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Pubh 210: Health Promotion in Diverse Communities


CINAHL logoCINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health) is a collection of primarily peer review articles related to nursing and allied health professions. This is a primary place for scholarship in nursing and public health.

For an in-depth tutorial of using CINAHL, consult the following lessons:

A screenshot of the library homepage showing the CINAHL button



Searching CINAHL

When searching in CINHAL take advantage of using the multiple search boxes to build searches.

Screenshot of a search in CINAHL

The terms AND, OR, and NOT to the left of each search box (or used within a search) can focus results

  • AND: All keywords must appear in your results. AND will narrow down a search.
  • OR: Either of the keywords must appear in the results. OR will give you more results.
  • NOT: Excludes certain keywords from your results. NOT will narrow down a search.

Selecing & Using Keywords

Searching for research articles will take more work than a basic Google search.