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Abnormal Psychology (Julie Reese) - Spring 2023

Assignment Description

Choice 1: Standard Research Paper: select any topic in Abnormal Psychology
(that is not covered in the book/class) and write a research paper using peer-reviewed,
academic sources. Ideas: a specific diagnosis, a newer treatment, legal issues, treatment
in other countries that differ from the United States, etc. Please check with me before
starting your paper to ensure that your topic is appropriate.
Choice 2: Book Review and Critique, including research evidence critique: Read
a book, preferably a biography or autobiography, on a psychological disorder discussed
in the text. The paper should include a summary of the book, material from the
class/text, additional research studies that support/refute some aspects of the book, the
book’s strengths and weaknesses, and your own opinion of the book. Essentially, this
assignment is a combination of a book review and a research paper. Please check with
me to ensure the book is appropriate.