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PSYC 100: General Psychology (Julie Reese) - Spring 2024

Assignment Description

PAPER I: General Psychology

Research Method Paper

This paper provides an opportunity for you to practice finding research that answers a question. Various research methods exist to answer test hypotheses. The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to research studies addressing similar questions in different ways and to give you practice in identifying what information each study provides and what is not addressed. This is a critical skill as a clear-thinking person, given that we are persuaded by research findings.

You will select a topic that examines an IV and a DV. To begin, you will look for a correlational study. Next, you will find an experimental study. Finally, you will find a study, regardless of the research method, that is a bit contradictory to the other two findings.

This assignment is divided into two parts. Part I is a broad overview of the paper. Part II is the final paper.

Part I:

  1. Select One of the following:

                Multitasking and academic performance (single test and/or long-term)

                Cramming and test performance

                Social media usage and mood

  1. Find 3 published research studies from academic journals: a correlation study, an experimental study, and a third study that has some seeming contradictions to the other two.
  2. Create an outline of the entire paper:
  1. Thesis statement
  2. Paper outline of phrases for each point:
  1. Intro and Thesis
  2. Summary of correlation study
  3. Summary of experimental study
  4. Summary of contradictory study
  5. Evaluation that makes sense of the findings (What do we know from these studies?)
  6. Conclusion and remaining questions
  1. Include the full APA reference for each study. Indicate the specific details that demonstrate whether the study is a correlation or an experiment. You should have a brief paragraph after each reference that can include quotes from the paper on the method and the measurements used. Here is an example (did not complete url):

Samford, A. (2020). The relationship between shoes and smiles. Journal of Happiness, 62(3), 38-

45. https://

Correlation: This study measured the number of shoes and the number of smiles (over a

month period). They examined the correlation, reporting the r values in the Results.

Specifically, they found: “A significant negative relationship between shoes and smiles,

r(56) = -.31, p = .04” (p. 42).  

  1. Submit the outline

Part II:

                Write the paper, being sure to include feedback from Part I. No abstract and no subheadings in the paper. See the rubric on Moodle for more details.