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CORE 190: Crossing Borders (Hostetler): Starting your research

The Recommended Process for open ended research assignments

With an open ended research assignment it is best to follow these steps:

1) Consult a scholarly reference work. Read the bibliography.

2) Look for books. (Books often contain information that has been researched extensively. Articles tend to contain information that is very very specific)

Other tips:

Once you find a few books, then you might want to venture into articles, but you might not need to either. If you do get articles, you will definitely want to consult a librarian because where and how you search will largely depend on your subject discipline.

Always consult with a librarian. They know how to search things faster than you do. Using them is not cheating.

Order your Inter Library Loan Materials early and often.

Step 1: Online Encyclopedias

Step 2: Good Library Search

Search for an item at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search

CQ Researcher


Statistical Sources

For links to sources of statistical and demographic data on a variety of topics, use our Statistics Research Guide.