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TurnItIn: TurnItIn and Moodle

Moodle and TurnItIn

Turnitin is tool that checks submitted papers against other papers and common websites as a plagiarism deterant.  

To set up Turnitin assignments in Moodle:

  1. Go to your course and turn editing on
  2. Click the Add an Activity or Resource button.  Select Turnitin Assignment from the list
  3. Add the appropriate info for your assignment: name, description, grade. 
  4. Save and Display
  5. Make sure the start date, end date, and post date (the day the grade will appear in gradebook) match what you want.  If you need to change these dates, click the edit icon to the right of the screen. 
    Changing Dates on TurnItIn Assignments
  6. When student work has been submitted, access it by clicking the name of the assignment, and then the Submission Inbox tab. If you post a grade using grademark, it will automatically sync with Moodle grade book!

There's also a TurnItIn iPad App! Click here for instructions. 

Grading with TurnItIn - Feedback Studio

Grading Assignments through TurnItIn Feedback Studio

Click the image below to interact with the menu buttons and learn about what each one does.

menu Active Layers QuickMarks Feedback Summary Rubric Match Overview All Sources Filters and Settings Excluded Sources Download Info Show Rubric Match Breakdown Text Box

Note: To generate an access code for the TurnItIn iPad App, click on the bottom-most button in the menu.