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CORE 192: War, Peace, and Nonresistance: Finding a Case Study Topic

What topic can maintain your interest?

This assignment is a big deal - 60% of your grade completed over the course of the whole semester. As you look for a topic that interests you, do yourself a favor: look for a topic that you have genuine interest in that will keep you engaged at each step. That might mean looking for a topic related to your major, something you have a personal connection to, or something that is new to you and sparks your interest. 

Step One: Finding the Basics

The beginning stages of the research process are easily handled with reference works - encyclopedias, news articles, individual chapters in a book, statistics, and other introductory material. Here are some good places to get started: 

Step Two: Finding the Details

This stage is where you will want to find well-researched, detailed sources - academic articles, books, and perhaps primary sources. Here's where you can look for those: 


Search the Catalog:



Step Three: Finding the Steams

When the time comes to work on your chosen streams (the lenses through which you will examine your case study), it pays to find sources that take a specific approach. This may mean a book, an anthology, a journal on a certain topic, or even primary sources that represent a certain viewpoint. Many of these can be found in the sites listed under step two, but here are a few more places to look: