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CORE 120 SU 12-13 Engaging the Bible (Shands Stoltzfus) Summer 2013: Bible Commentaries


Print Bible commentaries are in the reference room of the library in the "BS" section.  If you do not know where this section is just ask and someone will take you to it.

In addition, we have some online bible commentaries you can access from your computer.   

Follow these steps ...

  1. Go the the library home page (
  2. In the search box (it is the topmost searchbox) put in the name of the book of the bible you want followed by the phrase "bible commentary".  For example... Ruth bible commentary.
  3. Once you get your results, click on Good Library limiter on the left side of the screen.  (Note: you have to scroll down to see it).
  4. Look for records with a green Access online link


Note:  if you are off campus, you may be prompted to login using your Goshen College username and password.   These are the same login credentials you use to login to a computer on campus or your email.