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PSYCH 306 Abnormal Psychology (Julie Reese) - Spring 2024


CREDO is a good way to get started...While it may be okay to occasionally cite from academic encyclopedias and dictionaries, you should be using these sources to A) get a background understanding to a subject and B) find other academic / scholarly sources, which you can use in your paper. 



--Academic Search Premier
--Communication & Mass Media Complete (for some topics)
--ERIC (for some topics)
--PsycARTICLES (for all of your topics and your best bet)
--PsycINFO (for all of your topics and your  best bet)

--Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (for all of your topics and your best bet)
--Social Sciences Full Text - H.W.Wilson (for all of your topics)
--SocINDEX with Full Text (for all of your topics)

Good Library Search

Search for an item at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search

  • This search will get you both books and articles found in the library. 
  • Use the facets (on the left side of the page) to limit your results like you want.  It is common to limit by "article" and "full text".
  • You can ILL articles as well!  We will email you the article.
  • You can always browse the physical books that the library has, and it does not need to take a ton of time!  Browse the BF section. 
  • Likewise, you can use the facets to Browse the Psychology books.  

Google Scholar

You may find the Google Scholar can be useful for finding additional resources quickly.  But remember this is a LIST of articles only.  If you click on the link, you might not be able to get access to these articles.  But do not despair!! You will more than likely get the article via ILL.  

-- Use the "cited by" link a lot!! This is a list of articles that have cited the article you are interested in. 

-- You can "save" the articles you find as well.  Do it!