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Introduction and Explanation of the Policy Map Database

Policy Map

PolicyMap is a database that offers information on over 50,000 subjects presenting data from hundreds of sources.

Only data from the United States is offered.

This database is helpful for demographic research, which various professional fields will find of interest including social work, public health, and education.

Grant writers will find PolicyMap very helpful for gathering statistics to complete their proposals.  

PolicyMap is listed under the A-Z List of Databases link on the library website.

How to Use

Search for information using the search bar or by clicking on a location within the map of the United States. 

When using the search bar be sure to enter your keyword(s) into the Data section that is on the left of the location section.

Upon selecting a location you can use the boundaries drop down menu to choose a desired focus such as counties, cities, congressional districts, and school districts.  In some cases the boundary options include a time frame.

The base map settings menu enables users to switch between standard, terrain, light, and satellite options. 

After selecting a location  you can generate a community profile and other reports by choosing generate report.

First click on the more icon, which is a square.

Then select reports.

Choose the type of report you want.

Click on generate report to get the selected report.

You can layer data by selecting add layer and choosing the information you want to add.


The Data Directory displays what information is available in PolicyMap.  It is defaulted to all versions of PolicyMap, but you can select a particular version if so desired.

Data can be downloaded from PolicyMap.

Maps you create with PolicyMap can be saved or printed.

Although a clip feature is available, you must create a region before you can use the clip feature.  This feature enables a user to visually separate information to a specific area.

A reset option is available.

In the support section there are articles about PolicyMap regarding various topics.