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DAES Reserves: Reserve Policies & Info


How to Put Items on Reserve

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Shelf reserves are print copies placed on a shelf behind the library circulation desk. E-reserves are scanned or linked documents available through the library web site.



The course instructor is responsible for determining fair use under federal copyright law. This Fair Use Checklist will help you to determine whether you may make copies of works without having to obtain permission. Please also visit the Good Library's Copyright Primer for more information.

The Goshen College Academic Dean’s office coordinates obtaining copyright clearance when needed. Our shelf reserves and e-reserves request forms both require the instructor’s signature indicating that copyright issues have been addressed and any necessary permission has been secured.

What may be placed on reserve (shelf or e-reserve):

  • Books (print editions/shelf reserve only)
  • Copies of portions of books
  • Copies of portions of textbooks as long as they are available for purchase in the college book store
  • Copies of portions of coursepacks as long as the coursepack is available for purchase in the college book store
  • Copies of portions of periodicals
  • Articles that are full text in databases to which we can establish links
  • Audio works: i.e., tapes, CDs
  • Visual works: i.e., videos, DVDs, slides
  • Electronic media: i.e., CD-ROMs, computer files
  • Kits, realia
  • Small works of art
  • Reference materials that have been approved by a librarian.

What may not be placed on reserve:

  • Items borrowed from other libraries, except the Mennonite Historical Library or the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary Library
  • Reference materials not approved by a librarian
  • Entire issues of periodicals owned by the Good Library

Turnaround time for placing items on reserve:

  • Shelf reserve turnaround-time is two (2) business days after we receive the material (M-F except holidays).
  • E-reserve turnaround time is five (5) business days after we receive the material (M-F except holidays).

Materials are placed on shelf reserve or e-reserve on a first-come, first-served basis. The exception is excerpts from textbooks that have not arrived at the book store, which will be processed as quickly as possible.

Full-text on-line items:

If you want to reserve an article that is full-text online, please include the name of the database or the persistent URL for the article on the e-reserves spreadsheet. As an alternative, you may put the link in your Moodle courseware (see Moodle & Links in this guide).

What happens when the reserve period is over:

Your articles will be returned to you when the term is completed unless you indicate another preference.

Rules for student use of shelf reserve:

  • Reserve items may not be taken out of the library building.
  • Students may check out only one reserve item at a time.
  • Check out is three (3) hours, and items may be renewed in person (not by telephone), and only if they are not in demand. Instructors may arrange with library staff for a longer check-out period.
  • At the instructor's discretion, reserve items may be checked out overnight three hours before the library closes, usually 9:00 PM. They are due back one-half our after the library reopens, usually 8:30 AM on weekdays, 1:30 PM on Saturdays and 3:30 PM on Sundays
  • Overdue fines are $1.00 per hour.
  • Only current GC students may check out reserve items.

Whom to contact with questions:

Kelsey McLane, Good Library Access Services Specialist