusblished yet.   

Book Review Search: Good Library Catalog

  1. Put in the title of the book followed by the author's name into the Good Library catalog search box above. (Note: this is the same search box that is in the middle of the screen on the library's homepage.)

    Search tips:

    • Use as much of the title as possible but avoid the punctuation. Example: "What to do?: Choices to make" should be searched as "What to do choices to make"

    • Use quotes around the title, especially if the title uses the words 'and', 'or', or 'not'. Example: "To be or not to be a study of Hamlet"

    • Add the author's last name to your search string but make sure the name is outside of the quotes. Example: "Where the wild things are" Sendak

    • Avoid using middle names or initials. Example: "Eye for an eye" by William Ian Miller should be searched as "Eye for an eye" william miller

  2. Once you get your search results, on the left side, under "Format", click on Article/Chapter .

Book Reviews

See the Book Reviews Subject Guide

For this class, you can safely ignore book reviews from the following publications:

  • Booklist
  • Choice Reviews
  • Kirkus
  • Library Journal
  • Publishers Weekly

These reviews aren’t substantive and won’t be useful to your project.