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GLST 300 Ecological Justice (Eric Kurtz Fall 2023)

Selected Credo Reference Sources

Credo Reference is a recommended source to Explain the "issues" related to your topic - Describe the idea of your topic. You are choosing one topic to examine critically. State the questions you're investigating and explain (writing for an audience of your peers) what the issues are.

Overview articles:

Specific articles:

Selected New York Times sources

For details on how to setup your own subscription to the New York Times via GC, visit

Articles from the time of the event:

Select recent articles:

Selected CQ Researcher Sources

CQ Researcher is a recommended database to identify government policies that might foster what you feel are more sustainable approaches with regard to your topic.

Selected Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) Sources

Academic Search Complete (in EBSCO) is a recommended database to find articles from respectable journals via the web.