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Using Good Library Catalog to Find Book Reviews

1.  Put in the title of the book followed by the author's name into the Goshen College Good Library catalog search box to the right.   (Note: this is the same search box that is in the middle of the screen on the library's homepage.)  

Search tips if you are stuck

  • Use as much of the title as possible but avoid the punctuation.  Example ... "What to do?: Choices to make"  should be searched as "What to do choices to make"
  • Use quotes around the title, especially if the title uses the words and,or,not. Example ... "To be or not to be a study of Hamlet"  
  • Add the author's last name to your search string but make sure the name is outside of the quotes.  Example ... "Where the wild things are" Sendak
  • Avoid using middle names or initials.  Example ... "Eye for an eye" by William Ian Miller should be searched as ... "Eye for an eye" william miller

 2. Once you get your search results, on the left side, under "Format", click on Article/Chapter .

Good Library Search

Search for an item at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search


To locate a review it helps to have:

  • title,
  • date of publication or production, and
  • author. 



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